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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for October 2016

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King of Pentacles

Curiously, past restrictions and a certain betrayal have prepared you to make changes in your emotional expectations and choices. You've undergone a significant personal change. From now on, those around you will have to lift their act and be contributively active as you'll not put up with freeloaders any more. Your innate kindness notwithstanding, you'll find your household's material harvest will pick up exponentially. Good times to come.
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King of Cups

You've more than one avenue of output for income and as your more stable income undergoes an increase, so does your sideline work pick up considerably. That which answers your creative and artistic needs will flourish and keep you busier and wealthier than you'd expected. You are entering a time of great contentment, and taking creative chances will serve you delightfully.
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Page of Wands

Communications come your way that open the way to this enhanced income stream through your artistic gifts. You will find yourself walking away from an avenue of income that has ceased to please you and taking up new opportunities that allow for greater personal as well as financial growth. You'll be working in harmony with others, enjoying the new income stream and the renewal of your creative energies.
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The Hierophant

You, Sagittarius, will be losing faith in old religious paradigms that you were brought up with and will undertake something of a spiritual renewal. It isn't always easy to part with the certainties of childhood and to undertake a renaissance of spiritual thinking, but you'll ultimately feel much more at peace with your new understandings, even if they arouse disapproval from those from your past.

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