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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for October 2017

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Six of Cups

It's all about family this month, Sag. There's recently been some distressing news about someone in your family circle. The good news is that there will be a win of some sort where finances are concerned that will help you to be of greater support where the need is greatest.
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Page of Swords

Well, there's some fussing and fighting in your work place in October. It all seems to be a bit tantrum-ish to you even though it's about money. Your instinct for peace will see you walk away from the fray, refusing to enjoin with negative or bad behaviour. You will find balance, enrichment and contentment as a result of your choices, even though it's taken quite some inner strength to hold to your values.
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Six of Wands

Good grief! There's money all around you, as well as emotional contentment and tranquillity. There is a clear financial victory in the frame, although you might well have had to apply to some sort of arbiter in order to get it. When I say one thing leads to another, I'm seeing one lot of money coming your way attracting yet another and another.
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The Emperor

We are back onto those family issues that arise this month. It seems you might need to travel in order to give assistance. For some of you who are unable to get away, you may well be transferring money in order to be of help. Yet I do see you undertaking more of a practical, physical burden as time progresses and this will ultimately lead to peace and recuperation of harmony amongst your loved ones.

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