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by Rob Tillett

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily March 2015
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Daily forecasts for March 2015 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Mar 1: The Key
The better someone knows you, the more freedom they think they have to pry into your personal life today, and you don't like it. They are probably only doing this because they care about you, but you may have to tell them to back off at some point. Don't fall into the same trap if you want to know more about a loved one's life, otherwise you'll get rapped over the knuckles pretty hard. Lucky colours are sage and green. Lucky numbers are 29 and 5.
Go to TopMon Mar 2: Confrontations
This is a great day for talking about things that mean a lot to you, but only if you trust the person you're confiding in. You certainly won't want to chatter away about very personal things to any old person, so choose your confidant carefully. You'll also enjoy spending time relaxing at home, doing as little as possible. Lucky colours are silvery brown and silver. Lucky numbers are 36 and 50.
Go to TopTue Mar 3: Be Wary
It's easy to overdo things today, so be careful. Be especially wary if you're thinking of spending money or going out on the town with a friend, because common sense will fly out of the window and a reckless desire to throw your money around will take its place. This is not good news, so do your best to control your urge to splurge. Lucky colours are aquamarine and teal. Lucky numbers are 4 and 9.
Go to TopWed Mar 4: Family Focus
The focus is firmly on your family life at the moment and it's the same story today. But don't expect things to be boring or predictable. Instead, get ready for some surprises and unexpected incidents, courtesy of a certain person who is dear to your heart. They may act out of character or alter a plan at the eleventh hour, so you'll have to adapt to the changed circumstances. Lucky colours are lapis lazuli and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 33 and 50.
Go to TopThu Mar 5: Full Moon
Full Moons often feel like a time of crisis and today's certainly does. You need to make a decision about something that affects your home or working life, but there are lots of factors involved which is why it all feels so complicated and highly charged. This could also be a testing time in your career, when recent hard work is evaluated and you are judged accordingly. Lucky colours are silver and ochre. Lucky numbers are 7 and 63.
Go to TopFri Mar 6: Domesticated Mood
You're in a very domesticated mood, which is great if you're spending time with the rest of the family. Maybe you want to make a special fuss of a certain someone, in which case you'll do your best. Or perhaps you fancy going out for the day with the rest of the tribe. Togetherness is what counts right now, so enjoy being with your nearest and dearest no matter what you decide to do. Lucky colours are cream satin and mandarin. Lucky numbers are 24 and 77.
Go to TopSat Mar 7: Be Patient
Ugh. Life feels like hard work. For a start, you might be rather tired and weary, making everything seem like more of an effort than usual. And you will also have to cope with problems connected with your finances. If you get some unpleasant news that gives you a sinking feeling, there's nothing you can do about it for the time being. Be patient, even if that seems almost out of the question. Lucky colours are nutmeg and red. Lucky numbers are 8 and 43.
Go to TopSun Mar 8: Heart To Heart
This is a super day for fixing any small problems or difficulties. You might finally clear out the fridge after days of wondering whether its contents could be used for germ warfare, or sew on that button that fell off weeks ago. You don't have to do anything very major to feel pleased with yourself now. Why not do some troubleshooting too, by having a heart-to- heart conversation with someone special. Lucky colours are oyster and cherry. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
Go to TopMon Mar 9: A Real Need
You have a real need to be with people that you know inside out. You'll feel rather uncomfortable and on edge if you have to spend too much time with strangers or people who seem peculiar in some way. Your idea of heaven right now is to curl up at home with some delicious food and some enjoyable company. Rejoin the rest of the world when you're ready. Lucky colours are green grape and golden topaz. Lucky numbers are 16 and 50.
Go to TopTue Mar 10: Haunted
You may feel rather haunted today, literally or figuratively. Dreams and visions could be disturbing, but if you take the time to analyze them, you'll find they're a great tool for personal and spiritual growth. Surround yourself with things and people that comfort you and avoid negative places. Everyone needs time to hide once in a while... it's time for you to be in your own safe, private place. Lucky colours are midnight blue and sunset pink. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopWed Mar 11: Enjoy Yourself
Any sort of social occasion is right up your street, although you'll be happiest if you can be with people who always amuse you and keep you interested in what they have to say. It's a lovely day for organizing a child's treat, such as a trip to the cinema, or for doing something that makes you feel like a six-year-old again. Enjoy yourself! Lucky colours are salmon and champagne. Lucky numbers are 33 and 71.
Go to TopThu Mar 12: Change Of Scene
Do something that makes you think. You need some mental stimulation, so consider visiting a museum or art gallery, buying a thought-provoking book or watching an interesting television program. You certainly don't want to gloss over facts or only deal in trivia today. A change of scene will help you to think straight and get a different perspective on life. Lucky colours are apricot and lincoln green. Lucky numbers are 7 and 27.
Go to TopFri Mar 13: Friday 13th
A loved one keeps you on your toes today. It's good fun and you'll enjoy not knowing what they're going to do next. They might make a suggestion that you have to think twice about before admitting that it's a good idea, or do something on the spur of the moment that completely brightens up your day. You might also have an unexpected but delightful visitor. Lucky colours are apricot and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 9 and 12.
Go to TopSat Mar 14: Bury The Hatchet
This is a marvellous day for making some deep-seated changes to your domestic life. You might want to change a room around and put the furniture in different places, or maybe it's time for a cleaning blitz. If there have been difficulties between you and a loved one recently, it's about time you buried the hatchet and sorted everything out. Start now, while you're in the mood. Lucky colours are burgundy and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 17 and 19.
Go to TopSun Mar 15: Smarten Up
Get cracking on any tasks that need doing around the house, whether they're massive or minor. It will be very satisfying to tackle some of them at last, especially if you keep finding excuses for not doing them. Once you get into the swing of this, you'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish. It's the same story if you're at work and feel like tidying up your desk. Lucky colours are royal blue and platinum. Lucky numbers are 2 and 61.
Go to TopMon Mar 16: Lighten Up
It's a disruptive and chaotic day, so be prepared for things to go slightly haywire. For instance, someone you can normally count on might throw a wobbly, an appointment might be changed at the last minute or a household appliance could go on the blink. The more rigid you like your days to be, the more fraught you'll feel. Maybe you need to lighten up a little and take things more in your stride? Lucky colours are ultramarine and treacle. Lucky numbers are 14 and 55.
Go to TopTue Mar 17: Work and Health
Venus the goddess enters Taurus, your solar sixth house, journeying there over the next few weeks. Work and health will be the main focus. Do the right thing in one area and this will contribute to success in another. Why not get everyone together and really beautify your office? You will charm your co-workers but remember to focus on the job at hand. Lucky colours are electric blue and hot pink. Lucky numbers are 11 and 17.
Go to TopWed Mar 18: Pressing Buttons
A certain person is being awfully controlling and manipulative today, and they seem to know exactly which of your buttons to press to make the most impact. What do they want from you and why don't you want to give it? Are you holding out through a matter of pride or is this person behaving as though you're their personal property? You must do something about this but without making mountains out of molehills. Lucky colours are cornflower blue and sunflower yellow. Lucky numbers are 2 and 17.
Go to TopThu Mar 19: Domesticated Mood
You're still in a domesticated mood and today you'll enjoy getting busy around the house or garden. Maybe you feel like doing some DIY or decorating, or you're at the start of a major renovation project and you can't wait to get on with it. You'll be amazed at what you're able to achieve, especially if you have some willing helpers. Don't forget to thank them when they've finished for the day. Lucky colours are red velvet and fudge. Lucky numbers are 28 and 37.
Go to TopFri Mar 20: New Moon
Today's New Moon will have a revivifying effect on your home life during the next two weeks. A new understanding is likely if things have been dicey between you lately, or you might decide to give your home a minor facelift. If you're thinking of moving house or buying somewhere for the first time, you should get started now so you can make the most of the energy of the New Moon. Lucky colours are passionfruit and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 6 and 60.
Go to TopSat Mar 21: The Equinox
You've got the urge to be on the move today, whether you're travelling near or far. The one thing you won't want to do is to sit tight for hours on end, so try to get and about whenever possible. Ideally, you should have a complete change of scene or visit somewhere that sets you thinking. Consider taking someone along to keep you company or arranging to meet up with an old friend when you reach your destination. More on the Equinox. Lucky colours are avocado and lemon. Lucky numbers are 18 and 18.
Go to TopSun Mar 22: Cupid's Arrow
Watch out for Cupid during the next few weeks because he won't be far away! He might even get you fair and square with his arrow, so you fall in love with someone. This will also be a phase in which you want to enjoy yourself as much as possible, making you choose pleasure over work every time. That's fine, provided that you don't duck out of important commitments because you can't be bothered with them. Lucky colours are purple and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 29 and 78.
Go to TopMon Mar 23: Disruptive Day
It's a disruptive day and it looks as though there isn't much you can do about it. So try to keep calm if arrangements start to unravel, someone lets you down or nothing goes right. There could also be a difficult experience with someone who's older or more powerful than you, perhaps because you feel very rebellious if they want you to carry out their orders. Be careful because it isn't a good day to rub people up the wrong way. Lucky colours are turquoise and dark brown. Lucky numbers are 39 and 34.
Go to TopTue Mar 24: Make Amends
If yesterday was difficult, do your best to make amends today. You can start by apologizing, if you think that's necessary, or by setting the record straight in some way. Common sense and logic rule the roost today, so you'll instinctively know what to do or say. It's also an excellent day for sorting out a bureaucratic or financial matter, especially if you need to get on the phone or write a letter. Lucky colours are mustard yellow and silvery grey. Lucky numbers are 12 and 68.
Go to TopWed Mar 25: Fun And Frolics
Think about how to enjoy yourself during the next four weeks. If fun has had to take a low position in your list of priorities lately, it's about time you reversed that trend and started to think how you can do so. It will help to spend time with some of your favourite people, and also to get involved in playful activities. Children will help to take you out of yourself, too. Lucky colours are dark grape and yellow rose. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.
Go to TopThu Mar 26: Fresh Perspective
A friend is great company today, making you laugh, helping you see things from a fresh perspective, and generally cheering you up. You'll enjoy immersing yourself in a favourite hobby, whether you do it with other people or by yourself. You might also get involved in an intellectual debate that stretches your brain and makes you reason things out in order to put across a clever argument. Lucky colours are scarlet and charcoal. Lucky numbers are 33 and 47.
Go to TopFri Mar 27: Patch Things Up
Once again it's a good day for being with friends, although today you're in a slightly more serious mood and will enjoy talking about ideas that really make you think. If there's been a misunderstanding with a friend recently, or some other sort of glitch in your relationship, this is the perfect opportunity for making amends and showing that you're ready to start again. If the other person was at fault, don't rub salt into the wounds but show that there are no hard feelings. Lucky colours are golden honey and pale chocolate. Lucky numbers are 15 and 10.
Go to TopSat Mar 28: Predictable
If you're a typical Sagittarian you don't like it when things are too ordered and predictable, but you aren't good with complete chaos, either. Well, today should suit you down to the ground because you'll have just the right blend of surprises and predictability. Someone dear to your heart will keep you amused and entertained, but without making you want to tear your hair out or lock them in a darkened room. Lucky colours are spring green and rust brown. Lucky numbers are 33 and 77.
Go to TopSun Mar 29: Fun And Pleasure
It's a shame if you're supposed to be doing lots of work today because it's the last thing on your mind. What's the first? Well, anything to do with enjoyment, fun and pleasure. Ideally, you should express yourself through a creative or artistic pursuit, such as painting or writing. Even talking to a friend and making them laugh will make you feel good. Lucky colours are bronze and lilac. Lucky numbers are 8 and 28.
Go to TopMon Mar 30: Geared For Pleasure
It's another day when you're all geared up to enjoy yourself and nothing less will do. You should try to fit in a social event at some point, partly because you're on scintillating form at the moment and it's a shame to deprive everyone of the pleasure of your company, and partly because you'll enjoy it so much. Visiting the cinema or theatre will go down well too. Lucky colours are marmalade and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 23 and 41.
Go to TopTue Mar 31: Romance In The Air
Romance is in the air and if you play your cards right you'll have a deliciously amorous day. But don't sit back waiting for you-know-who to make the first move because then it might never happen. Make some naughty suggestions to your beloved or arrange a dinner date for the two of you. If you're single at the moment you'll get just as much happiness from being with some of your favourite people. Lucky colours are topaz and colours. Lucky numbers are 1 and 73.
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