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by Suzanna Collins

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Scorpio Monthly Forecast for September 2016

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Go to Top Setting Goals
Determined Scorpio starts the month with the Sun in discriminating Virgo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. The New Moon and Solar Eclipse on the 1st urges you to spend more time with friends or business associates, thinking about love relationships and setting your future goals and dreams. It's a perfect time to network, meet new people, attend social functions, and be involved in group activities. There may be an organisation that you want to join or society which can help you progress. Study how your relationship with friends influences your values and seek out people that share the same interests as you. On the fun side, there's a good chance of attracting romance, with existing relationships also enjoying the interaction with your friends and functions.

From the 6th to the 9th, is a good time to impress influential people or authority types with your penetrative mind and speech. An old friend from the past may emerge just to remind you of your responsibilities. Also, keep an eye on your budget even though some extra cash could come your way but not enough to meet all of your obligations. From the 11th to the 12th, things may not be going as well with your budgeting thanks to Mars and Saturn, but you will soon overcome this stringent phase. You are likely to react to unfavourable news causing you to be emotionally intense.

The 1st sees a New Moon and annular Solar Eclipse in Virgo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. As benefic Jupiter slowly adjourns your 11th house, you will gain new emotional support from friends, and the role they play in your life. This is the time to make new contacts, open up avenues where you can work towards your future goals and aspirations. Someone significant may enter your life, or there's the potential of a new love relationship developing in the wings. Some Scorpios may encounter difficulty within existing love relationships and old friendships, and face making difficult choices based on values versus clouded romantic delusions.

The 16th sees a Full Moon and penumbral Lunar Eclipse in compassionate Pisces, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. It is known as the Harvest Moon and is nearest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (vernal denotes "Spring") traditionally on the 21st. The Full Moon actually helps the harvest by providing more light at the right time. The September Full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn or Barley Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn and ripened barley.

This will be the last Lunar Eclipse of the year, marking a culmination of events that occurred back in March. Emotional intensity and excitement arises over prospects to use your creative talents in your work role. You'll have tremendous drive and enthusiasm, which will give your romantic relationships a boost too. Full Moons have the potential to bring out dramas, including the ending of certain relationships, or a time to finalise legal agreements and divorces. Review your relationship with your children, your ability to have fun, take part in entertainment, and express creativity through the arts and music. The likelihood of new beginnings as well as final departures in other areas are in the frame. Take another look at your relationship with other people, your children and your partner's children, entertainment areas and creative projects. Lighten the load with some fun.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves out of Virgo into vacillating Libra, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. With Venus already in your 12th house and big brother Jupiter making his entrance on the 9th, there will be plenty of activity behind the scenes. Your unconscious motivations and the influence these hidden factors have on your conscious drives are active now. Have you an unconscious resentment of authority? Find out why! Understanding your subconscious, courageously dealing with failure or shame and accepting limitations will develop remarkable inner strength and determination. From the 25th to the 28th you will be preparing yourself to engage in some soul-searching thanks to Jupiter. This will be the start of inner personal growth; interests in the esoteric, spirituality, metaphysics and philosophy will be of greater than usual interest to you.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury, the Cosmic Scribe, remains retrograde in Virgo, your 11th house. You will turn your thoughts to friends, as the New Moon also impacts your emotions and general opinion of those you mix with. You may have to adjust your approach and manner in the way you have reacted recently. This is a time to work towards a common aim; share your enthusiasm over a project, or work with other people in a team environment such as a career-related course that will help with your future objectives. Misunderstandings are not out of the question, as potential arguments flare up because of ego differences. Your best laid plans and ideas may need another visit. You may even think twice over romantic commitments, or attending socials and celebrations.

From the 1st to the 5th a window of opportunity opens and fortunate news comes from your area of friendships, love relationships, and wishes coming true. From the 12th to the 14th, you'll be eager to state your opinion but don't leave yourself open to a verbal challenge. It's not a good time to speculate, or to lend money to friends or a good cause as finances will be tight. From the 18th to the 26th marks a great time to use your willpower, meet someone that influences your future, give a speech to the masses, or be revolutionary with your perceptiveness. Mercury turns direct on September 22nd, and speeds up decision-making, with plans back to schedule after October 7th.
Go to Top Venus Enters Scorpio
At the start, the Goddess Venus remains in Libra, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. What will Scorpions get up to?? Regardless, you are likely to keep those secrets to yourself and shy away from the immediate limelight. Find some solitude. Show compassion to those that need your advice or to problem-solve their concerns. It's a time when a secret love affair may emerge. You might decide to take care of someone in hospital or an institution, or join a secret society. From the 16th to the 19th, you will look at innovative ways of increasing your wealth through alternative work areas, creative fields or beauty products. The spark of an office romance is also in the stars.

On the 23rd, the Goddess pirouettes into Scorpio, your 1st house of personality. Step out from behind the curtain and start taking care of your personal needs. Indulge a little, dear Scorpio! Your magnetism will be high, not to mention your charm, so don't be surprised if your social calendar gets busy. Why not have a beauty treatment, a new hair style or buy a new outfit? Whatever you do, you need to put your personal enjoyment and happiness before other considerations.
Go to Top Positive Progress
Warrior Mars, your passionate planetary ruler, remains in optimistic Sagittarius, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. You'll start to make progress where money is concerned, after recent delays in finding solutions to your financial concerns. This may be in the way of earning extra cash, and finding alternative resources to pay off those bills. However, this is a time to be careful with expenditure as unforeseen bills are likely to surface. Be frugal where possible, and keep expenditure to a minimum, although this may be easier said than done.

On the 27th Mars moves into earthy Capricorn, your 3rd house of communication. You'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief in some way as you divert your energy to interesting topics, catching up with day-to-day tasks and running a busy schedule. Keep your mind active and absorb some knowledge. Be tactful and diplomatic where possible although there will be moments you may blurt out sarcastic remarks, in self-defence of course.
Go to Top Jupiter Enters Libra
On September 9th, giant Jupiter will start a new cycle in Libra, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and subconscious motivations. This cycle explores your subconscious mind, working behind the scenes and being of service to others in some way or doing social work. Any benefits or gains may be hidden over coming months, or at least not obvious to others, but this is an ideal time to pay attention to your spiritual development. Issues connected with institutions (such as hospitals, prisons, government departments, universities and the like), your partner's health and concealed matters in general are stimulated. Resist any tendency for self-pity and unnecessary guilt, or for using guilt as a weapon to get others to do what you want. Jupiter remains in Libra until October 9, 2017.

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