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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for January 2017

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Queen of Pentacles

Everything is calm and loving in your close relationships with your near and dear. In fact it's a time of emotional enrichment such as you haven't seen for quite some time. New relationships will also grow to become very important as time goes by. Yet, there will be something of a turnaround after the end of the month that will seem to be a let down after such a warm and joyful time. But this won't come as too much of a surprise for you, as you're used to the ups and downs of a particular loved one.
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Seven of Cups

It's time to really take seriously those creative abilities of yours. That which has to date simply been a daydream must be turned into actual concrete reality. You already have more than one way of making money, but apart from your consistent work for salary, the other gifts you have to offer are kept to a virtual hobby level. It doesn't have to be. You can maintain your dominant job and still turn your other work into a much more remunerative activity.
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Page of Swords

Sag, don't let the petulance of a young person get you down. You are going to be subject to quite a bit of deception and manipulation this month, which could see you emptying too much from your hard-earned coffers just to keep this person quiet. Don't do that. Give what you had planned to give and allow this other person to get used to a higher level of frustration tolerance. It will help them grow up to reality and self-reliance.
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Four of Cups

Okay. You've been feeling rather stretched, or tugged in all sorts of different directions of late. This has left you feeling somewhat underwhelmed with the struggles of ordinary life. You will heal your heart by remembering that the mundane world is not the only reality. Magic is alive. God is afoot. Life is alive. Wonder is in the eye of the beholder. Remember who you really are.

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