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by Rob Tillett

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Scorpio Scorpio Daily December 2016
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Daily forecasts for December 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Dec 1: Het Up
You're feeling rather het up today and therefore likely to take things the wrong way. Do your best not to brood about problems that you can't change or to feel aggrieved about things that have gone wrong for you in the past. It's one of those days when it's very easy to feel upset and annoyed, and then to let your feelings fester. Try to shake off any lingering resentment and, instead, feel grateful for what you have. Lucky colours are champagne and emerald. Lucky numbers are 10 and 27.
Go to TopFri Dec 2: Communicative Scorpion
You're in a talkative and communicative frame of mind from today, and this chatty phase will last into the New Year. You might spend a lot more time than usual being sociable, and you could also get heavily involved in neighbourhood activities and local concerns. This is your cue to invite lots of neighbours over to your place for a Christmas drink. Lucky colours are bronze and silver. Lucky numbers are 18 and 73.
Go to TopSat Dec 3: Older And Wiser
Someone older or wiser than you has some good advice today, so listen carefully to what they tell you. You might not agree with all of it, and some of it might strike you as being rather cautious or old-fashioned, but that doesn't mean you can't learn from it. This is also a good day to look into ways of making your money grow. Lucky colours are green and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 26 and 16.
Go to TopSun Dec 4: Gift Of The Gab
You have the gift of saying the right thing at the right time today, especially when you're trying to keep someone sweet. It's a marvellous day for mixing with other people, whether you know them inside out or you've only just met, because you'll find something to say to them and you'll enjoy talking to them. You'll also love getting out and about, with plenty of changes of scene. Lucky colours are sienna and mango. Lucky numbers are 31 and 65.
Go to TopMon Dec 5: Mightier Than The Sword
Be careful today because your words could easily run away with you, leading to embarrassment when you say the wrong thing. You're also feeling very energetic right now, but once again you should try to hold back and not to go completely overboard in case you end up feeling exhausted. If someone offers you an opportunity, make sure it's going to work in your favour before you say yes. And don't over-commit yourself! Lucky colours are gold and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 34 and 34.
Go to TopTue Dec 6: Stock The Fridge
This is a superb day for spending money on your home or family. Start your Christmas shopping in earnest, such as buying lots of presents or stocking the fridge and freezer ready for the celebrations. Of course, you must keep an eye on how much you spend, especially if you've promised yourself that you're going to stick to a budget, but you'll still have a good time. Lucky colours are smoky quartz and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 11 and 22.
Go to TopWed Dec 7: Much Better
You'll adore being with some of your favourite people. Even if you're staying at home with your family, you'll want to turn the experience into something special, perhaps by opening a bottle of wine or cooking someone's favourite meal. Venus, the planet that rules beauty and decorating, is now touring your fourth house of home and family. There has never been a better time to give your home a new look. The itch to accessorize and makeover at least one room is strong. Lucky colours are magenta and violet. Lucky numbers are 26 and 39.
Go to TopThu Dec 8: Feelings Run High
Be careful because feelings are running high today, leading to some tense moments with certain people. Actually, it's quite likely that the more you care about something the more annoyed other people will make you feel, especially if you don't share the same priorities in life. Maybe you'll feel that they're mocking what you believe in or trampling all over your values. Try to calm down, Scorpio! Lucky colours are ivory and pink. Lucky numbers are 28 and 76.
Go to TopFri Dec 9: Letting Off Steam
This is a great day for letting off steam, particularly if you got all worked up yesterday. You'll probably see the funny side of what happened now, which will help you to recover from it. You might even decide to put the whole thing out of your mind, which would be good. If you haven't yet finished writing your Christmas cards, have a blitz on them today while you're in the mood. Lucky colours are saffron and toffee. Lucky numbers are 4 and 50.
Go to TopSat Dec 10: Don't Put It Off
It's another good opportunity to get your Christmas cards and letters out of the way, especially if you've been putting them off. You might even enjoy the whole process, and manage to think of interesting things to say in each card. If you're going shopping you'll be happiest if you can take someone along to keep you company. Lucky colours are olive and platinum. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopSun Dec 11: Check Household Basics
Today, you want to do things that are important to you, whatever they happen to be. For instance, you might enjoy going for a long walk or even a run and you won't feel happy until you've achieved that, or you might take pleasure and satisfaction from giving your house a top to bottom clean. While you're about it, check that you have all the household basics and aren't about to run out of something important such as dishwasher tablets. Lucky colours are grey and magenta. Lucky numbers are 38 and 50.
Go to TopMon Dec 12: Safe Place
Today you need to do things that reaffirm your faith in human nature and which make you feel that the world is a safe place. You might even enjoy having some time to yourself, perhaps doing something that you always enjoy, or communing with nature. You're looking for meaning in everything you do right now, so won't be interested in things that you consider to be superficial or irreverent. Lucky colours are mauve and silver. Lucky numbers are 29 and 41.
Go to TopTue Dec 13: Sense Of Responsibility
You're in a sensible and practical frame of mind today, which is especially useful if you're doing something that involves a strong sense of responsibility or a careful head for figures. For instance, it's great for sorting out an official financial matter, such as paying a bill, applying for a loan or getting in touch with the taxman. Lucky colours are white and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 66 and 29.
Go to TopWed Dec 14: Full Moon
From today your emotional needs become more intense and they'll stay that way for the next few weeks. During this time you'll enjoy being with people you know very well, such as close family and friends who feel like your family. You won't be nearly so interested in meeting new people, perhaps because it will feel like too much effort. It's a case of familiarity breeding content at the moment. Lucky colours are blue and yellow. Lucky numbers are 24 and 31.
Go to TopThu Dec 15: Good Company
You're feeling very friendly and sociable today, and you'll be happiest if you can mix with people whose company you enjoy. You won't be so comfortable if you spend the day by yourself, simply because that isn't what you're in the mood for right now. Neighbours and other people you see regularly are good company, especially if you're doing something fun together. Lucky colours are green and chocolate. Lucky numbers are 11 and 77.
Go to TopFri Dec 16: Taking Things To Heart
Everything has a greater impact on you than normal today, making you likely to over-react or take things very much to heart. Do your best to keep a sense of proportion throughout all this, so you don't get yourself into a state about things that you'd normally take in your stride. Anything connected with your money and values is particularly likely to get under your skin at the moment. Lucky colours are ultramarine and peach. Lucky numbers are 8 and 32.
Go to TopSat Dec 17: Push Forward
This is a strange day because you feel caught between the need to make progress and move forward, and the need to hold back and be cautious. Which option should you go for, or should you avoid going to either extreme at the moment and try to find some sort of middle ground? Even so, you might be offered a fabulous chance to push ahead in your career or to get involved in something that will boost your public reputation. Lucky colours are grey and olive. Lucky numbers are 14 and 5.
Go to TopSun Dec 18: Emotional Support
A certain someone needs a lot of input from you today, Scorpio. This person needs to know he or she has your emotional support, otherwise you can expect quite a bit of a fuss or something else designed to get your attention. You should also spare a thought for an older friend or relative who could do with some tender loving care right now. Lucky colours are purple and brown. Lucky numbers are 3 and 7.
Go to TopMon Dec 19: Mars Enters Pisces
The Scorpion is feeling funky as lusty Mars enters your fifth house of pleasure and romance, where he will remain for several weeks. Competitive situations will only serve to drive you to greater performances, making this a wonderful transit for athletes. Romance is exciting, but don't expect gentle displays of affection. Passionate, sexual expressions will command your attention. Mercury turns retrograde too, making it difficult to express yourself clearly. Misunderstandings and confusion could frustrate your attempts to achieve your goals, so slow down and read the fine print very carefully. Lucky colours are blood red and black opal. Lucky numbers are 3 and 5.
Go to TopTue Dec 20: Fix Things Up
This is a day for fixing things that have gone wrong recently, whatever they happen to be. Mind you, you'll do best by concentrating on things that are quite serious and important, or which matter a lot to you. You won't be so keen on doing things you consider frivolous. If you have to pay some bills, get them out of the way now before you forget about them in the Christmas rush. Lucky colours are lime and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 29 and 30.
Go to TopWed Dec 21: State Your Business
Once again, you're keen to sort out problems and today you have even more purpose than you showed yesterday. It's the Solstice, a a great day to say it with precision and clarity, so no one is left in any doubt that you mean business. There's no need to throw your weight around either, because you're blessed with natural authority at the moment. Make the most of it! Lucky colours are lemon and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 8 and 27.
Go to TopThu Dec 22: Fun With Friends
Get together with friends today, Scorp. You're in the mood for it and it will do you good to let your hair down, even if you're only meeting for a quick drink. You can be guaranteed lots of laughs. If you haven't heard from a friend for quite a while, try to get in touch now so you can catch up on all the news. Lucky colours are red and black. Lucky numbers are 8 and 12.
Go to TopFri Dec 23: Zip It Up
Keep a strict watch over what you say today, Scorpio, in case you accidentally blurt out something that was supposed to be a secret. It will be too easy to do this and you may not even realize that you've let the cat out of the bag until someone else tells you. This certainly isn't a good day to tell anyone your secrets either, in case they can't keep the information to themselves. Lucky colours are pink and butterscotch. Lucky numbers are 27 and 14.
Go to TopSat Dec 24: Christmas Eve
This is a great day for taking stock of what you've achieved and what you still need to do. Better write a few lists so you know exactly where you stand. Besides, you'll feel more organized when you've written everything down. If you're doing some last-minute Christmas shopping you'll prefer to be by yourself. Lucky colours are parchment and copper. Lucky numbers are 1 and 12.
Go to TopSun Dec 25: Merry Christmas!
You want this Christmas to be as special and happy as possible, and you're willing to do what you can to make that happen. For a start, you're prepared to be nice to people who may not be your absolute favorites, and you're also willing to overlook other people's foibles and funny little ways. At some point you'll appreciate having the chance to put your feet up and do as little as possible. Lucky colours are red and green. Lucky numbers are 25 and 16.
Go to TopMon Dec 26: Boxing Day
As far as you're concerned, this is a day for enjoying your creature comforts and not doing anything very strenuous. Your ideal is to relax at home, eating leftovers from yesterday so you don't have to do any cooking, and watching some of your favourite DVDs or television programs. You'll also enjoy having a look at your presents if there wasn't much chance for that yesterday. Lucky colours are copper and ivory. Lucky numbers are 3 and 68.
Go to TopTue Dec 27: In A Great Mood
You're in a great mood today, my lovely Scorpions. You're feeling upbeat, gregarious and enthusiastic, and ready to make the most of the day. Whatever you're doing, whether you're still on holiday or back at work, you'll have a good time doing it. You're in the mood to go the whole hog. Bear that in mind if you go out on the town, because you'll want to go for broke. Lucky colours are charcoal and lilac. Lucky numbers are 24 and 9.
Go to TopWed Dec 28: Possible Snag
The Christmas season has been pretty good so far, but you hit a snag today. Someone is a pain in the neck, and there doesn't seem to be much you can do about it. Maybe you're facing problems because this person is busy reminding you who they are, and how they're in a position of authority over you. Or perhaps they seem to be busy putting spokes in your wheels, so you can't make any progress while they're in their current mood. It sounds as though you need to be patient. Lucky colours are yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 20 and 13.
Go to TopThu Dec 29: New Moon
Today's New Moon will ensure that you end December with a spring in your step. It's a fabulous opportunity for you to improve the way you communicate with the rest of the world during the next two weeks. Maybe you have to have a serious conversation with someone or there are lots of letters that you need to write. It's also a good time to get more involved with neighbours and close relatives. Lucky colours are violet and pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 18.
Go to TopFri Dec 30: Break The Routine
You need a break after yesterday's frustrations, so do something that departs from your usual schedule. Be spontaneous and do things on the spur of the moment, as the fancy takes you. Get together with people you haven't seen recently, or who always make you feel good and bring out the best in your personality. Lucky colours are grape and saffron. Lucky numbers are 5 and 9.
Go to TopSat Dec 31: New Year's Eve
As 2016 comes to an end and 2017 beckons, you're in a very single-minded state. You're strongly focused on whatever and whoever means a lot to you, even to the point where you're unable to think about anything else. Try not to get so bogged down in your thoughts that you're unable to enjoy the New Year celebrations. Lucky colours are white and gold. Lucky numbers are 11 and 36.
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