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by Suzanna Collins

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Pisces Monthly Forecast for September 2017

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Compassionate Fish start the month with the Sun shining in in attentive Virgo, enlivening your 7th house of significant commitments. Your influence over other people and your ability to prompt them to cooperate takes centre-stage. Do they see you as strong, independent and forceful? You will be tempted to evaluate your role in marriage or partnership from the point of view of your ego and how it benefits from the match. Do you dominate your partner, or is it the other way round? Does the partnership help your personal growth? Has your status been improved? Expressing undue stubbornness or antagonism will make it difficult to resolve conflicts or reach compromises.

Meanwhile, fortunate Jupiter, your life-ruler, is hiking faster through Libra, your 8th solar house. Over the next month, you could still benefit financially through investments, a legacy or other shared financial resource. Your sexuality could do with a closer analysis, but you may undergo a deeper understanding of spirituality, metaphysics and life's mysteries. Between the 1st and the 17th, an important job could come your way, or some other luck with money. It's an important phase and a powerful learning curve. Jupiter finally moves into intense Scorpio on October 10th, 2017, awakening your 9th house of the higher mind, travel and cultural pursuits.

From the 21st to October 7th, mighty Jupiter and disruptive Uranus are in opposition. Unstable conditions surrounding your income and finances suggest that money may be gained and lost, and even gained again. The loss of money in one enterprise may inspire you to make it up in another. Losing (or gaining) an important relationship can cause you to establish new values and shift old priorities. New conditions challenge your basic principles, so that you abandon that which is no longer meaningful.

From the 13th to the 15th, hard work, organization, and planning will stand you in good stead. If you have not previously conducted your affairs in this manner, you may now wish that you had. Red tape, rules and regulations, delays, and authority figures will test your determination and distract you. Listen to good advice from those who are older and wiser. Life may seem to be more somber than usual. Your timing is off and you are more easily discouraged by minor annoyances. The answer is to forge ahead. Forget instant gratification. Wait for the rewards to come later.

The Full Moon on the 6th occurs in Pisces, influencing your 1st house of personality. For the month of September, it is known as the Harvest Full Moon and is nearest to the Autumn Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, the Vernal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere (vernal denotes "Spring"). In some years the Harvest Moon occurs in October depending if the Full Moon occurs closest to the Autumn Equinox. The Full Moon aids the harvest by providing more light at the right time.

This is your personal Full Moon. It will see a culmination of major events that took place back in September 2016, especially affecting your self-image, self-confidence and getting in tune with your emotions. Focus on partnerships, marriage, agreements, and dealings with open enemies, because your emotions are likely to get in the way of your better judgement. This said, greater emotional commitment is in the wind and you should have no trouble attracting love and affection. If you are seeking social status, you will get it. However, resist the urge to indulge in extravagant spending and accumulating material possessions just to impress. Your abode may be upgraded and your domestic environment flourish. Your mother should also prosper at this time. Difficulties, however, may arise with changes to joint resources and possessions, business partnership dealings and other sources of income. Problems with real estate contracts and family agreements also surface.

The 20th sees a New Moon in Virgo, your 7th house of marriage, partnership and open confrontation. Despite opposition from those who count, you should be able to make a new start in serious relationships. Bear in mind that you are unlikely to emerge the winner in ego-related situations. This is not the best time to resist authority, or for aggressive attitudes that might otherwise cause your opponents to back down. You have reached the halfway point in your birthday year which makes it a good time to measure your progress over the last six months. Venus enters Virgo on this day also, just as Mercury gets back to full speed after a retro phase. In weeks ahead, the possibility of establishing new partnerships and joint ventures is high, and existing partnerships should also flourish.

On the 22nd at the equinox the Sun moves out of Virgo and into attractive Libra, your 8th house of other people's money. Money and status (or lack of either) gained through inheritance, business partners or marriage takes the focus. Payment of debts, or debt collection are other concerns. You can use or develop skills to make you more independent. A medical emergency may arise. Elective surgery is favoured. Sexual matters and situations may be confronting, but increased determination makes you more demanding and critical. Your focus and concentration can contribute to progress in research and investigative projects, or help you acquire a deeper understanding of psychological motivations and behaviour.
Go to Top Mercury Turns Direct
At the start Mercury retrogrades into Leo, your 6th solar house. It's a brief stopover when you will concentrate on the paperwork, administration, routine and health. You will be in catch-up mode and clarify any misunderstandings. From the 1st to the 10th, your energy will flow into your work, increasing your personal earnings. However, be cautious with sharp objects and machinery. Old disagreements could rise to the surface to be settled once and for all. On September 5th, Mercury turns direct in Leo before re-entering Virgo on the 10th. This begins to relieve the pressure at work and in serious relationships.

From the 15th to the 18th what you hear or read inspires physical action. Turn your ideas into reality. You may also need to travel. Business transactions include buying or selling a vehicle, computer, communications gear, or sports equipment. Education, military service, hair cutting, dental work, or surgery are in the frame.

Be thorough with information, and read through all documents carefully, as confusion and cloudy thinking are possible when Mercury opposes deceptive Neptune between the 19th and the 21st. The Cosmic Scribe will be out of his retro shadow phase on September 20th, just as Venus enters your 7th house at the New Moon. Things are looking up!

From the 24th to the 26th don't take things too seriously, or try to read between the lines when there is really nothing to find. People take your ideas or actions far more seriously than you had intended. Resist the urge to manipulate the information and ideas of others to your unfair advantage. Despite frustrating obstacles, progress can be gained. On the 30th, Mercury speeds into Libra, your 8th house. Financial discussions and issues concerning the psychological motivations are indicated. More on this next month.
Go to Top Brighten It Up
Goddess Venus remains in Leo at the start, brightening your 6th house. Put harmony into your working environment this month, encouraging better relationships with colleagues or employees. An office romance, or social event connected with co-workers is there. Beautifying the work place will be beneficial, anything from major renovation and redecoration to putting fresh paint on the walls. Installing background music or adding plants or art work will bring a better vibe to the surroundings. A new diet and physical fitness program, or other personal physical enhancements such as beauty treatments, a new hair style, dental work and cosmetic surgery are favoured.

The 12th to the 14th marks a splendid time for long term success, especially if you can establish solid, long-lasting relationships. People are attracted to your maturity and accomplishment. Formal agreements, diplomacy, contracts, or other legal matters produce long-lasting, successful results. Others support your promotion. From the 14th to the 16th, joint income, investments, collection of debts, taxes, insurance, and the settlement of estate matters are favoured. If you are looking for financial improvement, such as a loan, now is the time. Enjoyment comes at a much deeper level, as much from psychological satisfaction as physical gratification.

The 20th sees loving Venus dancing into choosy Virgo, your 7th house. The emphasis shifts away from you to other people in your life. Partnerships are heavily emphasized. The possibility of establishing new partnerships and joint ventures is high, but existing connections should also flourish. This is a time of increased pressure to resolve disagreements. You are also likely to be concerned with legal matters, contract negotiations, public relations, the income of a relative, and situations where cooperation is critical.
Go to Top Working In Tandem
Impetuous Mars remains in Leo at the start putting a zing into your work sphere, relations with colleagues and underlings, and upsetting routines. Mars in the 6th house urges you to be safety conscious in the workplace, handling sharp objects, machinery and certain appliances with extra care. Abrasions, cuts or problems to the face, surgery, nervous tension, muscles and bladder problems are in the frame. Be patient with the changes, and make time for yourself.

On the 5th, the Warrior marches into Virgo, your 7th house of partners and opponents. Your energy and enthusiasm turn to alliances, cooperative efforts and interaction in general. The company of others stimulates you to physical action. Getting things done will be more difficult to accomplish by yourself than it might be with a partner or partners. Even if you want to be left alone, other people will find a way to intrude. In most situations other people make the first move, leaving you to react. More than one open confrontation is likely, but the energy need not be hostile.

From the 21st to the 28th, your efforts are unlikely to be on target, thanks to nebulous Neptune. Don't invest your energy in new activities or vague, disorganized projects. Charitable acts can be misguided. Work methods tend to be inept, inefficient, or incorrect. Illusion and deception are constant threats. Be alert but not paranoid.

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