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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for September 2016

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Seven of Pentacles
Sag, you've put in a lot of work over time to develop a gift you have and were probably born with. You've honed that gift and developed the necessary skills to professionalise it. But you've had personal or relational issues that have required you to sacrifice this development. What we see here is the time has come for you to stand strong and pursue the fruits of the work you've put in around that gift. Your closest relationships will only gain from your strong intention to maximise on such a gift.
Go to Top Career
Ace of Pentacles
There's joy, money and significant movement in your professional life, Sag. This pertains to issues pronounced in your above sector of romance and relationship. You're heading for surprising success in new work avenues. You're a little nervous as to how you'll be received by the world at large, but it won't be long till you'll be celebrating a success.
Go to Top Finance
The Emperor
This is about you actually taking very seriously that what you have added to your avenue of income for work done is not just a hobby. Treat it seriously and attend to the finances involved, just as you would attend to what you have always considered your main avenue of income. In partnership with another, this so-called hobby will become your main stream of income. This is predestined and you will be victorious as soon as you take these endeavours more seriously.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Cups
Something or someone has caused upset in your home life in recent times. We find in September that the heart, hearth and home are once again enjoying balance, joy and harmony. You've renewed and regenerated the spiritual perspective that you normally maintain, but which was temporarily upset by recent events. There's much peace and a meditative energy around you at this time.

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