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Stephen and Lynda Kane are awareness empowerment mentors for kitai practitioners all over the world. They also offer the Energy Solutions service for people suffering from chronic problems that haven't responded to conventional or alternative interventions.
To contact Stephen and Lynda, please click here.
Their excellent e-book, Hidden Secrets of Real Health, for restoring and protecting your health, awakening your healing talents and developing your energy awareness is available through

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Is Safe Sex Really Safe?

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Hidden Secrets of Real Health

Is "Safe Sex" Really Safe?
Empowering Relationships – or Invisible Timebombs

This article takes a revolutionary look at the nature of sexual interaction, "foreign energies" and the concept of empowering relationships. Stephen and Lynda Kane are established authorities on bio-energy with long experience in the field of relationships, human interaction and energy healing. Now, read on...

Sex is good for you – it's official – medical science says so, everyone wants it and billions of dollars are made through talking about it and selling it in one form or another. However, in the world of bioenergy – where we look at what's happening to your energy and how it affects your life – things aren't quite so simple.

According to science, sex stimulates your hormone production, relaxes you, makes you happier and improves your health. However, the problem with biological or medical science is all the other things that are going on that it fails to notice because it isn't looking for them.

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Take Alison for example. She came to see us, suffering from depression, skin problems (dryness, rashes and itching) and fatigue, as well as work, relationship and money problems. She'd tried the usual solutions for her health problems but hadn't experienced any improvements.

Safe Sex One way of looking at any kind of human problem is in terms of the presence of foreign energies in the body. By foreign energies, we mean other people's energies in your body. When your energy is properly integrated, you don't make decisions that generate problems in your life.

But when your energy is compromised by the presence of a harmful foreign energy, you start creating future problems as a direct consequence of its deleterious influence on your body, mind and feelings. Although foreign energies are usually unfelt and unseen, they have an increasingly damaging impact on almost everyone's life and awareness.

In Alison's case, she had a foreign energy in her 6th chakra, which is located at the frontal lobes of the brain. This energy had a male polarity and had been there for several years. It was affecting Alison's choices in areas such as diet, relationships, work, home environment and so on.

Alison said she had had a brief affair, almost five years previously, with a friend at work. Now that she thought about it, she'd first started getting rashes a year or so after the start of her office fling.

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Sex is the most invasive entry route for foreign energies into your body. With one exception, all foreign energies inevitably cause future problems – and not just health problems.

Because of the time delay between first receiving a foreign energy and the start of a future problem, it's impossible to perceive, with normal awareness or scientific tests, the connections between new problems and their original, energetic causes. Thus, foreign energies are not unlike invisible time bombs lurking inside you – often for years – before making their presence felt.

Alison overcame her problems by changing her life in ways that eliminated the foreign energy from her body. The changes she needed to make included moving to a place that was resonant with her energy and developing one of her innate but dormant abilities or "talents."

Of course, problems can often be overcome simply by, say, taking the correct medication. But in fact, any fully effective treatment for any problem eliminates a foreign energy - even if the practitioner is completely unaware of it.

In Hidden Secrets of Real Health (page 198), we describe a simple test for determining if your current sexual relationship is causing your body to accumulate a harmful foreign energy or – the one exception – a foreign energy that is positively challenging.

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A "positively challenging" energy is one that provides you with the resources you need to develop your life and awareness in the ways that are, currently, most essential for your personal development and future well-being. In other words: it's the energy of an empowering relationship.

If you don't have an empowering relationship, you are better off without an intimate relationship, thus avoiding an accumulation of life and awareness-damaging foreign energies. And increasing the space in your life for an empowering relationship to form part of your future.

If you are someone who is interested in developing your awareness to see beneath the surface of your life – so it doesn't seem to just be "happening to you" much of the time – no form of sex is inherently "safe". Effective traditional spiritual disciplines don't advocate chastity because they suffer from some quaint sexual hang-ups. But, rather, because people who've developed a real awareness of human energy can clearly see how it is usually effected by sex.

So, in reality, "safe sex" is a somewhat misleading term. It may save you from some nasty physical bugs, but not from the energetic ones.

This will never be an appealing or popular message, but you will have a brighter and better future, in many ways, if you hold out for an empowering intimate relationship – and avoid the rest.

© Stephen & Lynda Kane – All rights reserved

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If you have any questions about this article, or the Entry Path online training for energy awareness development from the School of Energy Awareness please click here.

Stephen & Lynda Kane are the authors of Hidden Secrets of Real Health – over 170 unique or novel ways to cultivate the energies underlying your health and develop your energy awareness.

This remarkable book is available for download as an e-book, from their website. If you are concerned with health, wellbeing and the hidden nature of things, you should definitely get a copy, right away. Click here.

Lynda and Stephen have worked together for over 15 years, having come from such disparate backgrounds as Chief Psychologist for British Airways and Director of the Institute for Advanced Health Research and Arcadia – a group focused on the cultivation of many forms of higher awareness. They now run Time for a Change at - a web-based entry point for anyone interested in developing the energies that determine their quality of life and their awareness of human and environmental energy.
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