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by Rob Tillett

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Daily July 2015
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Daily forecasts for July 2015 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Jul 1: Feeling Good
You're feeling good today, no matter what is happening in your life at the moment. You're confident and optimistic, which is bound to get results. But take care if you're going shopping today because it will be very easy for you to get carried away and spend too much money. Maybe you'll be egged on by a friend or perhaps you won't need any encouragement but, either way, the results will still be very expensive. Lucky colours are kiwifruit and apricot. Lucky numbers are 1 and 19.
Go to TopThu Jul 2: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon is telling you to sort out your finances during the next two weeks, especially if you've been overspending and it's time to pull in your horns. Try to do this sooner rather than later, so you can avert a major cash crisis. You may also have to stand up for your priorities, especially in the face of a partner who doesn't seem to think they matter. Lucky colours are green and blue. Lucky numbers are 38 and 17.
Go to TopFri Jul 3: Find A Distraction
If you felt vaguely restless yesterday it was nothing compared to your present mood of complete boredom. Somehow nothing is quite right at the moment and you're looking for distractions. Try to create them in positive ways before you reach screaming pitch, rather than waiting until you're ready to climb the walls and then do something totally disruptive. Lucky colours are champagne and ebony. Lucky numbers are 10 and 32.
Go to TopSat Jul 4: Emotional Drama
Maybe the tensions of the past couple of days have finally got to you, but you're certainly poised on a knife-edge of emotional drama. If you're tense and frazzled, don't take your raw emotional state out on whichever poor sap happens to be around. Far better to admit how you're feeling to yourself and, if necessary, keep away from everyone until you feel more relaxed. Lucky colours are butterscotch and mahogany. Lucky numbers are 8 and 53.
Go to TopSun Jul 5: Get To Grips
This is a day for getting to grips with your inner self, especially if you're still feeling a bit churned up after yesterday's dramas. Be honest with yourself about your current emotional state or, if necessary, confide in someone you trust who can help you to make sense of your feelings. It will help to reflect on the dreams you've had lately, as they'll give you clues about what's going on in your life. Lucky colours are mushroom and blond. Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopMon Jul 6: Deeper Meaning
Your dreams could be very psychic during this time so pay attention to the language of your unconscious mind. The Sun, Mars and Neptune blend well with the Pisces Moon to give you extraordinary insight into your self and perhaps others. You may not need to hear very much to understand what people are really trying to say. Lucky colours are sea green and sable. Lucky numbers are 27 and 30.
Go to TopTue Jul 7: Love And Laughter
Love and laughter are the best medicines today, and they're both free. So soak up as much of them as possible. If you're feeling tired or washed out you'll enjoy spending some time near water, such as lying on the beach, strolling around a lake or soaking in a scented bath. Creative and artistic pastimes will also help you to unwind now. Lucky colours are amethyst and apricot. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopWed Jul 8: Deep Thought
Mercury the Messenger moves into Cancer and your solar eighth house, travelling there over the next two weeks, so there'll be lots to think about, especially where your inner self is concerned. Put effort into solving the mystery of you. Dreams will be revealing, so write them down upon waking. Discussions or plans related to your joint financial situation is on the cards. Watch the credit card or overdraft..... Lucky colours are red rose and pink carnation. Lucky numbers are 11 and 40.
Go to TopThu Jul 9: From The Heart
Whatever you're doing today, try to find the time to talk about some of the things that mean a lot to you. Don't be surprised if the conversation flows in the direction of spirituality, religion or philosophy, or any other topic that involves your beliefs and ethics. Resist the temptation to make glib comments and instead be prepared to speak from your heart. Lucky colours are silver and red. Lucky numbers are 34 and 51.
Go to TopFri Jul 10: Near The Surface
Your emotions are near the surface today and could erupt at any minute. Are you feeling particularly stirred up about something, such as a long-range goal or your career? If so, it could prompt you to have an emotional outburst at some point. Your dealings with older friends and relatives will be satisfying and helpful, provided that they don't try to patronize you. Lucky colours are brown and gold. Lucky numbers are 28 and 64.
Go to TopSat Jul 11: Efficient Archers
You're feeling efficient and organized today. It's good for sorting through official documents and other important paperwork because you'll do your utmost to get them in order. If you need some advice about a financial matter or you want to apply for a loan or mortgage, this is a good day to make the first move. Lucky colours are navy and copper. Lucky numbers are 40 and 2.
Go to TopSun Jul 12: Under The Carpet
Someone is busy sweeping some unpleasant emotions under the carpet today. Is it you, by any chance? If so, you're avoiding the facts about a certain person or doing your best to put as good a spin on their behaviour as possible. You may also be coming up with lots of far-fetched excuses for their recent actions because the truth is too painful for you to contemplate. But you'll have to face facts sooner or later. Lucky colours are bronze and blue. Lucky numbers are 17 and 77.
Go to TopMon Jul 13: Elusive Truth
The truth is very elusive today, so be careful what you believe. Someone may try to tell you that black is white, and they might even succeed because they're so plausible. If you're going on a journey you should be prepared for delays and confusion. You must also double-check that you've got everything you need before you set off. Lucky colours are platinum and green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 45.
Go to TopTue Jul 14: Push And Pull
There's a clash today between one person's need for emotional stability and another person's desire to be independent and unfettered by expectations. Neither will be prepared to budge an inch, so get ready for a stalemate if you're one of the two people concerned. There could also be a rumpus about the cost of a forthcoming social event. Lucky colours are lemon and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 24 and 32.
Go to TopWed Jul 15: Constructive Changes
You have the potential to make some constructive and creative changes to your life today, so don't let them pass you by. If you suspect that you need to take yourself in hand, do it now while you're in the right frame of mind and you feel able to rise to the challenge. A loved one, such as a child or partner, could also have a catalytic effect on you right now. Lucky colours are coffee and mango. Lucky numbers are 15 and 54.
Go to TopThu Jul 16: New Moon
You want to have a good time and nothing less will do. Your instincts are telling you to skip work and other chores, and to play hooky instead. But is this such a good idea? Would it be a better idea to get all the serious stuff out of the way first, so you can enjoy yourself with a clear conscience? Come on, Sagittarius, you already know the answer to this one! Lucky colours are azure and sable. Lucky numbers are 11 and 33.
Go to TopFri Jul 17: Big Crush
You have lots of energy and enthusiasm today, making you good fun to be around. You'll enjoy getting out and about, especially if you can explore somewhere for the first time. If you're going out on a date, or you'll be with someone you have a big crush on, the atmosphere between you will be very lively, sexy and exciting. And the results will probably be X-rated! Lucky colours are fuchsia and parchment. Lucky numbers are 12 and 8.
Go to TopSat Jul 18: Intuitive
As Venus enters your mid-heaven, you get the attention of others by emphasizing whatever is most attractive about yourself: beauty, talent, or personality. Dont wait for others to notice you (even though they may); take every opportunity to be in their direct line of vision. The next few weeks are ripe for cordial relationships and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures. Allies, spouses, or other partners may receive recognition or special promotion at this time. Lucky colours are claret and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 10 and 38.
Go to TopSun Jul 19: Something Exciting
Do something exciting and stimulating today, otherwise you'll feel as though you're missing out. It's great for being active and working off some calories at the same time, so consider paying a visit to your local health club or leisure centre, or dancing around to your favourite music at home. You'll also enjoy getting involved in a competitive sport, such as tennis or football. Lucky colours are silver and navy. Lucky numbers are 15 and 27.
Go to TopMon Jul 20: Splashing Out
Fancy spending some money? You'll be happiest if you can splash out on some impulse buys, and even a mundane trip to your local supermarket for some groceries will be livened up by all the unexpected items you drop into your shopping trolley. If you're house-hunting at the moment you could be tempted by a property that isn't your usual style at all. Lucky colours are russet and oyster. Lucky numbers are 5 and 12.
Go to TopTue Jul 21: Heel Clicks
You long for some excitement today, especially if you know exactly what you're going to be doing and it doesn't exactly make you want to do heel clicks with joy. Try to vary your routine rut, or get together with someone who's a real live wire because they'll keep you amused. Lucky colours are mandarin and gold. Lucky numbers are 2 and 14.
Go to TopWed Jul 22: Influential Friends
If you want to get ahead you need to cultivate some influential friends, and that's exactly what you have to do during the next few weeks. This doesn't mean sucking up to people in power but it does involve being nice to them and trying to get to know them as human beings. You might also embark on a relationship with someone who's either much older or much younger than you. Lucky colours are plum and yellow. Lucky numbers are 6 and 66.
Go to TopThu Jul 23: Seize The Day!
Opportunities abound today, so keep your eyes peeled for them. Don't imagine that they'll hang around for ages, waiting for you to notice them, either, because they might elude your grasp. Travel plans will also look good during the next four weeks, especially if you'll be visiting somewhere for the first time. It's going to be an exhilarating and eye-opening month! Lucky colours are orange and yellow. Lucky numbers are 36 and 12.
Go to TopFri Jul 24: Spur Of The Moment
You need to do something exciting today, and preferably on the spur of the moment. It will be even better if you're with a special person in your life at the time. If you're with children today you can expect them to be slightly unconventional and unruly. They won't like obeying orders, either, which could test your powers of ingenuity if you want them to do what you tell them. Lucky colours are charcoal and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 1 and 16.
Go to TopSat Jul 25: Venus Retrograde
Venus turns retrograde in Virgo today, so relationships with your boss, authority figures, and public opinion are called into question. You might be accused of being the boss's pet, or find yourself the subject of gossip and speculation. Your charm may have a hidden agenda but it will bring the desired result if you keep schmoozing in the right places. Expect some confrontations or even minor power struggles in the public sphere. You are trying to change, but someone close may not want to let go of the way things were. Be firm but gentle. Lucky colours are copper and wine. Lucky numbers are 3 and 53.
Go to TopSun Jul 26: Fun Isn't Over
The fun isn't over yet because you're still in a lively mood after yesterday's antics. It will be good to give your brain some enjoyable exercise, such as testing your knowledge in a quiz or competition. Any form of travel will be entertaining, too, and you'll value having a change of scene. After all that, you'll enjoy a trip to the cinema or theatre while you have the energy. Lucky colours are pink and grey. Lucky numbers are 6 and 49.
Go to TopMon Jul 27: Thirst For Knowledge
Bury your nose in a good book today, read the newspaper from cover to cover, or watch an informative programme on television. You have a thirst for knowledge which isn't easily satisfied and you'll enjoy soaking up all sorts of facts and figures. If you venture into your local library or a bookshop you'll emerge weighed down by lots of fascinating books. Lucky colours are gold and purple. Lucky numbers are 34 and 22.
Go to TopTue Jul 28: Pace Yourself
You're racing around like nobody's business today, and you'll really enjoy yourself in the process. However, it will be difficult for loved ones to keep up with you, which could be the source of some conflict and impatience on your part. Try to take everything at a relatively steady pace otherwise you could become slightly accident-prone. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 27 and 1.
Go to TopWed Jul 29: Feeling Edgy
Do you have too much on your plate today? It's looking that way and you'll soon start to feel edgy and fraught. Try to concentrate on whatever is most important and urgent, and to give it your full attention, otherwise you'll be distracted by thoughts of all the things you still have to do. It will also help to have frequent breaks so you can stay mentally fresh and alert. Lucky colours are chocolate and ochre. Lucky numbers are 25 and 50.
Go to TopThu Jul 30: Intrigued
You're in the mood to be surrounded by interesting people today, especially if they come from a different background or culture. You're intrigued by what you can learn from them so you'll instigate some wide-ranging conversations. Travel is also on your mind today, and you might fancy booking up a forthcoming trip, such as a long weekend or your next holiday. Lucky colours are caramel and blue. Lucky numbers are 14 and 59.
Go to TopFri Jul 31: Blue Moon
The more sedate and uptight someone is today, the more you'll struggle to keep your temper with them. In fact, you won't have any patience with them and will count the seconds until you can get away. But try not to hurt their feelings in the process, especially if they happen to be a member of your family. And don't make comments that are deliberately intended to wind them up, either! Lucky colours are lilac and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 21 and 71.
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