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More on Scorpio, the Scorpion

Scorpio Scorpio Tarotscope for October 2016

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King of Pentacles

The strength of a special relationship is advanced by the injection of funds, in order to begin a new project that will further enhance your income. Working together, sharing mutual excitement and hopes, and studying new avenues of interest for this project brings you even closer together.
Go to Top Career
Nine of Wands

Just as everything looks rosy and you're celebrating a success, a niggling burst of nervousness erupts, making you less than assured of the success of your new venture. Truly, those nerves are just based on memory of past experiences that haven't worked out so well for you. The past experiences have nothing to do with your chances of present and future success. You're on a winning path.
Go to Top Finance
The Hanged Man

It is understood that while undertaking a new venture that requires you to capitalise, your finances will go through some ups and downs. Some financial options that initially looked promising will turn out to be unacceptable and this will initiate your natural propensity to be nervous. The hand of destiny is at play here and is leading you through the decision-making process to success,
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Star

Your hopes are going to be realised, Scorp, but you are going to have to watch certain structures come tumbling down in order to make room for the new. Just when you imagine all is lost, in come new opportunities that could only have arisen with the demise of previous plans. Ultimately you are being guided to great success, so hold your courage and know you are being guided.

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