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by Rob Tillett

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily December 2017
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Daily forecasts for December 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopFri Dec 1: Preparations
The month begins with the Moon in earthy Taurus and your sixth house of health and service, urging you to get ready for holiday celebrations. Pay special attention to your diet and exercise routine as it will be all too easy to gain weight during the last few weeks of the year. Clear your desk of old business in preparation for the New Year; start implementing your resolutions now! Advantageous colours are clear blue and pure white. Lucky numbers are 32 and 41.
Go to TopSat Dec 2: TLC
Give your partner plenty of TLC as the Moon shines light on marriage and partnerships. This has been a big year for your household, with many changes leading to growth and greater understanding. If you haven't moved to a new home, renovated the old one or added a family member, you've missed out on all the fun other Archers are having! Don't worry, it's not too late to get started. Auspicious colours are pale aqua and blossom pink. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopSun Dec 3: Full Moon Mercury Retrograde
Just in case you've been blind to recent changes, something taps you on the shoulder and opens your eyes. Mercury turns retrograde today in Sagittarius. We would normally expect a good month with Mercury in your sign, but not so much while the Winged Messenger is retrograde. Expect business transactions and communications to slow down during the next three weeks; confusion and frustration reign. People are about to find out that there's a lot more to you than meets the eye. Favourable colours are pale mauve and sapphire blue. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.
Go to TopMon Dec 4: Good Fortune
Good fortune can be yours as the Moon links up with erratic Uranus - don't be surprised if you have a raise or promotion coming your way soon. At the very least, the Powers That Be are more likely to be kindly disposed to you while the Greater Benefic shines down on your money houses. You will find that the Law of Karma is in effect, so be prepared to reap the good you have sown! Beneficial colours are mahogany and honey. Lucky numbers are 30 and 44.
Go to TopTue Dec 5: Intuitive Moon
The intuitive Moon enters your eighth house of sex, power and money today, urging you to delve below the surface and you'll have deep thoughts to contend with... just don't let yourself get depressed over the inevitable death and taxes. This is a good time to connect with your most significant other as intimacy can help express the feelings you cannot find words for. Intuitive colours are blackberry and amber. Lucky numbers are 18 and 39.
Go to TopWed Dec 6: Look Lively!
After taking care of business this morning, you can relax and enjoy a lively evening. With the friendly Moon entering your ninth house of cultural experiences, you're more open to the traditions and celebrations that others observe. Dine on foods that are completely different from your usual fare, as a way to celebrate the holiday season with the rest of the planet. Favourable colours are olive green and khaki. Lucky numbers are 5 and 7.
Go to TopThu Dec 7: Adventurous Archers
Although the sensitive Moon is out of harmony with Neptune and Uranus, you can still enjoy a day of good cheer. Sure, you may wish you were somewhere else, but you should still be able to find things to look forward to. Books and movies that take you away to far-off places will be enjoyable. Let yourself dream of an exciting and adventurous future. Fortunate colours are maroon and tan. Lucky numbers are 10 and 16.
Go to TopFri Dec 8: Go Slow
Some of you may be seriously considering changing your social status soon; remember that there'll be serious consequences and no turning back, as powerful Pluto continues to transform you. Consider your motivations carefully before making any announcements. Even true love comes with a price to pay, and in your case it may be extraordinarily high. Go slow for best results. Advantageous colours are basic black and silver. Lucky numbers are 26 and 31.
Go to TopSat Dec 9: Powerful Dreams
Warrior Mars moves through your twelfth house of the subconscious, triggering powerful dreams. If there's someone frustrating in your life, don't be surprised if you dream of wringing their neck, even if they are disguised as a chicken, kewpie doll, or annoying talk show host. Your feelings of anger and aggression are going to come out one way or another! Beneficial colours are sunset pink and lavender. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopSun Dec 10: Prepare Now
The Moon lights up your tenth house of career and reputation today, urging you to tie up loose ends before the end of the year. No one feels like working now, especially with the underlying anxiety many have about the future. This is all the more reason to remained focused on the important tasks at hand, clearing the old from your desk to prepare for the new. Auspicious colours are emerald green and golden amber. Lucky numbers are 17 and 23.
Go to TopMon Dec 11: Friendship And Romance
The lines between friendship and romance may be blurry today as the tender Moon transits your eleventh house of friends and associates. Mercury dancing with Venus adds a bit of fairy dust to the mix... you could be seeing someone in a new light during this time. It is said that love is a friendship that has caught fire; if this is the case for you, may you enjoy every minute of it. Favourable colours are hot pink and peacock blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.
Go to TopTue Dec 12: Rosy And Glowing
Your friendships appear to be tightly knit as the nurturing Moon moves through your eleventh house of friendships. This is a wonderful time to let your friends know how much they mean to you. The idealistic Archer may be feeling especially romantic and rosy now, even about the most mundane things. Enjoy the glow while it lasts! Fortunate colours are lemon yellow and lime green. Lucky numbers are 24 and 25.
Go to TopWed Dec 13: Turning Inwards
The Moon begins to pass through your twelfth house of secrets today, causing your thoughts to turn inward. Dreams you have at this time are quite revealing, so write down any you remember. The art of dream interpretation is something anyone can learn; the truth is, you are best suited for understanding your own dreams. The language of the unconscious mind is quite specific to your personal experiences; consider starting a dream journal. Advantageous colours are midnight blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopThu Dec 14: Intuitive Archers
Embark upon an inner journey as the subjective Moon activates the territory of your subconscious today. Don't try to socialize if you're not in the mood, as you are currently under the influence of your lunar low cycle. Intuition could be painfully strong during this time; you may find that you suddenly know things you would have preferred to stay ignorant of. Auspicious colours are sunset pink and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopFri Dec 15: Figure It Out
Figure things out for yourself, instead of reading the instructions. You have high standards which is great, but be careful that you don't end up falling from the height of your expectations. Not everyone is as focused and determined as you, you know! The Moon is in Scorpio at the moment, so you need to slow down and assess each situation carefully, before acting. You need some quiet time tonight - try to get an early night with a good book and a mug of cocoa. Beneficial colours are pure white and navy blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 18.
Go to TopSat Dec 16: Ready Steady
You may wake up feeling a bit shaky, but by midday you should be ready to start reaching out. You are about to embark on a journey that could lead to a whole new you - if this is what you want, get ready. It's time to start talking to your loved ones again; clue them in to what has been going on in that pretty little head of yours. Beneficial colours are ruby red and pure white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopSun Dec 17: Personal Magnetism
Many Sagittarians can forget any problems they've been dealing with over the last few days for a little while. When the Moon is in your own sign, it's playtime for most of you. Look for fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family members. Art and romance are very much favoured today. When participating in group activities, it's easy to see that friendship and co-operation lies at the root of community activity. This is a chance to show your sincerity through responsible actions. Beneficial colours are midnight blue and mauve. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopMon Dec 18: New Moon
The Sagittarius New Moon wakes you up and reminds you to live again; the new year has begun for you already, even though the rest of the world remains in the old. You can start to change your life now, but you have to decide just exactly what it is that you want. With the power of mighty Saturn on your side after a more than two years, you can create or destroy just about anything. Favourable colours are sterling silver and saffron. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopTue Dec 19: Get Out There!
If you feel as though you're losing control, you probably are! Sagittarians are very determined and powerful people, but if there are no distractions this energy can turn in on itself, making you self-obsessed. Close friends and family can provide comfort at times like this, but they'll tell you the same thing. Get out and join a club, do charity work or just exercise, and life will improve radically! This malaise is just temporary. Favourable colours are pale yellow and sky blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Go to TopWed Dec 20: Saturn Enters Capricorn
As Saturn enters Capricorn, you will be confronted with your values, priorities, and material assets. You will have to deal with what you want in life versus what you do not want. Confronting the consequences of how you handle income and assets comes to the fore -- the consequences of either having placed too much emphasis on money and material assets, or having wasted or irresponsibly managed them. The results of using money as the means to escape other responsibilities will also be felt. If you have neglected relationships, you may be threatened with their loss. Supportive colours are apple green and slate grey. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopThu Dec 21: The Solstice
Enjoyment is your number one priority today, Sagittarius, so get together with some of your favourite people. You'll have a glorious time! Why not meet up with someone special for a pre-Christmas celebration? Fantasy romance is definitely in the air. In fact, it's a fortunate and imaginative time, as Jupiter your life-ruler is in a beautiful mood. Just keep the drinking under control. Fortunate colours are royal blue and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 26 and 52.
Go to TopFri Dec 22: Up For A Challenge?
Are you up for a challenge? With or without your permission, a friend or partner may be changing things with a mad gleam in their eye! As the Moon strolls through Aquarius, new responsibilities are placed on you. You'll get back to the essentials once you've mastered this rhythm. Until you get the hang of it, however, it might be best to stay in the shadows, watching and learning. Fortunate colours are terra cotta and forest green. Lucky numbers are 34 and 35.
Go to TopSat Dec 23: Need For Solitude
Archers often need time alone and others respect your need for solitude. Thank heavens, as Mercury stations after weeks of retrograde tomfoolery in yours ign. Now you can get your hoof out of your mouth and get back to the important subject of -- you! As the Moon floats through Pisces, it's easy to get happily lost inside and never come out. Once you're ready, the external world holds endless riches for you. Some may spend time developing an artistic idea. You might not be ready to present it to the world yet, but you can prepare for its eventual unveiling. Fortunate colours are aqua and amber. Lucky numbers are 24 and 27.
Go to TopSun Dec 24: Christmas Eve
Positive energy surrounds you. Look for some unconscious or hidden movement to turn on the lights when you least expect it. You've unknowingly fallen in step with a universal power and you probably feel better than you have in a long time. Remember the steps you took to feel better, so you can repeat it at will. Spend quiet moments being thankful for your good fortune. Inspiring colours are violet and rose. Lucky numbers are 28 and 30.
Go to TopMon Dec 25: Christmas!
With the Moon in sensual Pisces, a secret tends to grow a lot more useful the longer you keep it. The desire to share it may be overwhelming, but you'll hold out. Success is all in the timing on this festive day. This is one of the few days of the year that you won't need time to yourself and you'll be so busy and involved that you won't mind a bit. Propitious colours are sapphire blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopTue Dec 26: Good Times
The mood is considerably lighter as the Moon enters Aries and your fifth house of romance and creativity today; plan to enjoy a good time tonight. Make a play date with your inner child and forget about all your responsibilities for a few hours; you've been working hard and deserve time off for good behaviour. Just remember, no drinking and driving... hire a cab if you plan to go out for the evening. Fortunate colours are fiery red and cream. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopWed Dec 27: Lighthearted
Many Archers have been experiencing intense situations lately, so take time out for fun. Grab your favourite companion and get outside for some fresh air. Anything you can do together will help refresh your soul and bring the two of you closer. The key is to keep the day lighthearted. It will be too easy to take recent stress out on the ones you love, so make a conscious decision to avoid this. Beneficial colours are pale pink and yellow ochre. Lucky numbers are 12 and 42.
Go to TopThu Dec 28: Urge To Splurge
You may have a greater tendency to purchase luxury items, spending more than usual on social or cultural events. Of course it's the season! Expenditures to enhance your appearance or the attractiveness of your environment are in the frame and the issue of wealth connected with social status may arise is some form. Favourable colours are avocado green and mustard yellow. Lucky numbers are 12 and 18.
Go to TopFri Dec 29: Diplomacy Plus
You may talk all you want, but it's probable that your suggestions will have little or no effect on the people in charge. Although this may not be the day for it, you can always take your talents elsewhere. The most important rule of the day is to think before you speak because diplomacy is crucial when the Moon is in Taurus. If you think there's even a small chance of stepping on someone's toes, keep your comments to yourself. Auspicious colours are midnight blue and silver. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopSat Dec 30: Keeping It Together
While everyone else is running around like idiots, you are calmly and logically tackling the problem in hand. With the Moon in scatty Gemini, you have to be the one to hold things together. Of all the possible offers, yours is clearly the best. This is a great time to renew a relationship that has been languishing while you were taking care of business. Remember, a meaningful gift isn't necessarily an expensive one. Appropriate colours are pale aqua and carnation pink. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopSun Dec 31: New Year's Eve
You’re in the mood to be stubborn, with the Gemini Moon in your seventh house. As far as you're concerned, right and wrong are inflexible at the moment. If you're dealing with someone who's another Fire Sign, this won't be the easiest of times. Sagittarians are outgoing, have a great love of travel and adventure and a deep fascination for matters of the higher mind and spirituality. The flip side is that you can offer suffer from 'Foot In Mouth' syndrome, so next year, try to think a little before you speak. Give thanks to the Universe for your many blessings and have a wild time this evening! Balancing colours are sage green and desert sand. Lucky numbers are 20 and 26.
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