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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for June 2017

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The Hierophant

There's a hold up in matters legal where a relationship is concerned. Although you'd assumed all was settled and agreed upon, the adversary in this case will backtrack on such agreements and do all they can to stall proceedings simply to assert power. This leaves you stressed and nervous with your life somewhat in the deep freeze. Try to stay calm and be patient. It won't be long till you are able to force the hand of this person and settle matters to your advantage.
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Four of Cups

You're a bit sick of the work you're doing by this time. It's remuneratively adequate, but it's not exactly your heartfelt career hopes realised. Keep working on advancing that career hope, because soon money will come your way and you'll be able to apply more time as you focus on building toward a career change.
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Chances are that you've been working a number of jobs in order to maintain your life's responsibilities. You're longing for a situation of harmony to descend upon your financial circumstances. Stay strong, Pisces, because peace and plenty will soon be yours. You'll be walking out of a season of lack into a season of plenty. Peace will be with you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Four of Swords

Frustrated as you might be by the holdups in matters of great importance to you, now is actually a time where it's best for you to take advantage of the stasis by really looking after yourself. Meditate, sing, dance, do whatever it is that most nourishes your spirit so that you have all the strength and positivity you need to work toward a positive outcome.

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