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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for August 2017

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Ten of Wands

You've made a lot of sacrifices recently, all for the wellbeing of loved ones. This has left you carrying a very heavy burden and feeling very much alone with it. This month will actually see an easing up of those difficult energies and find you feeling stronger and more at peace. You will still need to stand strong and defend your rights. Do this and it won't be long before certain heartfelt wishes come true.
Go to Top Career
Six of Wands

Well, some of your career aspirations are surely about to manifest this month and you'll be very happy about it. True, the career demands will add to your practical burdens and perhaps add to the requirement of sacrifice. But some unexpected money and the joy you get from your work will balance any difficulties out.
Go to Top Finance
The Star

Your financial hopes do seem to be about to come true, but somehow there is sorrow along with the financial boon. This will serve to bring about a renewed attitude toward your finances. The stressors associated with your income lead you to make some rather severe changes in your life, which will see you leave a lot of those stressors behind.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being

Your inner peace and spiritual joy will be coming through your choice to maintain temperance in all aspects of your life. Whatever brings about overindulgence of any sort requires uncovering, recognising and dealing with in whatever way you feel appropriate. But ignoring this issue will only work against you.

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