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by Suzanna Collins

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Scorpio Monthly Forecast for January 2017

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Go to Top Happy New Year, Scorpio!
The New Year begins with the Sun in earthy Capricorn, your 3rd house of communication. Keep your wits about you, Scorpions, because it won't be all beer and skittles for the first few days. Unexpected developments at work, power struggles, disagreements and upsetting news are in the frame. Don't be too hasty in your actions, either. Try to find a resolution, even if it's for your own peace of mind. Apart from mental challenges due to Mercury being retrograde, this is the ideal time to call on friends, neighbours and siblings. Why not get together for a cup of coffee and a chat, especially those you missed calling over the holiday break. Plenty of activity is indicated, as your days are filled with ideas and plans, short trips and organising children's studies, let alone your own agenda.

The Full Moon on the 12th comes in romantic Cancer, your 9th house of travel, cultural pursuits, politics, religion and the higher mind. The Full Moon will add a new dimension to your horizons, expanding your need for experiences, adventures, and travel. Knowledge opens up through advanced studies and bringing the world closer to you. You'll be attracted by other cultural memes, including delicious foreigners. However, the lunation sets off a stressful aspect with overconfident Jupiter, disruptive Uranus and painful Pluto. This may mean havoc and challenges, but does not necessarily signal an end to your present course or the futility of further attempts to attain your goals. Situations that emerge are unpredictable and unexpected, so it is hard to be prepared. It may be difficult to maintain your leadership or status. Be prepared to stand up for your own integrity, principles, and decisions. When all is said and done, you can overcome the challenges and emerge the stronger for it. Your personal belief system may change as you explore philosophy, metaphysics and religion. It's a good time to establish close ties with someone of a different cultural background, country, or religion, or pursue other stimulating areas of knowledge. Good news is in the wind regarding legal issues, imports, exports and publishing.

On the 19th, the Sun steps into Aquarius, your 4th house of home and family. Find your space in the comforts of your domestic situation, attend to necessary repairs and family matters. You will also need to take reign and responsibility for your cash flow structure, earnings and expenditures. A bit of elbow grease may be required from family members to bring projects to fruition.

The New Moon this month comes on the 28th in Aquarius. It marks a good time to start new home projects, look at ways of alleviating tensions, and express your inner feelings for those you care about. You will be comfortable in your own domain, with family members around. Your personal possessions, curios and sentimental items will be particularly important to you, as you remember the past and the emotional connection you had for people and places.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury begins the month retrograde in Capricorn, your 3rd house, so communicating your ideas, investigating short courses, trips and the demands of everyday routine are not quite as they should be. Enduring delays in communication and breakdowns are par for the course. Information tends to go missing, transport timetables go haywire, careless mistakes abound and phone or internet problems are rife. Little electronic brains... Double check all outbound emails, letters and messages for oversights and errors. Mercury reverses into fiery Sagittarius on the 4th, hitting your financial situation with a knotty stick. Paperwork, writing, meetings, and discussions all involve the money machine. Transacting business, increasing income, conserving monetary assets, monitoring expenditures, and comparison shopping are subject to careless mistakes, due to inattention no doubt. Couldn't be the cosmic gods stumbling... could it?

The Prankster turns direct on January 8th in Sagittarius, bouncing back into Capricorn your 3rd house on January 12th. Pick up where you left off with creative plans or writing and get back to sorting out the labyrinthine pathways of education for the kids. You'll be eager to get back to computer games, providing they work and don't need to be replaced. Mind games of course are another matter! Normality will have returned once Mercury comes out of the shadow phase on January 28th. Now, about that new car...
Go to Top Start Your Motors
Sensual Venus begins the month in Aquarius, your 4th house of new beginnings. How lovely to have been enjoying a harmonious atmosphere, discussing the latest developments, with a little gossip here and there. You'll still get a kick out of rearranging furniture, switching the decor and using Feng Shui to release a flowing energy within your home. Finish off what you've started in the household and prepare for a marvellous boost in your carnal enjoyments from Jan 3, when Venus dances into charming Pisces, joining macho Mars and enlivening your 5th house of love.

If you'd like to put a taste of ego-boosting romance in your life, start your motors. Vacations, socializing, hobbies, pastimes (and taking a few risks!) are in the air. Relationships with children can blossom, the little dears... Strengthen your rapport with a romantic partner and expand your social contacts, because it's a very lucky time. Your inner vitality and self-image thrive. This of course is quite attractive in its own right, so moths beware of your flame! If you are more generous to others, others will treat you likewise. You may find yourself quite the enthusiastic entertainer or host. Social events, such as banquets and other formal affairs are apt to be joint ventures, maybe even held in your honour. Imagination and artistic urges are stimulated and can make it a period of successful creative endeavour, either on your own, or with a partner.
Go to Top Ego Booster
Passionate, energetic Mars, your life-ruler, begins the month in Pisces, your 5th house of romance, children and speculative activities. This is quite an ego-boosting month. You feel more confident that your efforts will be successful, which is the attitude that attracts the people and success you are looking for. Self-promotion works for you now, and you can use the efforts of others to your advantage. Your physical efforts -- whatever they may be -- may bring you recognition or a position of leadership. New partnership, alliances, and joint ventures may be established, and those in which you are now involved experience renewed energy and enthusiasm. Your willingness to cooperate is enhanced and will encourage generous assistance with your own projects.

Your physical efforts display plenty of enthusiasm if you are involved in art, music, design, or the beauty business. If you have been thinking of cosmetic surgery, enhancing your wardrobe, or redecorating your home, put your plans into action while the cosmos is backing you. Romantic adventures, legal matters, and social events are other targets for your energy. Notwithstanding, if you are a less-than-energetic individual, January is hardy likely to galvanize you into action, but i may be your good fortune to get others to do the work for you. Yay! Some of the most favoured activities include anything involving men, or products and services related to men. Military manoeuvres, sports, surgical procedures, manufacturing, and firearms are the sorts of things I mean. Just plain good luck can save you from accidents and other mishaps. The only word of warning is not to take things too much for granted, or become too sure of yourself.

Mars pulls into Aries at the New Moon on the 28th. There will be plenty of things for you to do in the way of physical exercise and work -- on the job as well as around the house. Get started! You may need to hire some help! If there are problems with co-workers, confront them and seek a solution, but do not give in to angry outbursts or rash actions. Enthusiasm can easily get out of hand, so if your body is not used to regular or vigorous exercise be careful not to overexert yourself in weeks ahead.

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