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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for October 2016

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Five of Pentacles

You're on something of a wild emotional journey this month, Pisces. Your journey is movement out of lack and suffering and toward healing and abundance. It is with the help of a loved one or partner that issues which could upset you are somehow solved as if magically. Although you may still feel nervous about outcomes, there's a win where money is concerned and a tranquillity that comes with love and peace.
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The Tower

An avenue of income from work done by you is likely to come atumble this month. Though this might initiate anxiety in you, be calm. These circumstances are actually the birth of a whole new and far more stable means of income. New opportunities will open to you and if you stay positive and strong you'll soon see a most pleasing financial circumstance become yours. It just may not be what you'd imagined you'd be doing.
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Page of Cups

Oh Pisces, you're going through some nervous times, wondering how to make ends meet and fulfil your responsibilities. Well, the hand of destiny is lovingly guiding the sway of events concerning your financial wellbeing. There is a connection with someone possibly not of your nation that will help advance your financial circumstances, which will flourish like plants growing under the sun.
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Wheel of Fortune

Stabilizing the circumstances of your life is of crucial focus to you at this time. There is a long, slow period of uncertainty where you'll be juggling to ameliorate negativity being directed toward you. Hold faith at these times of uncertainty, because it truly is a fine harvest that will come as a result of this process of battle.

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