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by Rob Tillett

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily August 2016
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Daily forecasts for August 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Aug 1: Lively Start
It's a really lively start to the month, because you're full of energy and get-up-and-go. It's great for putting your heart and soul into whatever you do today. Give it your best shot and find out what you can achieve. If you're at work, you'll enjoy a mildly competitive rapport with a colleague. Lucky colours are nutmeg and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 24 and 33.
Go to TopTue Aug 2: Invigorating New Moon
Today's New Moon will have an invigorating effect on your brain during the next two weeks. You'll feel really at home, actually, because this New Moon will stimulate your life-long Sagittarian desire to find out more about the world and get more involved in it. It could also bring some great opportunities your way, much to your delight. Mighty Mars, the piledriver of the zodiac, enters Sagittarius today, so coming weeks are likely to be physically active for you. This arouses your competitive spirit and inspires you to be more aggressive, or even physically combative. Be careful handling sharp objects and hot or explosive materials. Lucky colours are champagne and mauve. Lucky numbers are 37 and 9.
Go to TopWed Aug 3: Sign No New Contracts
If you want to avoid a lot of hassle further down the line you shouldn't start any new financial arrangements today. So don't fill in any forms to open bank accounts or get credit cards, because something could go wrong and you'll end up wasting your time. Instead, concentrate on financial matters that are already set up and running smoothly. Lucky colours are scarlet and gold. Lucky numbers are 10 and 13.
Go to TopThu Aug 4: Big Impact
This is a marvellous day for learning something new because it will make a big impact on you. It will also go into your brain and stay there! You could even be inspired to start thinking about getting involved in a long-term educational project, such as going back to school or signing up for a distance learning course. If you're planning a trip or holiday, check that all the arrangements are looking good. Lucky colours are jasmine and mauve. Lucky numbers are 21 and 69.
Go to TopFri Aug 5: Use It or Lose It
You'll definitely know it's time to get busy as the Moon flows through your house of career and public image. Venus also in your midheaven this month emphasizes what is most attractive about you: good looks, artistic talent, or a charming personality. Use it or lose it! The next few weeks encourage cordial relationships and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures. Lucky colours are navy blue and antique silver. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.
Go to TopSat Aug 6: Broaden Your Horizons
You need to broaden your horizons if you want to get the most of out of the day. Be open to new ideas and be prepared to try some experiments. You'll enjoy a change of scene, too, especially if you can visit somewhere for the first time. Do your best to be spontaneous and independent. Lucky colours are spearmint and almond. Lucky numbers are 8 and 21.
Go to TopSun Aug 7: Room To Breathe
You need plenty of room to breathe today, which means you won't take kindly to anyone watching your every move or telling you what you should be doing. In fact, you'll start to feel very rebellious and naughty if anyone starts wagging their finger at you. Try to let off steam before you reach boiling point, to avoid doing anything that will really land you in trouble. Lucky colours are caramel and banana. Lucky numbers are 3 and 10.
Go to TopMon Aug 8: By The Water
You're interested in other people's beliefs and morals today, but you need to be careful how you find out about them. You don't want to arouse anyone's opposition or to offend them in some way, and nor do you want to encourage them to start preaching to you. If you've got some spare time you'll enjoy relaxing near a stretch of water, whether it's the pond in your back garden or a massive expanse of ocean. Lucky colours are opal and mustard. Lucky numbers are 9 and 62.
Go to TopTue Aug 9: Gregarious Mood
Make the most of today's gregarious mood by mixing with whoever happens to be around. You're feeling chatty and you've got a lot of interesting things to say for yourself. If you've fallen out with someone recently, this is a brilliant day for patching up your quarrel. Even if you can't restore full sweetness and light immediately, you can at least make a start. Lucky colours are amethyst and salmon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 19.
Go to TopWed Aug 10: Pushing Buttons
A certain person is determined to get their own way today and they don't seem to care how they achieve it. They'll push all your buttons and try to manipulate you into seeing things from their point of view, but they aren't likely to get very far because it's so obvious what they're trying to do. Beware of behaving this way yourself because it won't win you any favours and might even set others against you. Lucky colours are green and amber. Lucky numbers are 25 and 10.
Go to TopThu Aug 11: Down In The Mouth
You feel rather down in the mouth today, and it shows. So what's wrong? Maybe you're worried about something and it's weighing on your mind or perhaps you're concerned about an ethical question. But whatever's wrong, brooding about it won't help matters. Do what you can to solve the problem and then put it out of your mind and do something that makes you feel good. Lucky colours are auburn and mustard. Lucky numbers are 4 and 8.
Go to TopFri Aug 12: Easy Does It
Easy does it. You're in a very impatient and irritable state today, making you likely to blow your top whenever anyone provokes you or winds you up. So what's bugging you? Maybe you've got too much work to do in too little time, or you aren't feeling very well and it's making you behave like a bear with a sore head. Be careful when handling hot or sharp objects because you could be rather accident-prone, especially if you're still fuming. Lucky colours are peach and opal. Lucky numbers are 9 and 13.
Go to TopSat Aug 13: Sly Digs
A way with words today is not one that you like very much. You don't appreciate what you're hearing. Sly digs are designed to make you feel uncomfortable or is someone looking for an argument and wanting you to rise to the bait. You long to give them a piece of your mind, but will it just make matters worse? Lucky colours are teal and cinnamon. Lucky numbers are 8 and 26.
Go to TopSun Aug 14: Set The Ball Rolling
This is a great day for making some changes to your life. And maybe you want them to be big changes? Well, things are certainly looking good for you, so have faith in what you want to achieve and then set the ball rolling. Whatever you do today will feel as though it's tinged with enormous significance, especially if it has a spiritual or political slant. Lucky colours are jasmine and fudge. Lucky numbers are 27 and 30.
Go to TopMon Aug 15: Take Off
You long to spread your wings and fly away, especially if you feel trapped by your current circumstances. This is a wonderful day for taking off on holiday, whether you arranged it ages ago or you're doing it on the spur of the moment, because it's exactly what you're in the mood for. But if you're staying put at home you'll still need some changes of scene to stop you getting stale. Lucky colours are mushroom and indigo. Lucky numbers are 15 and 75.
Go to TopTue Aug 16: Confusions Straighten Out
You've struggled to get hold of the facts during the past three weeks, which has caused a few mix-ups and muddles, but luckily all those confusions start to unravel themselves from today. Think about what you've learnt from the upsets of the past few weeks, especially if you've discovered that the truth is a lot more subjective than you once thought. Lucky colours are mahogany and azure. Lucky numbers are 6 and 11.
Go to TopWed Aug 17: Heart Warming
Friends, neighbours and close relatives have a lot to offer today, not only in terms of what they say but what they do. You might have a heart warming encounter with some of these people or one of them could do you a big favour. It's highly likely that the day will pass in a warm glow of happiness and enjoyment, much to your delight. Lucky colours are fuchsia and pale grey. Lucky numbers are 37 and 5.
Go to TopThu Aug 18: Full Moon
If things have been a bit tricky with a neighbor or close relative recently, today's Full Moon is telling you to do something about it. That might mean having a blazing row with them, especially if you've tried every other option, but don't let it get out of hand. Alternatively, it's not be too late to adopt the diplomatic approach and to negotiate your way out of the current impasse. Lucky colours are vanilla and olive. Lucky numbers are 34 and 65.
Go to TopFri Aug 19: Sense Of Perspective
Do your best to keep a sense of perspective today otherwise you'll soon get bogged down in lots of petty details that start to make your head hurt after a while. You should also beware of being too critical, whether of yourself or others, because that will also mean that you're concentrating on silly, tiny details that don't really matter. Give yourself plenty of breaks from whatever you're doing so you can clear your head. Lucky colours are violet and pink. Lucky numbers are 26 and 14.
Go to TopSat Aug 20: Good Advice
You can really count on a certain someone today. They're offering you their support, and it's worth a lot. They'll also give you some good advice but they won't ram it down your throat. If you're spending time with friends you'll value their company even more than usual, so why not tell them so? Lucky colours are red and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 37 and 27.
Go to TopSun Aug 21: Looming Large
Domestic problems loom large today, so take care. Unfortunately, it's one of those days when the better you know someone, the more likely they are to get under your skin. You may also be stewing about something that happened in the past but which you've never got over and which has now come back to haunt you. But what's the point of brooding about it? Lucky colours are chocolate and gold. Lucky numbers are 10 and 60.
Go to TopMon Aug 22: Limelight On You
From today you enter a month-long phase in which you need to concentrate on your goals and objectives. Maybe this is when you can finally turn an ambition into a reality, especially if you've been working away at it for long enough. You might also find yourself in the limelight during the next four weeks, so get ready to shine. Lucky colours are peach blossom and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 19 and 74.
Go to TopTue Aug 23: Engrossed
This is a nice day because you're finding it so easy to get on well with other people. Even if you don't particularly like them, you'll still find something to chat about with them. If you have some spare time you'll enjoy becoming engrossed in a fascinating television program or a book that you can't put down. It will give you lots of food for thought. Lucky colours are lemon and lime. Lucky numbers are 38 and 18.
Go to TopWed Aug 24: Achievements
This is a fantastic day if you're at work because you'll be keen to accomplish much. You won't hang around chatting all day long either, because you're eager to give a good impression to others and to do a really good job. You'll be very pleased about what you've achieved by the time you're ready to pack up and go home. You will be going home, won't you? Lucky colours are plum and jade. Lucky numbers are 33 and 43.
Go to TopThu Aug 25: Temper, Temper
Someone's in a tearing hurry today and they want everyone else to function just as quickly. If you're the person with one eye on the clock, try not to let your impatience get out of hand because then you'll be wasting valuable energy on panicking about getting everything done in time. If you're on the receiving end of someone's chivvying, there's only so much you'll be able to take before you lose your temper. Lucky colours are red velvet and dark green. Lucky numbers are 12 and 15.
Go to TopFri Aug 26: Irritating
There's tension in the air today, especially where a certain person is concerned. Maybe they think they know best and keep giving you unsolicited advice or, quite simply, they're bossing you about. Or are you the one who keeps setting others straight and telling them where they're going wrong? Let's hope not because it will irritate everyone like mad. Lucky colours are avocado and hazel. Lucky numbers are 25 and 13.
Go to TopSat Aug 27: Do Something Different
You need plenty of variety today otherwise you'll soon be climbing the walls. So what do you plan to do? One of the most obvious options is to give your usual schedule a miss and to do something completely different instead. You should also be choosy about the company you keep because you'll soon be exasperated by anyone who's terribly predictable or almost frighteningly conventional. Lucky colours are aqua and caramel. Lucky numbers are 23 and 9.
Go to TopSun Aug 28: Nothing Is Taboo
Give your brain plenty to think about because it will enjoy having something to chew over. You're fascinated by facts and figures now and might enjoy learning something new, or simply burying your nose in a good book. Conversations will also be intriguing because they'll cover all sorts of ground and certainly won't be confined to what was on television last night. Lucky colours are gold and silver. Lucky numbers are 39 and 52.
Go to TopMon Aug 29: Getting To Grips
You're in a very businesslike mood today, so it's great for getting to grips with anything that calls for a cool head and steady nerves. For instance, maybe this is the perfect day to sort out that bureaucratic tangle you've been trying not to think about, or perhaps you've finally got up the energy to ring the taxman or get in touch with your bank about something that's dreary but important. Lucky colours are ginger and blue. Lucky numbers are 4 and 56.
Go to TopTue Aug 30: Planet Of Love
Friendships become even friendlier as the planet of love enters your eleventh house of friends and associates... the next few weeks will favour working and playing with groups of people, especially for shared ideals and causes. Romance may bloom as you become closer to the people you spend most of your hours with, while established love relationships benefit from a stronger sense of friendship. Lucky colours are kiwi green and cobalt blue. Lucky numbers are 11 and 15.
Go to TopWed Aug 31: Watch Out!
If you want to make life easy for yourself you should avoid getting involved in any important or complex discussions today because Mercury has just turned tail. They could easily go wrong in some way, perhaps because someone doesn't explain matters properly or wrongly assumes that everyone knows what they're talking about. You should also try to avoid signing on any dotted lines, because contracts and agreements may contain mistakes or snags that you aren't aware of at the moment but which will come to light later on when it's too late to back down. So watch out! Lucky colours are ivory and coffee. Lucky numbers are 5 and 10.
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