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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for October 2017

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Ace of Wands

Something or someone new is coming your way this month and it'll bring you a bit further up market than you've been in recent times. Further work opportunities come through this connection. Maybe it's in the work place that you meet. Which work place you might rightly ask, as you have at least two, probably three avenues of endeavour.
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Knight of Pentacles

You're quite content with your two or three avenues of work, but of those avenues, the most creative truly has your heart. There will be opportunities this month that advance this favourite endeavour and, although it's not going to bring in millions, it will bring in money at a reasonable level. This will require travel, or late nights on occasion and this causes a juggling act in your home life. You'll manage it all well.
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King of Swords

You need to take organising your finances very seriously, Pisces. When you're flush is the right time to freeze your spending, not heat it up. There's an avenue of income that you really must anchor onto regularity and greater fairness. This will take both accounting and legal contracts.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Moon

This is a time when you're on course to heal and redefine your feminine self. That goes for both male and female gender Pisceans. It feels like something inside has come crashing down and needs attention, and much to your credit you're doing what needs to be done. It's about knowing that being gentle and caring can come hand-in-hand with tough and even ruthless when the might of right is at stake.

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