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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for September 2017

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Go to Top Romance and Relationship
Four of Cups

You've developed the wisdom to know that a certain person in your life is all talk and little action. They seem to have a different story every day, so you basically ignore most of what they say. But this month it's become more tiresome than ever. You've made cogent financial plans and are waiting for them to be put into action. You will be successful, but you'll have to wage all out war to get the difficult person out of the picture.
Go to Top Career

You are working in peace and harmony with a few other people, but this isn't your major line of income. You have two or more other sources of income, yet you want to change your path so that you can make your favourite line of work a professional path. With a bit of study as to where to go and how to do it, you will be successful. Financial backing will be attracted to your endeavours.
Go to Top Finance
Knight of Swords

You carry quite a big financial burden, Pisces, and it's time you stood up to demand some regularity from a certain unstable someone who is mentioned in your sector of romance and relationship. Go to a relevant professional to organise some contractual means of securing regular income. You'll still need to battle various breaches of contract, but with enough fierceness on your part, the person concerned will learn to toe the line. In the end you'll rejoice in success.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Two of Pentacles

You don't have to remain within the prison of money-juggling just for basic survival. If you will take the advice of the cards in all your above sectors you will battle to concretise and contractually secure financial stability. Sometimes your idea of being 'nice' as a spiritual motive is actually just you self-sabotaging. You deserve to know some peace around material security. Peace is spiritual. Get yourself some peace.

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