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Sue Hopper

Born on March 3rd, 1968 at 7:30 pm in Tampa, Florida, Susan Hopper (aka Moonbeam) became interested in astrology while still in grade school. Driven by her fascination with the human mind and interpersonal relationships, she earned her BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of South Florida. As a free-lance writer and homemaker, Susan contributes regularly to AstroScope Me.
Her interests include off-road cycling, gourmet cooking, wild life rehabilitation, gardening, and creative writing.

This deeply personal article examines her own experiences in pursuit of the Mysteries of Sex, Death and Rebirth as expressed through the fascinating sign Scorpio.

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Sex, Death and Rebirth:
The Mysteries of Scorpio

Sue Hopper, a Pisces, has written a wonderful article on the subject of Sex, Death and Rebirth—the essence of the Scorpion heart—which we first published some time back on this site. It's intense! Sue is a great writer and a fabulous astrologer. Now, read on...

I learned everything I know about seducing a man from a Scorpio woman who was my best childhood friend. She seduced everyone who made eye contact with her... she was beautiful, mysterious, and untamable. She introduced me to incense, candles, essential oils, exotic, ethnic styles and fashions. She opened my mind to something beyond the Catholicism I had been raised with... she introduced me to Buddha and intrigued me with visions of Ganesh and Kali. For nearly ten years she and I were a force to be reckoned with... she was the one all the boys wanted, but I was the only one she remained remotely loyal to.

As a more submissive Pisces, I was perfectly happy to sit back and let her take the lead. Unfortunately, drug abuse took a toll on her and she descended into madness. Our paths diverged sharply many years ago, and she went on to a life of prostitution while I chose a conventional, family oriented lifestyle. Yet her imprint on me remains strong... it can be seen in the way I dress, the way I decorate my home, and yes, the way I seduce those with whom I seek intimacy.

Go to Top Cycles of Birth, Death and Rebirth

The first man I married – at the ripe old age of 17 no less – was quite naturally a Scorpio. He wanted to possess me and I wanted to do what I felt was morally right, so we married despite the warnings of those older and wiser. Two years later I found myself pregnant and due to give birth on the anniversary of my Scorpio great-grandfather's birth. My daughter came into the world naturally and without a hitch on what would have been my great-grandfather's one hundred and eighteenth birthday. I didn't realize it at the time, but that day, November 8th, also happened to be the twenty fifth anniversary of my great-grandmother's death. I discovered this as well as the fact that my niece, who was born on February 9th, made her first appearance on the anniversary of my great grandfather's death. I realized the enormous synchronicity of it all after I had a photo taken of my daughter and myself on my great grandparent's tombstone. The curious timing of the cycles of birth, death, and rebirth are plain for me to see, etched in granite and in the chubby cheeks of my progeny.

Go to Top Unbreakable Bonds

My first marriage didn't last long after the birth of my daughter. A wounded and angry young man, my ex-husband managed to sting himself with his own poison, leaving me to make a life for our child. I was young but I was most certainly not alone... I was in charge of a Scorpio toddler who has both her Sun and Pluto conjunct in her eighth house. Astrologer's eyes may grow wide at the thought of such an intensely Scorpionic and Plutonian influence over a child, but from the beginning she has embodied the highest expression of what is often considered a dark sign. As she grows into a young woman, I am constantly humbled by how deeply and purely she meets all the challenges in her life. As I write this she has gone on holiday with her aunt and uncle, and while I fear losing her to some as yet unimagined disaster, she takes to the sky fearlessly. After all, she knows that there is ever so much more to life than just these physical bodies we reside in, and she has faith that the bonds of love between us are unbreakable. She comforts me as we face the unknown. All this at the tender age of 14.

My daughter is right, you know. If there is one thing that my experiences with Scorpio has taught me, it is that the bonds we create in life are unbreakable, and that we attract people into our lives who represent the mysteries which are at the core of our very being. While I believe this is true for everyone, it somehow seems more apparent when a Scorpio and a Pisces like myself are involved. There is something about the Scorpio-Pisces relationship that is compelling to the natives once they have been caught in the pull of the cosmic tractor beam between them. Those with Pluto strong in their charts will find that they have had at least one unforgettable relationship with someone who is strongly influenced by Neptune. Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton are the classic example of a Fish and Scorpion who, once united, could never completely separate again.

Go to Top Immortality... or Immorality!

If you want to learn about immortality, seek out a Scorpio. If you are interested in immorality, a Scorpio may be willing to help you out, too! Temptations of every kind will threaten to lure Scorpio to the darkest sides of life, but the experience of death in all its forms is a prerequisite for those who want to be schooled in the mysteries of life. Whether it is the death of ego, le petit mort of sex, or a more traumatic event that leaves the native reeling, Scorpio is called upon to brave the annihilation of All That Is to prepare for what Is To Come. Sadly, many are eventually overcome by deeply buried anger and resentment. Poisoned by the bitterness of life, they seem unable to escape the cycle of destruction and become living wraiths, like my childhood friend and first husband. The Scorpion who can rise above the lower vibrations created by the disharmony and pain in life eventually becomes a Dove... a symbol of the spirit reborn. The next time you meet a Scorpio, pay attention! It might just be time for you to touch the hand of fate and dance with eternity.

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