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by Rob Tillett

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Pisces Pisces Daily October 2016
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Daily forecasts for October 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSat Oct 1: New Moon
The New Moon marks a fantastic day for taking part in a discussion or negotiation. Your thinking is really sharp, so no one will be able to make a fool out of you or run rings around you. It's also a great opportunity to talk through your differences with someone so you can both say what's on your mind and reach some sort of solution. It may be a lot easier than you think, so give it a try. Lucky colours are blue and gold. Lucky numbers are 7 and 76.
Go to TopSun Oct 2: Down A Peg
Take care when dealing with people in authority today because the power may have gone to their heads. As a result, they're being bossy, dictatorial and they seem to think they're the ones calling the shots. You may long to bring someone down a peg or two but be wary about turning them into an enemy by humiliating them. Lucky colours are yellow and orange. Lucky numbers are 9 and 69.
Go to TopMon Oct 3: Vitality Plus
You have plenty of energy and vitality today, so it's great for getting out and about. Go for a long walk, especially if you're in a lovely stretch of countryside, or perhaps you can hear the gym calling. A conversation about facts and figures could irritate you intensely, but don't prolong the argument for longer than is strictly necessary. Lucky colours are green velvet and parchment. Lucky numbers are 32 and 73.
Go to TopTue Oct 4: Energized
It's a great day for fixing anything that's broken or going wrong - anything from a financial problem to an emotional difficulty, and everything in between. If you're at work you'll enjoy finding ways to make yourself more efficient and productive. Perhaps you need to do some tidying up too, so your workspace feels less cluttered and more energized. Lucky colours are green and honey. Lucky numbers are 22 and 63.
Go to TopWed Oct 5: Big Ideas
You have some big ideas about money today, so keep them coming. You might dream up a way to increase your savings or to make your money work better for you. If you're thinking about applying for a loan or mortgage, be careful not to ask for more than you need or can afford. You could easily get carried away and take on more than you can manage. Lucky colours are aubergine and azure. Lucky numbers are 7 and 70.
Go to TopThu Oct 6: Insulting
Is it your imagination or is someone trying to undermine or insult you? Perhaps you're being too touchy and sensitive, or maybe this person really is having a subtle go at you. It will certainly help to keep away from anyone who's sharp-tongued or unkind today, because you won't know how to cope with them. Lucky colours are amber and grey. Lucky numbers are 1 and 42.
Go to TopFri Oct 7: Other People's Money
Psychological analysis, or assessment and development of your talent and skills may claim your time as Mercury enters Libra. Joint income may also be the subject of plans or discussions. You may be kept busier than usual handling inheritance, tax or insurance matters, preparing investment analysis, and allocating funds for the repayment or collection of debts. Lucky colours are azure blue and golden topaz. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopSat Oct 8: Friends In High Places
You'll discover that you have friends in high places between now and early November, so it's a great opportunity to mix with people who can help you to get ahead or who can give you some valuable advice. But don't butter them up purely for what you can get out of them because they'll soon get wise to that game. Instead, value them as people in their own right. Lucky colours are violet and gold. Lucky numbers are 3 and 23.
Go to TopSun Oct 9: Great Mood
You're in a great mood little Fishies and you want to do things that will make you feel good. So what do you have in mind? It will help to get any duties or obligations out of the way first, because they'll only weigh on your conscience otherwise. Besides, think how virtuous you'll feel when they're completed and you can call your time your own. Use it wisely! Lucky colours are raspberry and saffron. Lucky numbers are 28 and 48.
Go to TopMon Oct 10: Friction
There's a lot of friction between you and a friend or lover today. You're getting on each other's nerves or there may be problems connected with someone's jealousy and desire to control the relationship. Try not to be the one who's being so heavy-handed because you won't gain anything by it and you might even be the loser. Nevertheless, it will be healthy for you both to say what you think, even if that does mean having a row. It's important to clear the air right now. Lucky colours are turquoise and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 15 and 45.
Go to TopTue Oct 11: Take Things Gently
You need to take things gently today, preferably by doing as little work as possible. But will you be able to get away with it? If that isn't possible, do your best to relax in your spare time, perhaps by lazing in front of the television set or listening to some music. If you're currently working with someone who's either much older or much younger than you, you'll get on well with each other today. Lucky colours are white and pink. Lucky numbers are 13 and 71.
Go to TopWed Oct 12: Dreamlike
It's a day when, in true Piscean style, you long to escape from harsh reality in all its forms and disappear into a dreamlike existence instead. Fantasy has so much to offer you right now, so set aside some time for daydreaming. It might even spark off a creative idea if you really get inspired. But beware of confusing fact with fiction, or of pretending to yourself that something is not a problem when, deep down, you know that it is. Lucky colours are fawn and orange. Lucky numbers are 33 and 49.
Go to TopThu Oct 13: Inventive And Clever
Your mind is running along very inventive and clever lines today, and it's exciting to see what it will come up with next. Don't hamper yourself by imposing judgements on the thoughts that come to you. At the moment you must let the ideas flow and take note of them. You can evaluate them later on when there's less danger of you blocking your source of inspiration. Lucky colours are cream and green. Lucky numbers are 20 and 70.
Go to TopFri Oct 14: A Surprise In Love
Love has a way of taking you by surprise today. Someone who you normally consider to be unattractive might suddenly appeal to you, showing a completely new side to their personality. However, you'll have very little patience for anyone you consider to be boring or predictable, so be careful if you're supposed to be polite to them or they're your boss. Lucky colours are red and silver. Lucky numbers are 23 and 33.
Go to TopSat Oct 15: Iron Out Problems
Today is a great opportunity for you to iron out any problems or difficulties that have been bugging you recently, especially if they're connected with a financial matter or a long-term goal. Work out what the best solution is and then stick to it, even if you can't begin sorting it out straightaway. If you're at work you'll do best if you're working in tandem with someone. Lucky colours are peach and green. Lucky numbers are 39 and 54.
Go to TopSun Oct 16: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon will create a harmonious and companionable atmosphere. Buy everyone a treat or simply be very friendly and helpful. If you're working with someone who hasn't been very chummy recently or who is still virtually a stranger to you, make an effort to get to know them better and to build up a stronger rapport between you. Lucky colours are auburn and blonde. Lucky numbers are 16 and 69.
Go to TopMon Oct 17: Lazy Bones
It's one of those days when you long to be lazy and to do as little as possible. Is that feasible or have you got to fit your leisure time in around lots of duties and obligations? If you do take life easy, you'll enjoy getting involved in activities that mean a lot to you. Some money or a possession might come your way, courtesy of someone who's older or more influential than you. Lucky colours are blue and saffron. Lucky numbers are 11 and 63.
Go to TopTue Oct 18: Use It or Lose It
You'll definitely know it's time to get busy as Venus enters your house of career and public image. Venus in your midheaven emphasizes what is most attractive about you: good looks, artistic talent, or a charming personality. Use it or lose it! The next few weeks encourage cordial relationships and socializing with older family members, superiors and authority figures. Lucky colours are navy blue and mauve. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.
Go to TopWed Oct 19: Be Honest
This is an excellent day for talking about your feelings, but you must be honest about them. It's no good saying what you think other people want to hear or censoring your thoughts. You need to speak from the heart in order for the experience to be valuable, although you may feel the need to be tactful in order to protect someone's feelings. After all, there's a difference between being honest and being cruel. Lucky colours are jasmine and rich agate. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Go to TopThu Oct 20: Bogged Down
It's a difficult day because you feel bogged down. Family expectations of you, domestic commitments or the big pile of bills are getting you down. Whatever's wrong, you're in no mood to simply grin and bear it. Instead, you need to give yourself some breathing space so you can return feeling refreshed and better able to cope. Lucky colours are apricot and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 40 and 55.
Go to TopFri Oct 21: Beautiful Pisces
In classic Piscean style, you're feeling compassionate and understanding today. You want to help if you know someone who's having a difficult time, even if all you can do is to listen to them while they pour their heart out to you. In fact, that might be more valuable than giving them some physical or financial assistance at the moment, so don't feel bad if you can only offer a sympathetic ear. Lucky colours are copper and aqua. Lucky numbers are 23 and 56.
Go to TopSat Oct 22: Going Shopping?
If you're going shopping today, take someone with you to keep an eye open. Even more so if this person is a close partner or a member of the family. You should definitely take someone with you if you're buying items for a home that you share, because it will help to have this person's input, especially if it's combined funds. Lucky colours are snow white and dark grape. Lucky numbers are 18 and 4.
Go to TopSun Oct 23: Itchy Feet
During the coming four weeks you'll have itchy feet, thanks to the Sun in Scorpio. You'll long to do some travelling or have a change of scene. So do it, Fishies. What's stopping you? Even a weekend away will be better than nothing and will give you a new surge of energy. If that isn't possible, how about arranging a trip or holiday that you can take soon, such as over the Christmas break. Lucky colours are blue and red. Lucky numbers are 4 and 12.
Go to TopMon Oct 24: Friends In High Places
You'll discover that you have friends in high places between now and late November, so it's a great opportunity to mix with people who can help you to get ahead or who can give you some valuable advice. But don't butter them up purely for what you can get out of them because they'll soon get wise to that game. Instead, value them as people in their own right. Lucky colours are violet and gold. Lucky numbers are 9 and 24.
Go to TopTue Oct 25: Feeeling Frazzeld
You're feeling frazzled and ratty today. You have too much work, or you're irritated because you've been left with all the chores, while someone else swans off and has a good time. Try not to think or act like a martyr, because that won't help at all and will also make you very annoying to be around. However, complain if necessary. Instead, complain if necessary or simply grit your teeth and get on with the day's tasks. But give yourself something nice to look forward to at the end of them. Lucky colours are topaz and vermilion. Lucky numbers are 36 and 20.
Go to TopWed Oct 26: Press Your Views
It's a good day to get on with whatever chores or tasks have to be tackled. You'll enjoy giving them your full concentration and doing them to the best of your ability. If you're taking part in a business meeting, a job interview or a discussion today, you'll take pleasure in putting forward your opinions, particularly if you've spent a long time thinking them through. Lucky colours are green and purple. Lucky numbers are 14 and 7.
Go to TopThu Oct 27: Told You So..
Well, no sooner have I told you to keep an eye open for opportunities than one comes along. It may not be as wonderful as you would have wished, and it might even come thinly disguised as something else, but that's no reason to ignore it. You could also hear from someone who lives a long way away or who has a very different background to yours. They' have an exciting proposition for you. Lucky colours are obsidian and yellow. Lucky numbers are 9 and 49.
Go to TopFri Oct 28: Cobwebs
You have a very low boredom threshold at the moment, especially when talking to other people. In fact, you're in a rather unforgiving mood, so you'll lose patience with people if you think they're being tedious or they're telling you stuff that you've heard before. What you need is a change of scene, and as soon as possible. Even a brisk walk around the block will help to blow away the cobwebs. Lucky colours are blonde and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 9 and 26.
Go to TopSat Oct 29: Intense Emotions
You're caught in the grip of some very intense emotions today and they make you behave out of character. As a result, you might be rather manipulative with a certain person, or you may do your best to order them around and tell them what to do. There's also a chance that you could be strongly attracted to someone because of what they can offer you rather than because you like them as a person. Lucky colours are umber and beige. Lucky numbers are 27 and 70.
Go to TopSun Oct 30: Black Moon
You need some adventure, dear Pisces. So how can you make that happen? The New Moon in Scorpio asks you to scrap your usual Sunday routine and do something on the spur of the moment, especially if it's a total departure for you. A change of scene or a different attitude will make a huge difference to your mood and will also make you more receptive to other ways of life. Maybe your life has been too structured recently and it's time to live in a more free and easy manner? Lucky colours are persimmon and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 9 and 10.
Go to TopMon Oct 31: Halloween
If you're looking for meaning today, you might find it if you do something with a spiritual, religious or philosophical slant. Maybe you could invest in an astrological reading so you'll find out more about yourself or about how your life is working out, or perhaps you'd enjoy visiting a place of worship. Make Halloween a day for making a connection with something bigger than yourself. Read more on Halloween! Lucky colours are nutmeg and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 18 and 19.
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