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by Suzanna Collins

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Scorpio Monthly Forecast for November 2016

(If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)
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Go to Top Happy Birthday!
It's time to celebrate Scorpio Season! The Scorpion starts the month with the Sun beaming in Scorpio, your 1st house of personality. This is the start of your personal new year and is the perfect time to start taking care of your own needs. You will feel more energized to take on the next twelve months; be self-confident and optimistic about your future plans. With Mercury also in your 1st house, give thought to getting new ideas off the ground, so bring out your social calendar. Your popularity is bound to increase, with changes in your appearance, style and dress. This is the new you emerging with greater motivation and passion in everything you do. From the 1st to the 3rd, you'll be able to use your charm and persuasion in love relationships. You'll be inclined towards artistic pursuits, and creative projects. The 6th to the 8th is a good time to communicate your strong ideas, needs, and how you feel about different topics. It will be just as important to listen to the opinion of others in the process so you don't appear more than usually self-absorbed.

The 14th sees the Full Moon in Taurus, your 7th house of significant commitments. This month's Full Moon is a Super Moon and has the popular name of the Beaver Moon in some quarters. This was the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, and to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the beavers are now actively preparing for the cold winter months ahead. It is also called the Frosty Moon, the Trading Moon, Sassafras Moon and Moon When Horns Are Broken Off depending on the concepts of various Native American tribes. Celts also call it the Dark Moon.

This Super Full Moon, will impact your relationships, partnerships, marriage, open enemies and vital commitments. Although you will be focusing on your personal needs, take a moment to consider your partner and any business partnerships. Resolve real issues at this time; think rationally and show consideration in a mature fashion towards resolving any differences that may exist. Emotional dramas could bring issues to a head, draining your energy and rationale. Scorpios who are connected will feel a deeper love commitment in existing relationships. There's also the chance of finally settling terms and conditions in an agreement, a legal matter, or part of a divorce settlement.

On the 21st, the Sun moves out of Scorpio and into philosophical Sagittarius, your 2nd house of personal earnings, values and possessions. During the next four weeks your efforts will turn to finances, how you manage your income, budget, outgoings and paying your bills. Don't forget to check your bank statements and charges. Do your accounting.

The 29th sees a New Moon in Sagittarius, your 2nd house. This is the time to start afresh in your business and financial endeavours by initiating new steps in the way you handle your income stream. Scrutinise your budget, start a savings plan and look at ways of managing expenditure. Do you have too many accounts and need to consolidate small debts? It's time to be frugal, if possible, and reduce expenditure on entertainment, beauty products or brand label items. Take note of your necessary priorities, and the value you place on possessions versus your obligations.
Go to Top Mentally Stimulated
At the start, Mercury remains in Scorpio, your 1st house. You will be mentally stimulated, expressing your concepts and thoughts. Full of intrigue and keen on intellectual topics, you'll use your penetrating ability to probe into the heart of any matter. Although you will be talking more about yourself, take a moment to listen to others. On the 3rd and 4th, use your ability to be perceptive, for discussions and news could take a serious tone for the better. An authority type may figure prominently, giving you a deeper insight into your ideas and plans.

On the 12th, the Cosmic Scribe speeds into Sagittarius, your 2nd house. You'll spend time discussing your finances, negotiating, sorting out bank statements, and account keeping. Weigh up your options with your lifestyle expenditure, reducing any unnecessary expenditure. Draw up a spreadsheet and put ideas into place for a workable budget for the future. Are interest charges, and bank fees getting in the way of a suitable savings plan? From the 14th to the 17th, put action plans into place to renovate the home, and repairs or expenditure for property or real estate. From the 22nd to the 25th, you may have private concerns and view things critically with finances. Keep positive and look at ways of meeting your obligations responsibly, even though conditions may appear gloomy. From the 26th to the 27th, you'll be able to tackle concerns confidently. You might come up with a few innovative ideas that will help you with your job role and income stream. Some may change roles with an increase in wages.
Go to Top Lucky Break
Lovely Venus remains in Sagittarius, your 2nd house. Money should be easier to come by, improving your finances no end. Negotiations, discussions and increases in income or end of year bonuses should be favourable. With that said you will have to show restraint on spending when temptation gets in the way of what you can really afford without being extravagant, and what is essential. From the 4th to the 6th, there's a chance of a lucky break to your income stream through changes in your job structure.

On the 12th, the Goddess swirls into cautious Capricorn, your 3rd house of communication. It's a perfect time for social outings with friends, so you can be in a happier frame of mind and have amicable conversations either in person or on the phone. Make improvements with day-to-day tasks, smooth over difficulties with neighbours, and call on relatives. Why not start a blog, website, a computer course, or play with artwork? Leave yourself some time to take a short trip or get away. From the 19th to the 21st your creative inspirations will be enhanced. A good time to express your feelings towards loved ones, write poetry or dabble in the arts. From the 24th to the 27th intense passion will run deep in the Scorpion's heart! Especially in love relationships. However, jealousy and obsession could get in the way if you let it
Go to Top The Home Front
Mighty Mars, your planetary ruler, is exalted in Capricorn your 3rd house at the start. Even if you are overwhelmed with too many things to do and not enough time to pursue the things you want to do, you will do your best given your demanding pace. Problems may arise with transport, mobile phones, computers, internet, neighbours or relatives. It's the time to watch for road rage and disgruntled people. Try not to be too abrupt when dealing with others.

On the 9th, the Warrior steamrolls into friendly Aquarius, your 4th house of home and family. Your physical and emotional energy will be on call around the home. Family disagreements over unimportant issues could appear out of nowhere, with patience not being your strong point. Agreements, possessions, property, and real estate matters are also in the frame, together with repairs, sorting out unwanted items and working in the garden. It's also the time to check your home insurance; be careful of self-injury around machinery, or when lifting heavy objects, because there's risk of cuts and bruising. From the 29th to the December 4th, you may do well with speculations; luck with romance, children, or quiet celebrations with activities on projects behind the scenes will benefit you in some way.

From the 18th to the 4th of December, you will observe things on a deeper level, thanks to Jupiter. It may be a spiritual time when you will investigate your belief system, metaphysics and esoteric topics. You may have to face your fears. Changes in circumstances may require you to broaden your outlook and the way you communicate with the outside world. Be honest in your dealings, including law issues, and don't become too obsessed with ideas and viewpoints. Also from the 25th through to January 2017 is a better time to concentrate on working hard to secure your personal earnings by being prudent and careful. In view of this, behind-the-scenes projects and business ventures are likely to be successful.

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