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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for November 2017

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The Star

You've had reason to celebrate recently and you've done so in style. The Star tells us that your hopes have been fulfilled. This sector covers your emotional and relational needs, so whatever you've hoped for in this arena has come true. There is the proviso of "be careful what you wish for", because things may not turn out the way you expected.
Go to Top Career
Ace of Pentacles

If you've been worried about your work and its subsequent remuneration, don't. Plenty of remuneration is coming your way this month. It seems it is some kind of partnership arrangement that serves your career purposes well. Oh! You can also expect to be travelling for work-related reasons fairly soon.
Go to Top Finance
King of Wands

The stabilisation of your finances is what you've been wanting, and it appears that it is here for you, come November. You have the Star of Hope in this sector too, which underscores very positively the message of stability for your future. It is your own creative efforts and organising that brings about this circumstance, so good for you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Fool

New information about matters metaphysical and spiritual is opening up new mind and heart pathways for you. You are integrating this knowledge like a thirsty person being offered water. It is a new openness that allows you to enter into this higher state of understanding.

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