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More on Pisces, the Fishes

Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for March 2017

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Six of Wands

There's a rather immature or negatively-oriented person in your life who engenders disharmony and anger in your environment. Well, you will have a victory over this person in March. The victory might be over your own emotional distress in the face of this person's unreliability, or it may be that you actually take action that stops this person assuming they can manipulate you. Either way, it's your manifestation of strength and self-respect that causes the changes.
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Two of Cups

After a period where your career aspirations have been obstructed by restrictions in your life, you find an undertaking in partnerships works well for you. Yet, there's a person causing a condition in your life wherein your efforts seem to be thwarted by their actions or inactions. In fact you have to weigh up whether it's simpler to withdraw from work efforts than to be harried by this person's behaviour.
Go to Top Finance
Three of Cups

You'll have reason to celebrate this month and it's about money. So, we can safely assume that it's money gained. Family matters stabilise at this time, giving you the relief of being able to really establish a feasible budget. Real estate might be bought or sold, or renovated and decorated for many. But most of all it's the relief of knowing you have on a regular basis what you need for family maintenance.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Ace of Cups

You're really very contented and happy this month, dear Fish, and much of this pleasing state is because your financial stability has been attained. This doesn't minimise the wisdom lessons you will learn as a result of finding that strength and self-esteem which allows for the shift in the relationship wherein you have previously allowed yourself to be in the passive, or victim role. Well done, Pisces.

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