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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for December 2016

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Ten of Cups

After quite a long period of feeling rather alone, you'll be enjoying warmth, love and harmony in both hearth and home. Share your good fortune by entertaining at home. Yet, later in the month you'll have to deal with a negative attempt to manipulate and deceive you. If you have even the slightest doubt about a plan or idea, don't agree to it. Stand strong and listen to your deeper intuition, no matter how forceful an opponent may get.
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Knight of Cups

Your career, on which your income is dependent, is satisfactory as the month begins. What will become clear this month is the instability of that income. You keep faith with the consistent work you do, but that income source is not as reliable and consistent. Whilst maintaining your gentle persuasive requests, you will find it possible to set up a deal that will give you the regularity of income you need in order to continue to do your job well.
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Four of Pentacles

This sector pertains particularly to events in your above sector of career. You have a financial win ahead this month. There will be some difficulty with someone whose cooperation your finances depend on. They will bend to your persuasions and stabilize the process of payments to you. You will investigate ways of engaging income apart from this avenue and will be victorious in all endeavours.
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Ten of Swords

You are likely to become quite distressed by the challenges you experience concerning your income. It will be a disappointment that the person or persons concerned can be so uncooperative. Do try to minimize your reactivity to the negativity. It only serves to lodge distress into a bodily reaction when you hold back your truths and allow ill behaviour in another to enter your space.

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