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by Suzanna Collins

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Sagittarius Monthly Forecast for January 2017

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Go to Top Happy New Year, Archers!
The agile Archer kicks off the New Year under the cautious Capricorn Sun in your 2nd house of personal finances, values and possessions. The first week begins with unforeseen disruptions, sudden upsets or arguments. After all, Mercury is retrograde in Goat Land! An accident or even your vehicle breaking down is possible, but let's hope nothing comes of it. A rift may occur over resources or a speculative venture, perhaps with your partner or business associate.

The Cosmic Messenger reverses briefly into Sagittarius on January 4th before turning direct on January 8th. Issues concerning the finer points of agreements and negotiations in relationships will come forward again, this time for final decisions to be made. Take another look at your patterns of spending and saving. Revise your approach and your methods. Merc heads on into Capricorn again on January 12th. Funds may still be held up and delayed. Once Mercury has made it back into Capricorn, discussions on finances will again need your attention and careful analysis. However, after January 28th, you'll be back on course, not only with money resolutions but also in the way you relate in private relationships. Your creative projects may not go according to plan, leaving you in a sink hole while you figure out how to get on top of things and control your finances. An authoritative figure (or someone holding the purse strings) could explode like a thunderbolt when certain news is disclosed. Over the course of the next few weeks, be realistic and determined to set a working budget into practice, with further trimmings on essential everyday commodities, credit cards and entertainment. Look for areas where your money is slipping through by being too generous. Make the necessary adjustments.

The Full Moon on the 12th comes in moody Cancer, your 8th house of sex, death and taxes. It creates a stressful Grand Cross with mighty Jupiter and disruptive Uranus, magnifying glitches with other people's money and shared projects, creating emotional surges. Your joint resources, business assets, taxes, debts and investments come into focus. There could be some drama relating to money -- which could see you feeling vulnerable as you seek to balance your security and comfort needs. Perhaps stringing out or combining your loans and credit cards will lessen the repayments per month, giving you a better cashflow and tidying up your affairs. The Moon here affects your sexual attitudes and behaviour, your responses to life's mysteries and all matters to do with the end of life, including legacies, insurance, wills and inheritances. Your intuitive abilities will be high, as you plunge the depths of your emotions, which are sure to be intense.

Jupiter, your life-ruler, is under a lot of pressure. Don't be tempted to embellish your social status, professional position, intellectual accomplishments, or monetary assets. Restlessness and discontent (or those you wish to impress) may catalyse your hyperbole, but if your desire to identify with some exalted position cannot be resisted, at least make an effort to minimize the damage. Work harder and be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge or skills to the Great and Good. The chances of winning a contest or cashing in on a speculative venture at this time are slim. If you do emerge a winner, do not push your luck. Take the money and run. Quit while you are ahead.

On the 19th the Sun steps into innovative Aquarius, your 3rd house of communication. You'll get enthusiastic and lively throwing yourself into activities you may have left lagging, such as correspondence that has been put to one side, telephone calls, internet conversations and daily routines that have been neglected over the holidays. The weeks ahead will be lively and entertaining and they'll keep you pretty busy. You'll be out and about a lot more than usual, with plenty of errands and short journeys. You'll have more interaction with neighbours and close members of the family, so it's a good opportunity to increase your rapport with them or simply to enjoy their company. From the 22nd to the 24th the Moon's in your sign, so put time aside for a dedicated appraisal of your self-image, combined with serious thinking about future plans.

The New Moon this month also comes in Aquarius on the 28th. The Archer is normally proactive in the conversation department, but here's your chance to approach other people with a fresh way of presenting your original ideas. You feel good about yourself, stronger and more vital. You may be given a boost by superiors and others who hold power or influence in your life. This is a good time to ask for favours from those in charge. Do not be afraid to go out and create your own opportunity. Daily routines may change, thanks to unexpected trips, siblings needing advice, and friendly neighbourhood meetings.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury begins the month retrograde in Capricorn, wrapping up talks on instigating a practical way of budgeting, giving thought to your values, earnings and possessions. Keep your diary handy. This is what remains of the Mercury retrograde phase that began on December 19th in your 2nd house, threatening delays, mistakes, and phone or internet problems. Information often goes missing during this phase, associated with appointment mixups, rescheduling meeting times, and unreliable transport. It's a good idea to check all communications, including the emails and messages you send. Make sure you are sending them to the right person and avoid being too cryptic. Merc reverses to rejoin stern Saturn in your sign on January 4th. The information or communications themselves may not be as limited as they were, but your receptiveness to acquiring or understanding them may be lacking. Contacts and travel now will be related to business, or for serious pursuits, so be sure to get the arrangements right. Organization and preparation, or the lack of it, can become a big issue.

The Cosmic Messenger turns direct in Sagittarius on January 8th, moving forward into Capricorn again on January 12th. Revisit your status with finances, recent expenditure, and dialogue with banks or other financial institutions. Continue to oversee joint resources, investments, superannuation and taxes, handling other people's money with more resolution in place, together with the way you relate and express yourself in private relationships. After January 28th, when Merc flies out of the starting blocks of the shadow phase, you'll shake the dust from your shoes as psychological analysis and development of your talents claim your time and attention.
Go to Top Agree to Disagree
Luscious Venus begins the month in Aquarius your 3rd house of communication, so the use of flattery, charm, and humour can be most persuasive. You should have no trouble in gaining favours and will have pleasant relations with neighbours, siblings and people you often meet. This is a good time to improve any problems with them, too. On the 3rd sensual Venus dances into the arms of passionate Mars in Pisces, so entertaining someone special at home will be ideal.

Venus favours redecorating or enhancing the physical appearance of your home; perhaps adding books, music, or art to improve the quality, as well as the looks of your domestic environment. Encouraging social gatherings within your family is high on your list. You may find yourself in disagreement with others over principles or value judgments. Explain your position, but let others have an equal right to their own opinions. Agree to disagree. Avoid exaggerating your own importance in social settings. Let others approach you. If they flatter and compliment you, or offer a position of leadership, keep your responses modest.
Go to Top Bad Timing?
Dynamic Mars begins the month in Pisces your 4th house of new beginnings, domestic conditions, home and family. If you have been avoiding a clean-up, house repairs, and a general tidy up, now is the time to get cracking. If you are feeling a bit more laid back, you may prefer to paint something decorative, set up a sound system, or mark a spot to rest your guitar. Wake up the household and get them involved in a few chores that have been neglected. Feelings of restlessness and responsibilities at home trying to please the family could bring on a disgruntled Archer. From the 19th, be careful not to misplace possessions, or have them taken by those causing mischief. If you are going to lend anything, make sure that it is returned. Avoid any property schemes. Those trying to set up a lucrative deal or suggestive compromises should leave decisions for another day

The 19th also sees the Sun cruising on into sociable Aquarius, but on that day stern Saturn in your sign receives a stressful square aspect from the Cosmic Warrior. Uh, oh. Mercury is still in his shadow phase, but the difficulties and delays you encounter now are mainly due to lack of preparation, planning, and organization -- either on your part or that of others. The maddening thing is that even if you are the most careful individual, you are apt to be caught just when things are in disarray, or just when you need something, it cannot be located in time. Bad timing is one of the biggest obstacles to progress. Others may physically resist or threaten your position of authority -- and you are not likely to take it graciously when they do! Stay out of war zones, Sagittarius. However, the best part is that you will eventually succeed, even if only because maturity and experience dictate that you keep on going until everything goes the way it should.

Mighty Mars heads on home to Aries at the New Moon on the 28th. This begins an ego-boosting phase in which you feel confident that your efforts will succeed. Yes! This is the attitude that attracts the success you are looking for. Self-promotion works well, and you should use the efforts of other people to your own advantage. Though this influence increases vitality, it can also promote a certain amount of laziness. It may be your good fortune, however, to get others to do the work for you. Romantic notions are apt to be physically carried out. Activities related to children claim your time and attention, so keep physical aggression to a minimum. Remember that overindulgence and risk-taking adventures may have unfortunate consequences.

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