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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for November 2016

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Of course this card is not necessarily about kicking the proverbial bucket, but mostly it's about extreme or sudden change. Whatever the change is for you, you're actually going to be celebrating around it. There is a journey associated with these events, as well as the hand of destiny hovering protectively over all events in November for our Scorps.
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Eight of Wands

Troubles that cross your path in your work arena will be swiftly and easily overcome but there will be troubles. There are those who would try to manipulate and deceive you, but you'll easily see that coming and head it off at the start. These events will cause you to initiate some new plans that will ultimately be quite a winning idea.
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Two of Swords

You are experiencing some financial restriction at this time and this no doubt is due to events in your career sector. It will be by working in harmony with a few other people that you'll come through this phase and find the financial situation to be even better than you'd expected. This may well cause you to choose to walk a whole new, more lucrative path in time to come.
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Nine of Cups

What is it you're wishing for Scorpio? Because the month of November holds the promise of it coming true. You'll spend some time juggling aspects of your life in relation to this very welcome circumstance and it is a rather contented and prosperous Scorpio we see as the month ends.

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