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More on Sagittarius, the Archer

Sagittarius Sagittarius Tarotscope for March 2018

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Ace of Swords

There is a personal or relational matter that has emerged in your life that is requiring your incisive and critical attention. It would seem that there's money involved in this issue, even though that isn't the primary concern of yours. You'll find that the troubles will be swiftly and easily overcome as long as you face facts. You'll soon have reason to celebrate.
Go to Top Career

You're happily working away at your job as the month begins. You get a great deal of creative satisfaction in your career and there's the joy of harmony with co-workers and all involved. Unfortunately there will be reason this month for you to feel sorrow about someone or something lost or departed from this happy circumstance. Cheer up. There's more left than you currently realise.
Go to Top Finance
Four of Pentacles

Well lovely! You have a certain financial win coming your way in March. This win may not be any direct result of a gamble or such and it won't come in an expected way. However it manifests, the hand of destiny is upon the events. It is good karma being realised and there's a high chance that a journey will be involved toward the end of the month. Maybe a delicious holiday?
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ten of Wands

This pertains to those issues that arise in your sector of romance and relationship. You do feel the burden of disquiet where a relationship is concerned and it is necessary that you demand that all persons involved take responsibility for themselves where they are in the habit of dumping the burden on you. Actually new and better relations will grow as a result of your solving of this issue and it'll be a happier home as a result.

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