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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for September 2016

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Ten of Swords
On the one hand Pisces you have someone stabbing you in the back, especially where financial survival is concerned and on the other you have the deep comfort of love and support. Obviously these two factors are not coming from the same quarter. Information will come your way as the month progresses that makes you realise that you have to be cool-headed and tough if you are to climb out of a situation that compromises yourself and those you love. Fight for your rights.
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The Tower
That which you have known as your income, covering work you've done is going to come a-tumble as the month begins. There is deception and betrayal around you, but that's hardly news to you by now. You'll be approaching legal professionals over these matters, because there's really no other option. In union or partnership with others of similar talents, you will reconstruct a professional life of a more independent nature, where you cannot be manipulated or controlled around money.
Go to Top Finance
The Chariot
It seems there will be a journey or number of journeys pertinent to your claiming of the finances that are fairly due to you. There will be legal confrontations wherein you will be wise to maintain a very logical and even temperament, yet refusing to accept less than that which you are due. Legal matters around money will play out to your advantage and it won't be long before you are celebrating a win. Then it will be up to you to apply as much wisdom to the management of that financial win as you did during the winning.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Swords
You do have a load of sorrow in your heart, dear Pisces, as a result of difficult events arising in pretty much all your sectors in September. Do be wary and alert to what will be very obvious attempts to manipulate and frighten you. You are your only protection. Keep a detached and strong attitude and be active toward your needs and never reactive to the games played by others. Know that you deserve that which you'll be fighting for and nothing can stop you.

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