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by Suzanna Collins

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Sagittarius Monthly Forecast for May 2017

(If you know your rising sign, read that too, for a balanced forecast. Go to Forecasts)
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Archers start the month with the Sun in practical Taurus, your 6th house of work and health. This is the time when there will be greater emphasis your area of work and paying attention to the dynamics of work relationships. How can you improve your service to others, your competence and adaptability to demanding times? This transit also asks what can you do to improve your health? Is it time for a check-up with a medical practitioner or the dentist? What about your diet and exercise regime? This will all come under light over the coming weeks. Some Archers may welcome a new pet, or follow through with vet appointments, grooming and pampering.

It's May Day on the 1st, a time of fiery celebrations, feasting and fun! Gosh. This is the ancient festival honouring the light, named for the goddess Maia. Be careful what you say, as the cosmic energies will amplify it. With Mercury retrograde before going direct on the 3rd, misunderstandings are rife. Just keep calm and leave the talking to others. From the 3rd to the 5th you could find yourself in a daze over love relationships. It may be hard to get things off the ground and spur yourself onto constructive and creative projects. From the 5th to the 7th, opportunities may avail themselves from matters behind the scenes, especially with relationship issues, legal agreements and contracts.

The Full Moon on the 10th comes in penetrative Scorpio, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. For May, it is often referred to as the Full Flower Moon in the northern hemisphere, as flowers spring forth in abundance. It is also called Mother's Moon, Milk Moon, and Corn Planting Moon by some Algonquin tribes. This marks a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom. Wesak, also spelt Vesak, is a day celebrated by Buddhists around the world at this time marking the Wesak Festival, celebrating the birth, teachings, enlightenment and passing away of the Lord Gautama Buddha. It is considered the most powerful Moon of the year, when great spiritual progress can be made.

This Full Moon will have a regenerative affect, but it will be intense, pressuring your inner world and channelling its energy. It will perk you up as you attend to work and health issues. Even so, you should try to channel your nervous energy in constructive directions, because then you'll achieve a tremendous amount. With this, you may experience uneasiness, frustrations and an unwillingness to expose your feelings. Review areas of anxiety, unnecessary psychological fears, and feelings of rejection. By confronting and looking at them realistically, you will be able to let go and move on. You may have areas of concern over your partner's health, dealings with hospitals or institutions, or your own health issues. You may be involved in some self-analysis, or work behind the scenes helping others. Your emotional energy could do with rebuilding through meditation, relaxation and developing a positive attitude.

On the 20th, the Sun moves into Gemini, your 7th house of significant commitments. Over the next four weeks, a marked improvement in relationships opens up leading up to the Solstice on June 21st. This is followed by a powerful New Moon on the 25th urging a new direction for your emotional needs in relationships and elevating existing love relationships. Some may start a new relationship, a live-in situation, get engaged, or mend any recent rifts. Mercury will seal the deal next month, when decisions will be made about relationship commitments and legalities.

The 25th sees a New Moon in Gemini your 7th house. This in fact is a Super Moon, but not readily seen by the naked eye. Over the next two weeks, you will take a fresh approach in your relationships, partnerships, marriage and alliances. If things have been difficult between you lately they could start to improve, or you might embark on a completely new connection with someone you've only just met. This is a favourable time to start a new relationship and a turning point in existing and partnerships. If you're about to move in with someone or decide to get married, you've chosen a really auspicious time to do it. Congratulations!

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Mercury remains stationary in dynamic Aries, your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation, before going direct on the 3rd after some weeks of retrograde motion. This will put emphasis on the creative side, children, and your romantic schemes and dreams. Be inventive; step outside the square and let go of preconceptions that have been holding you back for some time. Let your imagination run wild and trust yourself to take a risk. Conversations with lovers and children will be important, especially with Venus dancing back into your 5th house. This will help you patch up recent differences, bringing romance and love back into your life after a period of uncertainty. From the 1st to the 13th, past problems and misunderstandings are still wavering about, thanks to Mercury. Children could be your cause of frustration, antagonism amongst friends and your need for a fresh approach. You might even decide to hang up the Xbox and find something else to stimulate your mind. During the 9th to the 13th, you'll take a serious and determined view of your creative projects, relationship with children and loved ones, but remember to have some fun at the same time.

On the 16th, the Cosmic Messenger returns to Taurus, your 6th house, but remains in a retro shadow phase until the 21st. Prepare for a period of inconsistency in the workplace, when your mental activities could take a dive while you experience delays in one form or another. Try to catch up on tasks the best way you can. There could be too much on your plate at work and problems handling routines and subordinates. It rankles if certain people appear to be lazing around with their feet up while you slog yourself half to death. Throwing a tantrum is one option, but it will only use up valuable energy and may get you labelled as a prima donna. Better to grit your teeth and just get on with it. If health issues arise, remember to discuss the matter with an expert.

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The Goddess Venus remains in your 5th house this month following a lengthy retrograde phase. After riding the waves of insecurities in love relationships, you will start to redirect your emotions once more. You may have had to get over a past attraction or love relationship. If so move on and enjoy your current partner. It's a good time to make that peace offering, find fun things to do together and indulge a bit. Take care of unfinished business, those projects that have been put to one side, and start again with creative writing or expressing your artistic flair. Reconnect with your children, or even consider having another child. From the 18th to the 21st, you'll be back to having fun and romance. Spend time socializing with friends and go to special events. From the 25th to the 27th, although your usual animal nature will be at play, frustrations, jealousy and possessiveness are likely to surface. Go easy with spending, as this could also result in conflict, especially if you have "wasted" money on unnecessary items.

Go to Top Ego Differences

Warrior Mars remains all month in argumentative Gemini, your 7th house of serious relationships. You may have to refrain from being unduly nit-picky with your partner or business associate, or fighting with the opposition. Mars has a habit of stirring up ego differences, impulsive actions and anger in relationships, legal matters, agreements and contracts. Tone down your energetic pace; be patient and don't drive everyone nuts with your tantrums. You are not the only one that needs attention. Invite harmony your relationships; make an effort to be co-operative and put your fighting spirit aside to be used positively another time. Your sensuality and need for adventure could be valuable in patching up difficulties with a loved one. From the 10th to the 14th check all information and facts regarding problems on the home front, especially family relationships, real estate agreements and contracts -- and don't bypass plumbing issues. On the flipside, you may celebrate an important event with a loved one. From the 27th to the 31st, your energy level could dive, particularly if you are faced with problems from a partner, a child, or your own drive to accomplish important physical tasks.

Go to Top Nodes Change Signs

The North Node/ South Node axis, known as the Dragon's Head and Tail, is changing signs. Retrograding into Leo your 9th house of the higher mind, the True Node completes its karmic journey on May 9th, passing through the critical first degree of Virgo. The Mean Node has already moved into Leo on April 29th, but the power of the moment is undeniable. The movement of the Node into Leo sets the measure of karma over the next eighteen months. For more insight on what it means for Sagittarius, please read our April Monthly Report.

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