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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for February 2017

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Page of Wands

Information comes you way this month which assures you that a new undertaking is bound to prosper, bringing you much joy and creative satisfaction. Connected to this outcome is a healing of either certain relationships, your financial stressors, or even physical health matters. Half the joy will come through the wonderfully harmonious relationships associated with these outcomes; the rest will come from material advancement.
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Page of Wands

Events and undertakings occurring in the above sector of romance and relationship secure your feet on a new path that rearranges your career focus. It's divine justice that secures your interests in a partnership that brings out the best of your self and your talents. You'll also have a big decision to make about whether you are prepared or able to travel, in order to aid the advancement of this venture.
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Four of Pentacles

You're going to win something this month, but it won't be without trying. You'll have a financial advancement which won't necessarily come through the obvious routes, such as lotteries or any form of gambling. You'll be on the daydream train, wondering how to maximise on this win, but the danger is that you'll stay in daydream land rather than taking concrete action. It's time to venture into a new financial arena, but get good advice first.
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Page of Swords

A young person close to your heart is giving you some grief this month. What makes in harder for you is that you realise that this individual is reacting through insecurities around some decisions you've made for your life's betterment. The temptation will be to buckle in and serve this person's needs, but that will only set up a manipulative dynamic between you. Experiencing your advancement will actually serve this person's faith in life and self far better than experiencing negative power over you.

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