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by Rob Tillett

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Pisces Pisces Daily November 2015
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Daily forecasts for November 2015 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Nov 1: Fresh Air
It will do you good to have a change of scene today, especially if you've been feeling rather bogged down or bored recently. Ideally, you should visit somewhere that you've never been before, but if that isn't possible you could simply enjoy being out in the fresh air or going to a place that always makes you think, such as a museum or bookshop. Lucky colours are hazelnut and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 39 and 40.
Go to TopMon Nov 2: Friends In High Places
You'll discover that you have friends in high places between now and late November, so it's a great opportunity to mix with people who can help you to get ahead or who can give you some valuable advice. But don't butter them up purely for what you can get out of them because they'll soon get wise to that game. Instead, value them as people in their own right. Lucky colours are violet and gold. Lucky numbers are 3 and 23.
Go to TopTue Nov 3: Say Sorry
If you suspect that you've stepped out of line this week or upset someone, this is the perfect day to say sorry. It won't be as difficult as you think, and it will also go down very well. The atmosphere between you and workmates feels good, and you'll do your best to maintain that by being friendly. You may even want to break the ice with someone you don't know very well. Lucky colours are amber and indigo. Lucky numbers are 28 and 70.
Go to TopWed Nov 4: Rebel
The more someone tries to impose their own rules and regulations on you today, the more determined you'll be to resist and show them that you aren't playing ball. Is that a good thing, though? Be careful if you're deliberately going against the wishes of a boss or someone else in authority over you, particularly if they could make life difficult for you if they wanted. A little rebellion is okay but perhaps you shouldn't take it to extremes. Lucky colours are ivory and blackberry. Lucky numbers are 19 and 12.
Go to TopThu Nov 5: Foot In Mouth
It's horribly easy to put your foot in it today, so take care. You won't realize what you've said until it's too late to do anything about it, so try to catch any gaffes before you utter them. Easier said than done, unfortunately. But at least you can make life easier for yourself by avoiding any topics that you think might be contentious, such as religion or political theories. Lucky colours are blonde and auburn. Lucky numbers are 13 and 73.
Go to TopFri Nov 6: Rocking The Boat
Once again you're feeling rather rebellious and reactionary, in a repeat performance of what happened earlier in the week. But this time you're feeling much more determined to rock the boat and you don't really care if you cause a huge commotion in the process. Be careful not to alienate anyone who should really be on your side. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 16 and 45.
Go to TopSat Nov 7: Hard To Concentrate
Your thoughts are flying about in several directions at once today, making it difficult to concentrate on anything for long. Such fractured thinking is making you absent-minded and also rather unsure of yourself. Ideally, you should spend much of the day by yourself, simply resting and catching your breath. Be careful if you're expected to do anything very complex or fiddly. Lucky colours are mustard and cream. Lucky numbers are 1 and 48.
Go to TopSun Nov 8: Tender Touch
Venus brings her tender touch to your eighth house of other people's money for the next few weeks, so you can expect a bit of good fortune coming to you. In fact, the next few days may bring happy surprises... many of you may get a nice little windfall. Be sure to show your affection to your loved ones as it will be appreciated. Lucky colours are brilliant blue and burnished gold. Lucky numbers are 5 and 8.
Go to TopMon Nov 9: Kindred Spirits
There's only one thing you're really interested in today and that's having a good time, preferably with friends and other kindred spirits. You're in a very happy-go-lucky mood, making you open to new experiences and new people. In fact, one new connection could work out really well, so don't be afraid to get chatting to people you meet for the first time today. Lucky colours are nutmeg and jade. Lucky numbers are 31 and 3.
Go to TopTue Nov 10: Excess Energy
Sitting still is almost impossible for you today because you're in such a strange and unpredictable mood. You need to keep on the move so you can burn up your excess nervous energy, but don't keep switching from one activity to another without finishing anything because that will only make you feel even more jittery. It might also help to avoid stimulants such as strong tea and coffee. Lucky colours are violet and honey. Lucky numbers are 23 and 20.
Go to TopWed Nov 11: New Moon
Today's New Moon will have a galvanizing effect on you during the next two weeks. You'll enjoy rising to challenges and finding out exactly what life has got to offer you this November. One thing that will be particularly inviting is travel, so you'll have a lot of fun if you're about to disappear over the horizon on holiday or a long-distance trip. If you can't get away, how about planning something for the Christmas holidays or early next year? Lucky colours are lilac and grape. Lucky numbers are 22 and 64.
Go to TopThu Nov 12: Playtime
The Moon continues through Scorpio, giving you more energy than you have had in a while. It's a good time to go out and play; if the weather allows, get out there and let off steam. Energy can be intense as Mars enters Libra. The best use for your concentrated energies is in money and financial analysis. Psychological analysis and intense relationships are also favoured. Today is best spent with the ones you love, especially the ones who like the same activities you do. Enjoy this sunny day, because whatever the weather outside, you have a glow coming from inside. Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 19 and 28.
Go to TopFri Nov 13: Put Your Feet Up
Whatever you've got planned for today, at some point you'll enjoy spending some time by yourself. Relax and put your feet up, lose yourself in a movie or do anything else that will make you feel happy and at peace with the world. If you hear about a good cause or charity that seems deserving you'll want to help it in some way. Lucky colours are coffee and caramel. Lucky numbers are 20 and 11.
Go to TopSat Nov 14: Anything Can Happen
It's one of those days when anything can happen, but happily it's unlikely to be nasty. You might have an unexpected visitor or phone call, or you could bump into the last person you were expecting to see. In fact, a chance encounter could turn out to be very interesting on several levels, much to your amazement. Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 33 and 1.
Go to TopSun Nov 15: Inspirational
You're in a distracted frame of mind today, so it's difficult to concentrate on anything for long because your thoughts keep flying off in different directions. It won't be much good for doing anything that needs a clear head and a nose for the facts but it will be perfect for being creative and inspirational. A dream also contains some good ideas so write it down upon awakening. Lucky colours are vanilla and purple. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopMon Nov 16: Egocentric
Someone is very sure of themselves and they want everyone to know it, which isn't much fun if you're on the receiving end of their egocentric behavior. But happily this tricky phase won't last long. In the meantime, you'll have to handle this person carefully, especially if they're in a position of authority over you. Lucky colours are purple and amber. Lucky numbers are 31 and 59.
Go to TopTue Nov 17: Sizzling
You're full of energy and enthusiasm today, making you want to do something exciting and memorable. Ideally, you should spend time being sociable, especially if you're with people who always make you feel good. And if you've had your eye on a certain someone recently, this could be the day when you take things one step further with them. There's no knowing what might happen between you now, thanks to today's sexy atmosphere! Lucky colours are violet and fuchsia. Lucky numbers are 34 and 11.
Go to TopWed Nov 18: Tricky Day
It's a tricky day because you're facing a lot of opposition and difficulty. Someone is obstructive and awkward, and it's very hard to know how to get round them. Well, maybe you can't. Not at the moment, anyway, until you're able to resolve the current problems and get things back on track again. There's a reason for all this happening and you have to figure out what it is. Lucky colours are blackberry and ivory. Lucky numbers are 36 and 25.
Go to TopThu Nov 19: Sparkle
You're in the market for some excitement and entertainment today. Do something on the spur of the moment, which you've never tried before. But if that's out of the question you should at least try to get together with people who make you sparkle and who are good fun to be around. Relax and have fun. Lucky colours are sapphire and vanilla. Lucky numbers are 31 and 57.
Go to TopFri Nov 20: Useful Discussion
Mercury the Messenger is now moving through Sagittarius and your solar tenth house, travelling there over the next three weeks. Discussions with authorities or superiors are on the cards. Versatility is a key point with regard to professional advancement. Creative schemes or ideas will be of benefit in your working life, so be at your flexible best in any process of discussion. Dream but stay focused. Lucky colours are rusty red and dark plum. Lucky numbers are 1 and 40.
Go to TopSat Nov 21: Adventure Beckons
Adventure is calling you! You're eager to do something exciting and enjoyable today and if it presents you with a challenge then that will be even better. If you're going travelling you'll have a great time and could get chatting to an interesting fellow traveller at some point. It's also a marvellous day for planning a forthcoming trip, especially if it's for fun rather than work. Lucky colours are honeycomb and navy. Lucky numbers are 13 and 76.
Go to TopSun Nov 22: Best Shot
During the next four weeks you'll be offered plenty of opportunities to concentrate on your career and long-term goals, so give them your best shot. Push yourself forward whenever it seems appropriate, and grab the chance to put yourself in the limelight. If you've been slogging away for the past few months without any apparent reward, all that could soon start to change when at least people start to recognize all the hard work you've been doing. And about time, too! Lucky colours are gold and peach. Lucky numbers are 17 and 1.
Go to TopMon Nov 23: Bad Feelings
Look after yourself today because things could be rather tricky. Someone is in a filthy temper and they want to take out their bad feelings on you, or perhaps you're the one who's breathing fire and who's looking for a suitable outlet. Either way, you should try to avoid making the situation worse than it already is by rising to the bait, saying things you don't mean or issuing threats that you don't want to carry out. Lucky colours are aqua and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 28 and 76.
Go to TopTue Nov 24: Thinking Cap
Put on your thinking cap today, particularly where your work and career are concerned. You should come up with some brilliant ideas, based on logic and reason, which will give you the chance to shine. It's also a great day for taking part in a discussion or meeting, because you'll have plenty to say. If you're going to a job interview, don't let nerves make you so garrulous that you don't know when to shut up. Just be yourself and you'll be fine. Lucky colours are cinnamon and pink. Lucky numbers are 32 and 17.
Go to TopWed Nov 25: Full Moon
You need to make some adjustments to your domestic world or perhaps you've got to have a serious conversation with a loved one, as today's Full Moon throws your home and family life into the spotlight. You might also have problems with a household appliance that goes on the blink and needs to be mended or replaced. Lucky colours are platinum and cherry. Lucky numbers are 5 and 53.
Go to TopThu Nov 26: Sensitive Fish
You belong to a very sensitive sign, Pisces, and this is a great day to prove it. You'll enjoy getting involved in a mind-stretching debate, particularly if it gives you the chance to demonstrate your powers of intuition. This will all be very good-tempered and friendly, so there won't be any need to bang your fists on the table. In fact, there will be plenty of laughter and good humor. Lucky colours are silver and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 34 and 30.
Go to TopFri Nov 27: Anything Can Happen
This is a fabulous and exciting day because anything can happen. You're certainly in line for a big surprise and a wonderful opportunity, especially if these are connected with travel, spirituality, knowledge or politics. You're also very keen to take on a challenge and you won't even be fazed by things that would normally seem too ambitious for you. Right now, you're ready to take on the world and win. Lucky colours are lavender and magenta. Lucky numbers are 35 and 26.
Go to TopSat Nov 28: Get Focused
It's a good day for focusing on some of your long-term goals and objectives. Are they coming along nicely or do they seem to have got stuck? If you aren't making as much progress as you'd like, think about how you can get things moving again. It may only take a small adjustment to get yourself back on track. If you've been having problems with a financial organization, such as your bank, get on the phone or write a letter today. Lucky colours are of pearl and oyster. Lucky numbers are 36 and 76.
Go to TopSun Nov 29: Rules And Regulations
You're facing restrictions, rules and regulations today, and you aren't happy about them. They feel as though they're closing in on you, robbing you of free will, or perhaps they're being imposed far too freely by a certain person. You're feeling rebellious, but don't stir up more trouble than you can cope with. Perhaps it would be more prudent to cope with all these restrictions while you have to and then to let off steam when it's safe to do so. Lucky colours are coffee and caramel. Lucky numbers are 27 and 71.
Go to TopMon Nov 30: Very Inquisitive
You're in a very inquisitive frame of mind today. You'll love doing some research in order to gather more information about a subject that fascinates you, whether you do that by looking up books, talking to someone or surfing the net. If you're out and about today you'll enjoy chatting to people you meet along the way, and even more so if they come from very different backgrounds to yours. Lucky colours are green and silver. Lucky numbers are 18 and 22.
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