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Steamboat Willie

Astrology of a Shower Accident

Your fav astrologer and publisher had a nasty little shower accident on May 30, 2007 at around 10:30 AM, which saw me slipping on the soap, crushing my ribs on the edge of the bath and then cannoning head first into the wall. Now apparently I have joined the ranks of the OAP's!! Neil's wife Jude says she doesn't know anyone else who has falls, and is not sure if she does want to know any...

Although a little woozy with concussion for the past few days, I seemed to have survived relatively intact. Unfortunately, last night I got into the car and suffered a severe pain in the rib area, so maybe I have cracked one of them. I figure that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but on top of the many annoyances of recent months, this marks a point of no return!

There's an astrological lesson in this. Interestingly,

  • the transiting Moon (trigger of events) was at 15° Scorpio in my 12th (sorrows), in partile square to transiting Chiron (the Wounded Healer) at 15° Aquarius.

  • Chiron was in partile opposition to my natal Pluto (obstruction; transformation; regeneration) at 15° Leo

  • and sextile natal Mercury (intellect; communication; messenger) at 15° Gemini (chest and ribs), being also an inconjunct from the transiting Moon, making a T-square from Moon to Chiron and Pluto.

  • Transiting Jupiter, my life-ruler, was retrograde at 15° Sagittarius, in partile opposition to natal Mercury and close opposition to natal Mars.

  • Transiting Mercury was in partile conjunction with natal Uranus (sudden catastrophes; unexpected disasters). So the activation of natal Mercury was reflected in the transit.

  • Transiting Mars (accidents; injuries) was in Aries (head) in partile trine to natal MC and within 2 degrees of a grand trine to my natal Moon and Bowral Ascendant (which stopped the event from being fatal).

  • There were several other nasty aspects to my chart, with a number of factors including the nodes afflicting my Moon (domestic conditions – the accident was in the home)

  • and Neptune (water) in my nodal degree right on the cusp of my Bowral IC (endings; new beginnings; home life).

So as you can see, the chart was heavily activated, but not heavily enough to kill. I could go a lot more into this, but it gives you an idea how the specific events in our lives are signalled by the aspects. This does not mean we can actually do much about them, but it presents a fascinating picture of the tapestry of fate.

Fate and Free Will is an ongoing topic in astrology, so I am moved to reopen it on this site again. Have a look at Astrology, Ethics, Destiny and God and also Nexus of Probability

You might also be interested in our section on Astrology and Health, especially the Decumbiture series, by Dylan Warren-Davis.

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