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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for March 2018

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Nine of Pentacles

Well, you're sitting pretty now that the month of March has begun. There has been some recent stress over the behaviour of a young man, but that seems to be settled now. It seems to be a situation of financial security and prosperity that has you feeling safe and mellow, although you do have some romantic hopes that appear to be coming to pass. You will walk away from something that isn't working to involve with something new.
Go to Top Career
Knight of Swords

Things are a bit up and down in your work world, Scorp. You're going to have to fight for your rights with the upper echelons and it may be tougher than you expect to gain a win. Getting together with one, or a few other workers to all push your case together would be the way to go.
Go to Top Finance
King of Wands

As spoken of in the above sector of career, you will do well to approach a standing issue about money in union with at least one other person. It might be worth going to a mediation solution over this money matter, but the might of right is on your side and ultimately you will be successful.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Four of Cups

You're feeling rather disillusioned at the moment and the money issue you'll be fighting will feel rather burdensome and tiring. We strongly suggest you take measures to replenish your energies and enthusiasm by taking plenty of time out to meditate and enjoy nature and the warmth and support of friends and allies.

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