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by Rob Tillett

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Scorpio Scorpio Daily January 2017
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Daily forecasts for January 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Jan 1: Happy New Year!
It's the new year but already you feel trapped between a rock and a hard place. The pressure is on to move forward, but not knowing which way is the right way to turn is awkward. If you are clinging to a past love or work environment through fear of the unknown, the stars say there is a wonderful new opportunity just near you. Happy New Year!
Lucky colours are peach blossom and maroon.
Lucky numbers are 5 and 61.
Go to TopMon Jan 2: Optimism And Hope
Nothing keeps you down or trapped for too long, Scorp, as you are resilient and a keen problem-solver. What clouded your day yesterday dissipates as you find a solution and positive energy is returned to you. Remain on this present course, as hard work and firm focus will bring the outcome you have planned and hoped for.
Lucky colours are black and lilac.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.
Go to TopTue Jan 3: Let It Flow!
As sweet Venus visits delightful Pisces for nearly a month, your romantic side comes out. Children will be more responsive and eager to spend time with you, so make time for the young ones in your life. You can improve relationships and expand your social contacts too. Remember to curb the urge to splurge in your pursuit of pleasure. Artistic expression is stimulated by Venus. Speculation is also favoured, but use your head and consult your partner before blowing the lot!
Lucky colours are crimson and green.
Lucky numbers are 5 and 7.
Go to TopWed Jan 4: Still Resting
You deserve this break, but if it has been forced upon you by others, you will be feeling particularly frustrated today. Perhaps you have been placed in the position to take a break from your work place, or your love energy is feeling a time of inactivity, or you are physically unwell. Despite the annoyance of not being in the middle of all the action, take this time to reflect and plan for future times.
Lucky colours are violet and honey.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 74.
Go to TopThu Jan 5: Dealings And Transactions
Legal and financial dealings will be the energy of the day, with your mind firmly focused here and little time for anything else. You may feel dominated by this energy, as if you are at the mercy of others and losing control. Do try to not be stubborn, as some sound advice may just assist you.
Lucky colours are amethyst and caramel.
Lucky numbers are 26 and 12.
Go to TopFri Jan 6: Money And Communications
News of a financial gain heads your way today and how glorious will that be! You have a no-nonsense attitude with those you deal with on a daily basis, but don't be too forceful towards those in your sphere, as you walk a fine line between domination and being practical. Really use this energy to your own advantage, not to win a petty argument. Contemplate the idea of partaking in further study to increase your present income.
Lucky colours are vermilion and magenta.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 8.
Go to TopSat Jan 7: Solving Old Concerns
Any old concerns regarding your partnerships will return to you with this energy and it is now time to solve them one way or the other. There is tension here with the possibility of conflict, but the end outcome will be positive. You will move beyond a situation or individual that has been holding you back.
Lucky colours are emerald and silver.
Lucky numbers are 25 and 7.
Go to TopSun Jan 8: Don't Take Risks
Have money matters been plain sailing recently, or have you had to steer your way through some stormy or choppy waters? If things have been dodgy recently, the good news is that they should start to iron themselves out from today as Merc stations, although it may take several days for you to notice this improvement. In the meantime, don't take risks by assuming that recent financial matters are okay unless you have written proof.
Lucky colours are silver and nutmeg.
Lucky numbers are 2 and 7.
Go to TopMon Jan 9: Love Yourself
You are comfortable in your own skin and will not tolerate negative opinion or others' attempts to control you or tell you what to do. New connections that are formed with this energy, at work or in your local neighbourhood will be significant individuals in your future life. Compromise, inner peace and meeting new people, quite the positive day wouldn't you say!
Lucky colours are blue and platinum.
Lucky numbers are 21 and 50.
Go to TopTue Jan 10: Shoulder To Cry On
On the family side of things, expect some news and be prepared to offer loving support and a sympathetic ear. Emotionally, you crave excitement and will find yourself attracted to individuals and activities that are not your typical interest. You have the ability to act in haste with this energy so be wary about jumping too heavily into a romantic attachment. Impulsive actions will make you feel alive but always keep in mind any danger that is involved.
Lucky colours are red and white.
Lucky numbers are 21 and 48.
Go to TopWed Jan 11: Imagination And Whims
You are restless today, daydreaming about lusty partners and high finances. Even though some of your thoughts will be unrealistic, your imagination is ignited and we often discover alternative solutions to long standing concerns when we expand our minds. You are deeply sensitive to the moods of those in your family environment, so avoid negativity if possible.
Lucky colours are lavender and blueberry.
Lucky numbers are 24 and 65.
Go to TopThu Jan 12: Full Moon
It is as if your entire moral system is in the spiritual mechanics for a tune up with this lunar cycle. You are tuning in to your higher beliefs and holding back on surface connections. Your focus on work is wonderful but you are craving so much more depth to your soul. It would be a fantastic time to ensure you include some form of ritual or prayer regarding your faith to complete the sensation you feel.
Lucky colours are green satin and red velvet.
Lucky numbers are 29 and 72.
Go to TopFri Jan 13: Spiritual Attachments
Your heart is with your faith today and you will find great solace spending time connecting with your Divine purpose. You seek a romantic partner who shares the same faith as you and may even desire to travel to alternative locations to complete your spiritual impulses. Affairs and attractions may form with individuals in foreign countries, or you may simply enjoy discussing your deeper beliefs with someone in your close family. Reaching above and beyond to the core of your soul today Scorpio.
Lucky colours are green and hazelnut.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 55.
Go to TopSat Jan 14: Excellent Communications
This is a fantastic day for communications Scorpio, especially in the work arena. You are confident and focused on problem solving in positive ways. You will seek compromise where there is turmoil but your future vision is grand and in your sights, so those around you will be inspired by the words you have to say. Highly motivational day for positive achievement Scorpio.
Lucky colours are mother of pearl and violet.
Lucky numbers are 23 and 12.
Go to TopSun Jan 15: Pushing Your Opinions
You are overly opinionated and forceful, with it comes self-protection. You're operating on auto-pilot to some extent, going through the motions as you ponder deep down how you wish to be viewed by those around you. Partnerships will feel the main force of this attitude as you may be quite stubborn and emotionally distant with this energy.
Lucky colours are green and pearl.
Lucky numbers are 13 and 70.
Go to TopMon Jan 16: Parting Of Ways
Tension eases a touch and you are much more settled but you may decide that it is best to move away from a certain individual, no doubt female, as the relationship may be causing more stress than what you desire at the moment. There is just a strong clash of opinion and ego here as you strive to rebuild your confidence.
Lucky colours are magenta and olive.
Lucky numbers are 28 and 51.
Go to TopTue Jan 17: Possible Romance
Just when you least expect it Scorpio, a new love interest will appear to brighten your day. This is an exciting new phase for you, with a mutual desire for romance and generosity. This individual may understand you more fully than anyone else has for quite some time and you will literally feel swept off your feet.
Lucky colours are apple blossom and honey.
Lucky numbers are 21 and 75.
Go to TopWed Jan 18: Plan That Interview
This is a positive day to aim for a financial and career improvement, so plan that speech or that interview today Scorpio. You will be able to impress with your abilities to lead a team with compassion and calm intellect, whilst placing the companies best interests at the forefront at all times.
Lucky colours are leaf green and nutmeg.
Lucky number is34.
Go to TopThu Jan 19: Touchy On The Home Front
Tensions brew on the home front, Scorpio. You desire changes, but will be inconsistent with your decisions. You will simply not tolerate being told what to do today, so those around you may find they meet the painful end of your stinger if they dare to cross your boundaries.There may also be disputes over family property. Family pride, however, is high and family bonds are strengthened. Family support and the advantage of family assets or connections increase the determination to begin new ventures of your own at this time.
Lucky colours are amethyst and charcoal.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 5.
Go to TopFri Jan 20: Successful Unions
A great day for unions of all kinds, but especially those related to business and finances. You may receive news about a job, or find joining a group or association provides the perfect solution to other frustrations. This is also a fantastic time to contact old friends that you have missed and reconnect about the good old times.
Lucky colours are tan and grape.
Lucky numbers are 17 and 46.
Go to TopSat Jan 21: Let's Get Serious
Any new romantic connections may take a surprising twist from casual to more permanent. You may find yourself discussing sharing a home together, or even marriage at this time. Some of you will even consider forming a business with your love - or that a business associate seems much more attractive than in the past. Quite the strong possibility to find love at work here.
Lucky colours are brass and ebony.
Lucky numbers are 26 and 51.
Go to TopSun Jan 22: Strangely Comforting
Spend time with those closest to you, siblings or very close friends, as you need to heal a hidden emotional concern. You are reflective about the past and will find reminiscing, even though tinged with its odd moments of sadness, is strangely comforting for you.
Lucky colours are chocolate and orange.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 3.
Go to TopMon Jan 23: Making The Most Of It
Whilst relations with those in the work place are feeling the strain, this a great day to socialize with close friends, especially females, as your lines of communication will be comforting and satisfying. It is wise to not make firm decisions today, but spend more time in the planning and arranging of future projects.
Lucky colours are terracotta and champagne.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 23.
Go to TopTue Jan 24: Take The Initiative
You can really make things happen today Scorpio if you choose. With Jupiter in your sign and the emotive Moon passing by, grab passion by the horns and state your case with enthusiasm. There is the risk of impulsive reaction and possible arguments caused by frustration, especially with females who may attempt to block your path but ignore it. There are opportunities with this energy so don't allow your attention to be swayed by rectifying another's negativity.
Lucky colours are blue and green.
Lucky numbers are 36 and 39.
Go to TopWed Jan 25: Blast From The Past
Just when you felt you had it all in perspective, a blast from the past returns to shake the foundations. This may evolve as a career endeavour or a past love and the possibilities may seem quite endless. You will be surprised, flattered and confused, with a natural impulse to seek opinion from external sources. Keep communications light and social as advice received is advice you will no doubt ignore and follow your own path anyway.
Lucky colours are navy and bronze.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 26.
Go to TopThu Jan 26: Don't Be Too Pushy
There is an opportunity here for you to change the traditions and elements of your home life that you truly believe are not working for you. Whilst your intuitive energy is indeed strong today, there is also the element of being far too self-righteous in regards to discussions about what it is you desire and how you wish to achieve it. You want the best Scorpio but will need to pause between sentences to ensure that your communications are realistic and achievable.
Lucky colours are reddish gold and dark green velvet.
Lucky numbers are 23 and 59.
Go to TopFri Jan 27: Under The Microscope
You survey your surroundings and wonder just how you ended up where you are! This is a day of absolute honesty and your life is under the microscope. Do your best to communicate openly and honestly where there are concerns involving certain individuals. Appreciate that this focus regarding life in general, your career, your romances, your home life, is a moment of truth, revelation and an opening for future improvements.
Lucky colours are black and red.
Lucky numbers are 3 and 33.
Go to TopSat Jan 28: New Moon
The relentless desire to change is paramount and today you begin the process. There's a lot to do and you're completely focused on getting every little task done. Tackle the basics first, the things that absolutely need to get done before you can do anything else. Mars urges you to take on more projects and duties, so you may appear scattered, but you want to be busy, otherwise the idle energy will turn into anxiety. Issues at work with your coworkers may lead to arguments, or having a workplace injury. This can be a great time to look for a new job. You are generous and kind, imaginative yet quiet preferring to seek alternative forms of emotive release rather than discussions and affection.
Lucky colours are crimson and blue.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
Go to TopSun Jan 29: Time To Withdraw
The air has not cleared completely and while this is disappointing, the day passes like any other and it is not the time to over-react. Accept that the flow of the day is not an overly positive one, that you will notice negative influences more strongly than usual and that what disappoints today is not the mountain it actually seems to be.
Lucky colours are oyster and amethyst.
Lucky numbers are 14 and 4.
Go to TopMon Jan 30: Positive Influences
With the revelations of yesterday flowing into today, you are joined by some positive influences enabling you to express your ideas and concepts in exceptional ways. The heart of the matter is now open for you to show those who matter what your end outcome actually is. You will be able to express how you wish to alter the present circumstance and your main motivations. Clarity, honesty and sincerity will see the mood change your way Scorpio.
Lucky colours are ivory and crimson.
Lucky numbers are 27 and 41.
Go to TopTue Jan 31: Surprise!
Just when you thought all was lost, a startling new possibility crosses your path! This may be a tantalizing new love, news of a child, a solution to a longstanding concern or a brand new creative outlet that finds your heart soaring with excitement. Expect the unexpected and totally flow where this day takes you Scorpio!
Lucky colours are gold and burgundy.
Lucky numbers are 15 and 1.
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