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Pisces Pisces Tarotscope for January 2017

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The Moon

It's very frustrating and draining for you that a person close to your life is so changeable and unreliable. Although you have the support of a near and dear partner, the changeable person causes your life experience to be very bound and restricted, because there's a level of deception being played around you. It is when you stand firm and demand an official system of organisation that your hopes and needs will be fulfilled.
Go to Top Career
The Hanged Man

It seems you've had to sacrifice much within your career sector, perhaps sacrificing having a career at all at this time. You've much on your plate and you're certainly doing much work, but perhaps on a home front situation rather than in a career environment. You have hopes and dreams concerning career aspirations, but now is not the time to have them realised.
Go to Top Finance
The Emperor

Well Pisces, you're going to have to appeal to the authorities in order to gain the financial stability you need and deserve. To stand firm and apply for what is necessary is going to see you win the battle. You may not receive a great deal, but at least you'll have regularity. Soon the hearth and home will be running happily and smoothly. Then a surprise further win will bring you joy.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Two of Wands

Conflict is arising with a person with strong foreign connections. This underscores all of the above sectors and the story remains the same. Both your emotional and financial sectors are affected by this distress. But if you stand strong and make application to sort out the issue through established authorities you will win what you need. Although this may cause an irredeemable rift with the person concerned, this is worth that loss, because that person has been serially deceiving you.

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