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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for November 2016

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Ten of Cups

Well, it will be a rather delightful and harmonious month for our little Fish. Home and loved ones will be of major import for you and you can expect to be doing quite a bit of entertaining at home. This happy period will be followed by Pisceans needing to withdraw for a time to replenish your energies and have some solitary 'me' time. All up, your cup runneth over with joy.
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The Fool

After a period of discord and arguments in your work world, you will decide to proceed with a different, more equanimous attitude at the very least and an entire change of workplace at the most. This won't interfere with a very satisfactory income stream, but it will please you to know you have the strength to stand by your ethics and values no matter the pressure. Poor behaviour from many around you will soon cease to be an irritant to you.
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Ace of Wands

As a result of issues arising in your sector of career, you will be galvanising your energies and creative inventiveness in order to establish a new and budding business idea. Even though the beginnings require you to juggle your finances for a time, the fiscal outcome will be very satisfying as the buds begin to bloom. So, don't let the initial growth speed dampen your expectations.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Nine of Wands

Now, while you're feeling rather betrayed in your work world and as you are feeling that much has been lost to you, you need to understand that the guiding hand of destiny is upon events for you this month. There is a lesson about letting go here and you will soon look back and see that you have actually been released from the previous area of focus just at the right time to refocus on what matters most in truth at this time: family harmony and focus on loved ones.

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