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by Rob Tillett

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Pisces Pisces Daily March 2018
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Daily forecasts for March 2018 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopThu Mar 1: Easily Distracted
It's not the greatest start to March, because once thoughts lodge in your head you'll find it very difficult to shift them. This means you'll quickly get distracted by them and unable to think about anything else. The best way to cope with this is to make sure you have plenty of diversions and that you get some physical exercise. And try not to brood about things! Lucky colours are tartan and peach. Lucky numbers are 22 and 61.
Go to TopFri Mar 2: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon in your seventh house affects your partnerships, marriage, legal contracts and dealings with rivals. A powerful stellium of planets is rolling through your 1st house of personality, shedding light on your self-image, what you want to accomplish, and the release of emotions in relationships. Play down your frustrations and anger. You will be keen to travel, or decide it is time for a holiday. You may take on higher education. What have you gained in terms of personal growth? Add harmony within relationships, co-operate and attend to each other's needs. Lucky colours are charcoal and sea green. Lucky numbers are 18 and 59.
Go to TopSat Mar 3: Don't Make It Worse
Everything starts to get to you today, making you feel bad-tempered and tetchy. Maybe you've got too much on your plate and you're wondering where to start, or you're feeling bogged down by duties that you wish you could duck out of. It's a difficult time but don't make it worse by taking your anger and frustration out on the people around you who don't really deserve it. Lucky colours are strawberry and claret. Lucky numbers are 32 and 38.
Go to TopSun Mar 4: Predictable
Life is predictable and boring today, making you long to do something that will shake you out of your current rut. So what do you have in mind? You could become wildly attracted to someone who isn't your usual type at all or who is so controversial that he or she will outrage everyone who knows you. However, try not to go solely for shock value as you could regret it later on when you wonder what on earth possessed you to get involved with this person in the first place. Maybe you could tone it down a little? Lucky colours are maroon and pink. Lucky numbers are 10 and 58.
Go to TopMon Mar 5: Inside Yourself
During the next four weeks you'll need to do some serious thinking about your finances, Pisces. Maybe you need to think about how to drum up some more money to boost your income, or you're looking for ways to make your existing money go further. Don't be afraid to talk to an expert if necessary, or to conduct your own research by reading leaflets or looking at websites. Lucky colours are cream and russet. Lucky numbers are 22 and 73.
Go to TopTue Mar 6: Money, Money, Money!
Money! That's the main theme for the next four weeks, and from today you'll enjoy thinking about what you can spend your cash on. You may not feel compelled to part with every penny but you'll certainly enjoy buying yourself the odd little treat every now and then. You should also devote plenty of time to the people and activities that make your world go round. Lucky colours are cinnamon and olive. Lucky numbers are 26 and 42.
Go to TopWed Mar 7: Your Choice
You're facing delays and setbacks to your plans for the future, and you aren't happy about it at all. But what can you do? It's one of those days when you have to take things on the chin if you can't do anything about them. You may even discover, further down the line, that today's blockages turned out to be blessings in disguise and prevented you doing something you would have regretted. So try to be philosophical about your current situation. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 14 and 72.
Go to TopThu Mar 8: A World Of Your Own
You're in a world of your own today, which is all very nice if you aren't expected to do anything important or detailed. You'll be able to drift through the day in your own little bubble and only come back down to earth when you're ready to face the world again. But it will be a different story if you're supposed to be concentrating on something because your mind will keep wandering off the subject. You'll simply have to do your best. Lucky colours are scarlet and mango. Lucky numbers are 23 and 40.
Go to TopFri Mar 9: Makeover!
Fed up with your current image, or bored with looking at yourself in the mirror? Then do something about it! You don't have to give yourself a complete makeover, but even a small change will make you feel better about yourself. If you decide to buy yourself some new clothes, don't go for anything too outlandish because you may hate it tomorrow and have to return it to the shop. Lucky colours are claret and silver. Lucky numbers are 40 and 75.
Go to TopSat Mar 10: Chums
What would you do without your friends? That's the question you ask yourself today because you're having such a good time with some of your chums. Let them know that you appreciate being with them and that you enjoy their company. Another way to have fun today is to immerse yourself in a favourite hobby, whether you share it with someone else or it's a solitary treat. Lucky colours are cinnamon and green. Lucky numbers are 37 and 65.
Go to TopSun Mar 11: Big Purchase
If you're considering making a big purchase but you haven't committed yourself to it yet, this is a good day for discussing the whole thing with someone who will help you to make up your mind. However, make sure that you don't sound as though you're bragging, especially if you've got more money than the other person. There are more important things in life than what we can and can't afford to buy. Lucky colours are onyx and primrose. Lucky numbers are 36 and 48.
Go to TopMon Mar 12: Say What?
Once again, money is the focus of your day. This time, you're feeling really tempted to splash out lots of cash but maybe your conscience is pricking you or your other half is telling you not to be so reckless. It's time to think about the things you really value in life, whether they're material, emotional, spiritual or mental. Lucky colours are raspberry and champagne. Lucky numbers are 26 and 9.
Go to TopTue Mar 13: Variety
You need plenty of variety in your day, if you're going to make the most of it, so try not to get stuck doing only one thing for hours on end. This may not be possible, of course, but even snatching a five minute break every now and then will help keep your interest alive and your brain alert. You could also have a surprising conversation that will really set you thinking. Lucky colours are nutmeg and purple. Lucky numbers are 32 and 60.
Go to TopWed Mar 14: A Ton Of Bricks
If you've fallen foul of a superior recently, they'll come down on you like a ton of bricks today. It won't be a pleasant experience, but maybe you need to face the music? If you're the one who's in the position of being judge and jury all rolled into one, try not to let your ego get the better of you so you turn the other person into an enemy. Take it gently and don't let your elevated position go to your head. Lucky colours are banana and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 34 and 51.
Go to TopThu Mar 15: Strong Bond
There's such a strong emotional bond between you and a special today, that you can almost touch it. Don't pass up the opportunity to increase the connection between you, no matter what sort of relationship you have. If you meet someone new today, your relationship will always be characterized by a certain amount of seriousness but also by a shared appreciation. Lucky colours are indigo and pumpkin. Lucky numbers are 13 and 65.
Go to TopFri Mar 16: Smoke On The Water
Domestic plans have a habit of going up in smoke today, so try to be patient if things don't work out in the way you were expecting. Maybe the problem lies with a certain someone who's doing their best to be disruptive or unhelpful, or who's trying to win everyone's attention by being controversial and shocking. Alternatively, a household appliance could go on the blink just when you need it, leaving you high and dry. Lucky colours are peach and plum. Lucky numbers are 38 and 27.
Go to TopSat Mar 17: New Moon
Congratulations! If it's your birthday, it coincides with a New Moon in your sign, meaning that your year ahead will be full of positive changes. It's still good news even if you weren't born today, because the New Moon is the signal for you to make some changes in your life. Take the initiative, start something new and dare to be different in some way. The world is your oyster! Lucky colours are parchment and rose. Lucky numbers are 8 and 72.
Go to TopSun Mar 18: Creative and Productive
Get set either to compete, or conversely, work strenuously within a team, dear Fish, This is thanks to aggressive Mars the Warrior as he kicks butt in your eleventh house of friends and associates for the ensuing six weeks or so. This can be a highly creative and productive phase, but tempers run high whenever you are in a group of people. Romance intensifies but takes on a more sexual tone as tenderness falls by the wayside. Lucky colours are royal blue and garnet red. Lucky numbers are 2 and 11.
Go to TopMon Mar 19: Dance To Their tune
Someone wants to get you to dance to their tune and, quite frankly, they don't care how they do it. This means you could feel manipulated as they try to make you do what they want, rather than what would be best for you. You'll long to tell them to take a running jump but there may be good reasons why you can't, such as the fact that it's a parent or boss who's being such a pain in the neck. Try not to feel resentful about the whole thing. Lucky colours are lime and beige. Lucky numbers are 23 and 14.
Go to TopTue Mar 20: Force Yourself
There will be times during the next few weeks when you'll struggle to motivate yourself and get anything done. Maybe you'll lack the confidence to even try, or you'll find it hard to muster the required energy. Nevertheless, there will be occasions when you'll have to force yourself to do things, otherwise you'll run the risk of giving people the wrong impression about you. And you certainly don't want to do that. Lucky colours are green and violet. Lucky numbers are 6 and 71.
Go to TopWed Mar 21: Under The Weather
Take care of yourself today because you're feeling slightly under the weather. Maybe you're tired after the Equinoctial celebrations, or you're simply feeling a bit jaded and wish you could go back to bed. Steer clear of any food and drink that could make you feel worse, and also try to avoid anyone who'll make you feel guilty for not being on peak form. Whatever the reason, you need to take it easy today. Lucky colours are marmalade and navy. Lucky numbers are 34 and 10.
Go to TopThu Mar 22: Volcanic
It's another day when you're so busy gritting your teeth with irritation that you're in danger of getting lockjaw. Yesterday's tensions have risen slightly, making you feel that you have only one option left -- to lose your temper in a truly noisy and volcanic way! Fine, if it will make you feel better, but don't get so agitated that you say and do things that make the situation even worse than it was to start with. Lucky colours are aubergine and yellow. Lucky numbers are 32 and 19.
Go to TopFri Mar 23: Mercury Retrograde
You'll need all your patience when dealing with someone as Mercury turns retrograde. They're being contrary and awkward, and ready to argue the toss with you at every turn. But hang on a minute. What makes you so sure it's all the other person's fault and that you're entirely innocent of all charges? Perhaps you're also being rather disruptive or tricky at the moment, even though you don't like to admit it to yourself? Lucky colours are magenta and champagne. Lucky numbers are 18 and 61.
Go to TopSat Mar 24: Invest Some Time
It's a great day for being with people you care about, dear Pisces. You'll really value their company and the input they give you. You might have a long chat about something that you both consider to be important, or one of you might give the other lots of advice. If your relationship is still in its early days you'll help it to grow by spending time with one another. Lucky colours are terracotta and plum. Lucky numbers are 31 and 76.
Go to TopSun Mar 25: Out With A Bang
It's a wonderful end to the month because you're in a great mood and everyone enjoys being around you. And who can blame them? You'll also enjoy spending some money, especially if you're buying items that will flatter you or make you feel good. If you want to buy a present for someone special you'll enjoy taking the time to track down the perfect item. Lucky colours are green and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 36 and 72.
Go to TopMon Mar 26: Plenty Of Privacy
You need plenty of privacy today and ideally you should be left to yourself for a while. It's not that you're feeling antisocial because you'll have a wonderful time with that special person in your life, it's simply that you don't want the world and his wife to tag along as well. What's wrong with that? Nothing, provided that you do it without hurting anyone's feelings. Lucky colours are orange and blue. Lucky numbers are 7 and 20.
Go to TopTue Mar 27: Disapproving
Someone is in a very disapproving mood and unfortunately they seem to be looking straight in your direction. What have you done that's annoyed them so much? You may also be feeling rather lonely today, perhaps because a special someone is a long way away and you've been left to your own devices. Even if they're with you in person you'll feel that they're absent emotionally. Try not to make a big thing of it unless it's happened once too often lately. Lucky colours are silver and dark tan. Lucky numbers are 16 and 71.
Go to TopWed Mar 28: Same Old, Same Old?
There's only so much of the same old routine that you can take and you're quickly reaching your limit. So try to do something different today, even if it's only altering your usual lunchtime menu. If you haven't got anything to look forward to you should organize something pronto. How about a short holiday or a visit to a far-off friend? The idea of travel really appeals right now. Lucky colours are passionfruit and smoky quartz. Lucky numbers are 21 and 72.
Go to TopThu Mar 29: Happy Phase
You'll really enjoy talking about the things that mean a lot to you today, no matter what or who they are. You're also in a very tactful frame of mind, making it easy to say the right thing to the right person at the right time. If only every day were this simple and enjoyable! Well, it isn't, so make the most of this happy phase while it lasts. Lucky colours are brass and blue. Lucky numbers are 24 and 3.
Go to TopFri Mar 30: Pamper Yourself
Do something that makes you feel good about yourself today. This could be anything from doing a really good job at work to helping an elderly person deal with their problems. If you've been trying to sort out a bureaucratic tangle but haven't got very far, give it another try today because you could have better luck. Lucky colours are indigo and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 24 and 43.
Go to TopSat Mar 31: Full Moon
It's a rare Blue Moon today and it's one of those days when you have plenty of energy for the things you want to do but almost none for anything that smacks of hard work. Well, you're laughing if you can successfully avoid all the things you don't want to do because, thanks to Venus making things better in your neighbourhood, you'll have a really good time. However, if there's no getting round doing some work, you'll have to psych yourself up to it and do the best you can. Give yourself a reward by arranging to do something nice later on. Lucky colours are persimmon and kiwifruit. Lucky numbers are 38 and 25.
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