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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for February 2017

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Two of Wands

Your emotional life is highly connected to a person with strong foreign cultural beliefs, or is in fact in a foreign land. Money is an issue and, although there's plenty there and plenty owed to you, the person in question has it in the proverbial deep freeze. It is love that supports you through this difficult time and somehow this allows you to bide your time until harmony is re-established.
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Knight of Swords

It would seem that your income at this time isn't actually connected to work for pay. Yet you are working very hard regardless. You have to battle for income and juggle your household expenses accordingly and this is very difficult for you and your loved ones. Never doubt that your labours are worthy of the money owed to you; it's not as if it's some sort of handout. As long as you stay strong in this truth, wisdom will overcome the distress you're subjected to.
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Nine of Pentacles

The hand of destiny is upon you at this time. You'll find yourself able to feel materially enriched, even though it's at a rather modest level of survival. You have reason to feel blessed, compared to the struggles of past times, even though you're having to fight tooth and nail in order to attain money authentically owed to you. Your hopes for finding a solution to having that income stabilised and acknowledged as remuneration for work done, will soon be realised, but you will have to toughen up against an adversary to achieve this.
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The Magician

This is a time of inner transformation for you, dear Pisces. You will have insights that show just how you got yourself into difficult circumstances and why. Self knowledge is like oxygen is to your body. You learn from the events of the recent past and those emerging around you now and this adds considerably to the store of wisdom that will enhance your future.

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