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by Rob Tillett

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily November 2017
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Daily forecasts for November 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Nov 1: Diplomacy Plus
If you don't agree with someone, you'll manage to say so without treading on their toes or making a big fuss. So this is a brilliant day for taking part in a discussion because you'll have no qualms about saying what you think. It's also a good opportunity to sort out a mix-up with a friend. Lucky colours are violet and ebony. Lucky numbers are 9 and 18.
Go to TopThu Nov 2: Think It Through
Take things slowly today and think them over carefully before taking any action or making any decisions. Right now you are very aware of the importance of what you're doing and you won't want to make any mistakes. Find the time to assess your financial situation and to check that everything is ticking over nicely. Lucky colours are amethyst and persimmon. Lucky numbers are 11 and 2.
Go to TopFri Nov 3: Invisible Barrier
You're feeling rather remote and distant from everyone else today, making it difficult to connect emotionally. Maybe you're separated physically, and it makes you feel rather lonely. Perhaps you can't break through what seems to be an invisible barrier between you. Try not to fret unless this is part of a much bigger problem. Even then, there is little you can do about it right now. Lucky colours are aubergine and jade. Lucky numbers are 13 and 11.
Go to TopSat Nov 4: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon is dropping some heavy hints about your health, telling you to check out any symptoms that have been bothering you recently or to get rid of any bad habits that are interfering with your well-being. The coming fortnight will also be a good time to tidy up any loose ends connected with your job while they're fresh in your mind. Lucky colours are pale gold and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 25 and 48.
Go to TopSun Nov 5: Mercury Enters Sagittarius
You'll be really chatty and outgoing during the weeks ahead, and you'll happily talk about whatever seems important at the time. You'll also be very subjective, so there may be phases when you're oblivious to the fact that other people aren't nearly as interested in what you're saying as you are. Whoops! Lucky colours are champagne and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 1 and 11.
Go to TopMon Nov 6: Raising Eyebrows
A loved one has some revolutionary or shocking things to say today, so prepare yourself. They're in a rebellious mood and, to make matters worse, their mouth is working much faster than their brain. Actually, there's every chance that you're the one who's raising eyebrows and causing a stir. Ask yourself what you're trying to achieve. Lucky colours are hyacinth and silver. Lucky numbers are 2 and 12.
Go to TopTue Nov 7: Just Keep Swimming
You may experience altogether too much of a good thing as the responsive Moon activates extravagant Jupiter as Venus enters your twelfth house. You may have a hard time doing anything in moderation. Love relationships from the past, especially those in which you suffered a loss, can intrude in some way. Transform an urge to self-pity by turning your attention to helping others less fortunate than yourself. Lucky colours are beige and rich green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 9.
Go to TopWed Nov 8: In The Bubble
You're viewing the world through a rosy haze, and you want to stay in this idealistic bubble as long as possible. Reality? You have little use for it right now, particularly when it concerns your personal relationships. As a result, you're trying hard to see the good in people and to ignore the bad. Are you deliberately turning a blind eye to something that could soon cause problems for you? Lucky colours are cobalt blue and pale grey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 5.
Go to TopThu Nov 9: Interesting Conversations
You'll have some interesting conversations today and you'll learn a lot from them. Maybe this is a good opportunity to get in touch with friends that you haven't heard from lately. Have a good old gossip on the phone or arrange to meet up with them in the near future. You'll also enjoy relaxing with a favourite hobby. Lucky colours are grey and indigo. Lucky numbers are 2 and 6.
Go to TopFri Nov 10: Friends Again
If you've been worried by difficulties that have existed between you and a friend recently, you'll feel confident enough to talk about them today. Encourage your friend to discuss what's been happening, so that together you can find a solution. The whole process may be a lot simpler and less painful than you dared to hope. What a relief! Lucky colours are almond and navy. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopSat Nov 11: Easily Engaged
Your imagination is easily engaged now, whether by something you read, hear or see. For instance, you might become fascinated by an idea that drops into your mind now, or decide that you want to know more about something that crops up in a conversation. If you're currently involved in some form of study or academic work, you'll really enjoy yourself today. Lucky colours are red carnation and navy blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 26.
Go to TopSun Nov 12: Self Scrutiny
The ambitious Moon enters your tenth house of career and reputation, making some Archers more concerned with how the public perceives you. Most Sagittarians I know are refreshingly free of any self-conscious concerns, but you may feel the sting of self-scrutiny now. Just remember that no one notices you quite as much as you do... most people are too worried about themselves to care about how you are doing! Lucky colours are amber and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 22 and 31.
Go to TopMon Nov 13: A Little Fantasy
You're craving a little fantasy. It's the perfect time to spend the afternoon at the cinema, or to bury your nose in a mind-expanding book. You might even be inspired to create your own masterpiece! Your thoughts are ranging far and wide right now, and they could lead to some experiences of telepathy or ESP. Lucky colours are teal and purple. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopTue Nov 14: Chat Chat Chat
This is one of those days when you're reluctant to draw breath because you've got so much to talk about. You have some interesting things to say, but remember to stop talking and let someone else get a word in. Take a breath break, or everyone else might start yawning. Lucky colours are orange and lemon. Lucky numbers are 9 and 35.
Go to TopWed Nov 15: Under The Surface
There's a lot going on under the surface today, especially when you're with friends. You may not immediately be aware of all the undercurrents that are flowing between you, but once you start to tune into them you'll realize that you're very sensitive to other people's emotions and thoughts. You may even alter your conversation accordingly, in order to protect their feelings. Lucky colours are pearl and chestnut. Lucky numbers are 7 and 12.
Go to TopThu Nov 16: Indulge Yourself
Concentrate on at least one thing that makes you feel good today. It could be anything, according to the amount of time in your schedule and the amount of money in your pocket. Treat yourself to a favourite glossy magazine to read in your lunchhour, talk to someone who cheers you up or spend some precious time alone. Lucky colours are pink carnation and golden pineapple. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
Go to TopFri Nov 17: Angel Of Fire
Your Angel is Raphael, Sagittarius, who watches over all your strengths and weaknesses, and the Angel that rules your sign is Adnachiel. Don't hesitate to call on either of your Angels if you need to, as they work hand in hand with the Stars. You're annoyed about something but for some reason it's difficult to express your feelings. Maybe the situation isn't appropriate or the timing isn't right. However, although you may think that you're hiding your anger well, it's highly likely that it's leaking out in all directions so everyone knows exactly how you're feeling. It might have been better to say something after all. Lucky colours are copper and silver. Lucky numbers are 4 and 54.
Go to TopSat Nov 18: New Moon
How much time do you spend alone? If you have a very busy life or live with other people, your privacy is a very precious commodity that you can rarely enjoy as much as you'd like. Change this situation during the coming fortnight by creating more time for yourself, even if that means getting up before everyone else each morning. Lucky colours are amber and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
Go to TopSun Nov 19: Eyes Wide Open
You have a good idea of what is and isn't possible right now, and you're in no danger of kidding yourself about any of it. You're seeing things through very practical and pragmatic eyes. It's an especially good day to focus on joint and financial matters, such as a pension plan, insurance policy or a long-term savings scheme. Lucky colours are burgundy and jade. Lucky numbers are 23 and 29.
Go to TopMon Nov 20: Pessimistic
There's rather a miserable atmosphere between you and a certain person today, or so it seems to you. The fact is that you're taking a very pessimistic view of this relationship and are putting the worst possible interpretation on any sign of trouble. There could also be disappointment when a forthcoming social event has to be scaled down because it looks like being too expensive. Lucky colours are brilliant white and bright red. Lucky numbers are 37 and 61.
Go to TopTue Nov 21: Balance The Books!
With the canny Moon still sailing into Capricorn and your second house of personal finances, you need to sit down and finish whatever is necessary to put your financial affairs in working order. Go about the business of money and accounts in a thoroughly practical and structured manner. This is not a talent your sign is renowned for, but give it a go anyway! Lucky colours are terracotta and pale green. Lucky numbers are 30 and 40.
Go to TopWed Nov 22: Razor Sharp
Your mind is as sharp as a razor and extremely incisive as the Sun barrels into your sign today. You're able to look beyond the superficial to what's really going on, particularly when it comes to analysing your own actions and motives. You're in no mood to fool yourself, nor to baulk at thinking about unpleasant or troubling situations if that's what's required of you. Lucky colours are peacock blue and iridescent orange. Lucky numbers are 1 and 21.
Go to TopThu Nov 23: Out And About
You'll love getting out and about today, especially if you can take a favourite person along for the ride. It's one of your chatty days, and you'll adore catching up on all the news with a loved one. This is also a good day for being with children because you'll all have a great time together, and you'll enjoy thinking up fun things for them to do. Lucky colours are pineapple and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 31 and 58.
Go to TopFri Nov 24: Suffocating
It won't take much to make you feel trapped and suffocated today, particularly if you're with someone who clings to convention or the status quo because they're so scared of change. Maybe you're terrified that you have more in common with this person that you like to think? You'll certainly want to prove how go-ahead you can be, even though it will send this person into a flat spin. Lucky colours are magenta and nutmeg. Lucky numbers are 19 and 66.
Go to TopSat Nov 25: Doormat
You're dragging yourself around like a sadsack, so do yourself a favour and take a breather when you can. However, doing this may induce a strong sense of guilt, perhaps because you're entertaining unrealistic ideas about what you should be able to accomplish now. Beware of acting like a doormat or martyr in a bid to get other people's sympathy because it probably won't work. Lucky colours are ivory and mulberry. Lucky numbers are 11 and 10.
Go to TopSun Nov 26: Priorities
For at least part of today you should concentrate on some of your priorities in life. This might mean being with some of your favourite people or doing something that always makes you feel better. If you're passing the shops, you could spot something that will improve your mood or enhance your appearance, especially if it smells delicious. Lucky colours are ebony and aqua. Lucky numbers are 40 and 38.
Go to TopMon Nov 27: Making The Most
You're keen to make the most of whatever is happening to you at the moment, and to look on the bright side. This positive attitude will help to cheer up everyone else as well, so you'll be popular. Seize the chance to do some socializing, whether it's a very modest gathering or you're going to the party of the decade. Either way, you'll shine. Lucky colours are onyx and sepia. Lucky numbers are 1 and 58.
Go to TopTue Nov 28: Eye For Detail
You have a fantastic eye for detail today, But you have to use it wisely, otherwise you'll offend people by being too probing or suspicious. They'll wonder what you think they're up to, even if you're really only asking them a perfectly harmless question. Do your best to keep a sense of perspective and not to let things get blown out of proportion in your mind. Lucky colours are persimmon and black. Lucky numbers are 15 and 24.
Go to TopWed Nov 29: Cherish
Your faith in a certain person is renewed now, as once again you discover plenty in them to admire, cherish and love. All the same, you must try to keep at least one foot on the ground otherwise you'll view this person in such an idealistic light that you'll inevitably be disappointed later on when you realize they aren't so perfect after all. So do your best to remember that they're just as human as you and me. Lucky colours are apple green and lemon. Lucky numbers are 16 and 37.
Go to TopThu Nov 30: Communications Haywire
During the next few weeks you'll encounter some very irritating phases in which communications are upside down. It might be difficult to make yourself understood so that crossed wires are more than likely, your phone or computer could go on the blink or you may have to deal with lots of trivial but irritating problems. Just do the best you can, and be prepared! Lucky colours are lilac and dark red. Lucky numbers are 18 and 1.
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