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by Rob Tillett

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Scorpio Scorpio Daily January 2018
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Daily forecasts for January 2018 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Jan 1: Ready For Action
Salutations, Scorpions! May the best of the New Year be yours! A bit of style, a bit of smooth, a bit of deep smouldering! You will have it all today when you're out and on the prowl. Just make sure you don't blow it by messing things up at home. Still, you needn't be there much if you don't want to. The world outside is calling. Get out there and get into it! Just don't be too late home and have the problem at the other end of the day. Bon chance! Lucky colours are red and blue. Lucky numbers are 17 and 21.
Go to TopTue Jan 2: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon in romantic Cancer could strike the scorpion in the communications zone. Information that you need may not get to you. You yourself might miss something important. Overseas contacts or communications might suffer some kind of lapse or confusion. Charm is still on your side though, so if you need to work your way through a sticky situation you can probably do it. It's just a matter of making holding the reins and keep on the track. Eventually you'll pick up what's gone wrong and rectify it. Lucky colours are blue and violet. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
Go to TopWed Jan 3: Lift Your Game
With the Moon in Leo and your solar tenth house, keep a good focus on work and where you're heading. Don't let opportunities or responsibilities slip because you're in a mood or somehow out of sorts. Go in hard and get things done. Don't tread on any toes. The important is for you to push yourself onward, not to drive over the competition. You'll stir up ill feeling if you do. Show a noble spirit. There'll be difficulties or even clashes anyway but effort put in now will serve you later on. Lucky colours are green and red. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopThu Jan 4: Traffic Signals
Sure, you're in a hurry, but it's extremely important to heed all the traffic signs and signals. The last thing that you need right now is a brush with the law, Scorp. Find a way to behave yourself in public even if your private life is in turmoil. As long as you know the truth, that should be good enough for now. Sooner or later you'll meet up with someone who wants to believe you - until then, rest assured that you are in a safe place. Lucky colours are burgundy and brown. Lucky numbers are 21 and 34.
Go to TopFri Jan 5: Wise Women
Just cruise today even though your energy might be up and bouncy or even a little erratic and charged. If you consciously go into cruise mode you can sail through most situations. Beneficial contact with an older women that you know well could provide good advice or simply some comfort. There are emotional uncertainties or stresses that are playing around within your depths so it would be as well to look in and see how you're going before there's an upsurge of feeling into the outer world. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 3 and 19.
Go to TopSat Jan 6: Friendship Helps
the Moon is in Virgo, shining on all you scorpions from the house of friendships, common interest groups and like-minded people. Take a bit of a lunch and talk things over. See where other people are at and what they're doing. Perhaps everyone's walking through the same custard as you right now. If they are, it'll lift your spirits to know it's not you alone. You're something of a loner sometimes, deep down. Watch the mood of things later on. There could be encounters with stubborn people. Lucky colour isgarnet. Lucky numbers are 23 and 42.
Go to TopSun Jan 7: A Shot In The Dark
Go with the inward urgings of the Moon in Libra and your solar twelfth house. Strong realizations can come through your dreams or by just giving yourself the time to think things over. Psychic power and influences are very strong around the Scorpion. If you maintain a high profile today, you'll find yourself clashing with people for no particular reason. Stay cool! Lucky colours are obsidian and purple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 22.
Go to TopMon Jan 8: A Shot In The Dark
Go with the inward urgings of the Moon in Libra and your solar twelfth house. Strong realizations can come through your dreams or by just giving yourself the time to think things over. Psychic power and influences are very strong around the Scorpion. If you maintain a high profile today, you'll find yourself clashing with people for no particular reason. Stay cool! Lucky colours are obsidian and purple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 22.
Go to TopTue Jan 9: Back on Track
How can you get anything done with the chaos going on around you? Maybe it's time to think about moving your operations to a quieter place. Loud noises and distractions may conceal underhanded motives. Get back on track, Scorp. Lucky colours are pearl grey and sea green. Lucky numbers are 20 and 41.
Go to TopWed Jan 10: Moody Creatures
Adopt the moody look today and the manner that goes with it as you don't have much choice anyway. Don't kick over the traces of any recent good times. Just allow yourself to dwell on them and enjoy the last faint scent of fading memories. Cruise through the day. it doesn't really need more than that, even though people may demand more of you. You know how to resist when you want to! The evening brings a change of mood, more intense, more out there. Lucky colours are pink and blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 43.
Go to TopThu Jan 11: Lifestyle Problems
Are you bashing the plastic to within an inch of its life? Pluto and Venus could tell a sad tale of money if you haven't been careful recently. And then there's the matter of your love life! Are you suffering the pangs or not paying enough attention to the needs of your beloved? Don't let matters become too tense. If you're single, frustration can set in causing you to do something rash. Whatever the case, be staunch and work things out slowly. Lucky colours are grey and green. Lucky numbers are 6 and 32.
Go to TopFri Jan 12: Economic Summit
Money is an ongoing issue at the moment, so the best thing to do is take action in order to solve the problem by firing up the resource base. Is there anything extra you can do? Is there a new direction you can try? You're more frustrated and restless than you think. Remember, no one really knows what goes on deep down inside you, not even you, half the time! Your daily routine is closing in on you and urging you to look for new horizons. Go for it. Lucky colours are yellow and red. Lucky numbers are 3 and 26.
Go to TopSat Jan 13: Full Flight
Your mind is in full flight, but your body won't move an inch until you command it. There are a million ideas racing through your head, but they won't do you any good until you say them out loud or write them down on paper. Forget about the negativity you've encountered in the recent past: yesterday's trouble only planted the seeds for today's triumph. When you're ready to unveil your final product, they'll be talking about it for weeks to come. Lucky colours are leaf green and silver grey. Lucky numbers are 4 and 29.
Go to TopSun Jan 14: A Build Up Of Pressure
Tension and pressure are slowly building up in the atmosphere. Be aware, so that you can work around them and not get too disturbed. Let matters be for the morning and run their own course. Communication will become paramount later on - stay in touch with partners and associates and discuss what needs to be done. Be sure to attend to any pressing business matters. Contact is the key for the balance of the day. Lucky colours are carnelian and silver. Lucky numbers are 26 and 8.
Go to TopMon Jan 15: Renewed Attitude
Every hurdle, every conflict, every dream and every memory have all shown a path to a new beginning. Your imagination has been ignited and you have challenged yourself to explore a variety of religious and spiritual avenues to find a belief system that assists you on your life's journey. This is a healing energy where personal pains have been revealed and cured as time has moved on. This cycle is a spiritual acceptance of the past and a renewed attitude for the future. Lucky colours are green and ivory. Lucky numbers are 19 and 55.
Go to TopTue Jan 16: Good News
You may not have wanted to let yourself believe it, but deep down you knew that this day would come. A project you were in charge of reaches its completion date, and the good news of its success is yours to share with everyone. Be sure to keep your lines of inquiry open, because you never know what kind of useful information will turn up. Make sure you also listen to your body throughout the day so that its needs won't become distracting. Lucky colours are lavender and royal purple. Lucky numbers are 3 and 30.
Go to TopWed Jan 17: New Moon
Make a new beginning in the area of business and communications today. The New Moon in Capricorn and your third house calls for innovation and a little inventive curiosity. Check matters with associates or friends so that you can get some good ideas as to what will work and what will not. A short trip could be on the cards in order for you to get something going. Focus on movement. The more mobile energy you put into something today, the better will be the return over time. Lucky colours are azure and red. Lucky numbers are 17 and 25.
Go to TopThu Jan 18: Much Better
You'll adore being with some of your favourite people. Even if you're staying at home with your family, you'll want to turn the experience into something special, perhaps by opening a bottle of wine or cooking someone's favourite meal. Venus, the planet that rules beauty and decorating, is now touring your fourth house of home and family. There has never been a better time to give your home a new look. The itch to accessorize and makeover at least one room is strong. Lucky colours are magenta and violet. Lucky numbers are 26 and 39.
Go to TopFri Jan 19: Effective Communications
With the Moon in Capricorn and your solar third house, you'll need to be on the ball and ensure you're dealing effectively with all communications and matters of business. Be particularly attentive to matters of response time. Make sure you get back to people and return calls. Be on time for what needs to be done or for appointments that need to be kept. There could be some difficult moments or delays but, in the end, if you do what needs to be done, you will finish up feeling very satisfied. Lucky colour isamber. Lucky numbers are 3 and 16.
Go to TopSat Jan 20: Familiar Faces
During the next four weeks you'll be happiest when you're surrounded by familiar faces and places. This isn't a good time of year for being far from your own front door because it will make you feel unsettled. Right now, you gain your sense of identity from being with people that you know very well, so it's a great opportunity to arrange a big family gathering or spend more time with your closest relatives. Lucky colours are dark red and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 19.
Go to TopSun Jan 21: Short Fuse
If you hear the crackling sound and can smell smoke then somebody's on a short fuse. The big bang won't be far off. Take stock. You could be simmering and ready to blow. Loved ones or family members could be going down that same road. Fireworks will probably be inevitable whether they come from a human or an electronic source (watch your PC carefully). Something's got to give today. Make sure you learn from what occurs. Trouble, upset or conflict need to spark a shift in consciousness. Lucky colours are green and ochre. Lucky numbers are 12 and 19.
Go to TopMon Jan 22: Work Methods
Get your focus onto work and daily routines. Look at how you go about things and how you get them done. Your sign is not notorious for accepting change easily, but Aries on your solar sixth house cusp challenges you to be an innovator. With the Moon sailing there today, make a new start in this area. Put some new things into personal routines or start a new one altogether. Make changes at work. Be creative and willing. Lucky colours are violet and cream. Lucky numbers are 12 and 31.
Go to TopTue Jan 23: Work versus Home
Try to find the links today between work demands and your home life so that each can be a little more satisfying to all concerned. Are you bringing too much work home and dominating the environment? Or is the reverse the case? Could you bring more work home and spend less time away? Find a new pattern that will help to freshen up these complimentary routines. Pay attention to children and their needs today if you're a family scorpion. Lucky colour isblue. Lucky numbers are 31 and 21.
Go to TopWed Jan 24: Nagging Details
There will be nagging details to attend to. The little matters of work and the daily routine are rising up like tiny flames to be extinguished quickly so as to prevent the bigger blaze taking hold. On the other hand, Lady Venus swans into your creative house and demands a little pleasure and entertainment on your behalf as a relief from all the humdrum stuff! What does a scorpion do? Spend the day taking care of business and then devote the evening to the pursuits of leisure and pleasure. Lucky colours are green and violet. Lucky numbers are 11 and 42.
Go to TopThu Jan 25: Business and Pleasure
Dealings with partners or close associates could be the theme of the day. They might not always be easy and may involve anything from genuine intimacy to matters of small business and domestic economy. Make sure you give a little ground (You? The Scorpion! And then we woke up!) here and there otherwise a there will be a minor ruction or two. Such things pass quickly but why bother when negotiated compromise is easier and leaves room for other things later on. Lucky colours are sky blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 32 and 2.
Go to TopFri Jan 26: Dodgy Relations
Relations with loved ones are dodgy today, thanks to Mars leaving your sign and marching into warlike Sagittarius. Getting on one another's nerves will lead to some bad-tempered and scratchy exchanges, especially where money is concerned. If you are fuming about something that belongs in the past but which still feels as though it's only just happened, talk it through with someone who understands, so you can put it behind you. Concentrate on improving the financial situation in weeks ahead. Lucky colours are copper and magenta. Lucky numbers are 10 and 50.
Go to TopSat Jan 27: One Extreme to the Other!
There is a party mood with an over-the-top flavor. If you go with it, then you'll end up in the midst of chaos, but what Scorpion doesn't like a bit of a challenge every now and again! Folk around you might be dressing up or getting very emotional or both. Don't push the spending. It'll be easy to reach the limit without even trying. You don't like to be stopped when you're on a roll, but the end of the ride could be right at the bottom of the hill. And then you'll just have to climb back up. Lucky colours are navy blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 15 and 36.
Go to TopSun Jan 28: Moods and Agendas
The Moon in Gemini and your solar eighth house promotes a deep mood. Life may flit and float on around you and you may appear to go with it, but something is churning beneath the surface of your calm exterior. Dig deeply into this underworld activity and there might just be some realizations down the track about who is doing what to whom or what it is that's actually going on inside you. Social meetings and interaction could have an awkward flavor and worries could be pressing up from within. Lucky colour isaquamarine. Lucky numbers are 19 and 21.
Go to TopMon Jan 29: A Better Flow
Things start moving a little better today after something of an erratic flow. Get away by the sea if you get the opportunity, as the slow slap of the waves will do your heart the world of good. If you do decide to go somewhere, take a sympathetic companion or friend and have a good old heart to heart. You might feel full of glowing charm today and others might just agree with you. Communication could solve many little problems or just ease a troubled mind. Lucky colours are red and blue. Lucky numbers are 16 and 39.
Go to TopTue Jan 30: Fantasy and Imagination
Daydreams help you cope with reality today; a little fantasy and imagination will spice up your life. A change of pace or scenery will be good for you now. With the Moon passing through creative and nurturing Cancer, you may want to try something new in the kitchen. Experiment with an exotic recipe or try out a new restaurant that interests you. Lucky colours are maroon and mink. Lucky numbers are 30 and 38.
Go to TopWed Jan 31: The Home Front
Domestic difficulties of one kind or another could rise up and plague you under the Full Moon today. It's the second one for the month, which is something of a rarity. Make sure you keep in contact with whoever is displeased or dissatisfied and talk things through. Take a tangential approach to any problem solving. If you just barge ahead and refuse to compromise, you might hold further trouble off, but not for long. Shared activity might help to promote good talk, especially if you're dealing with people of the opposite sex.Mercury brings real estate transactions and matters related to your home or property, family discussions and business transactions, and contact with relatives. Lucky colours are white and blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 35.
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