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The action is all behind the scenes as the week begins, dear Libra. You may be tired or withdrawn and a secret may come to light. Don't stress your health. On Tuesday, Mercury heads into penetrative Scorpio, your house of personal finances and values. Financial discussions get under way, whether you are thinking and planning a budget, or finding ways of generating extra income. Your views on personal values and possessions will be highlighted, particularly with fortunate Jupiter also in the second house. You will be bouncing around ideas for long-range financial commitments, being generous, and deciding on loans and other financial exchanges. However, be wary of grandiose commitments. Midweek is much nicer, when the Moon moves into your sign. This improves your attitude and your image, so be ready to make a new start at Thursday's New Moon in Libra. It's your personal New Moon, influencing conditions for the next twelve months. A new image or a love interest is in the frame and personal relations are set for change. You will come alive, as life seems to be bringing you fantastic opportunities. However, be aware that you will have urges for more freedom in relationships, especially for those born towards the end of the sign. It's the perfect time to start a new phase in your life. Think about improving your self-image and how you present yourself by showing self-confidence and, as always, a stylish and social image. Take the time to look great with either a new hairdo and makeover, or a new wardrobe of change-of-season clothes that suit you no end. You may have to deal with unexpected changes, including a turn of events in relationships and business partnerships that will impact your personal needs.
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Devote some time to your inner life as the week begins. You or your love may need a little extra care or attention, so be a bit wicked if it takes your fancy. Discussions over financial arrangements and what is really important come from Tuesday on, as Mercury moves out of Libra into Scorpio. Midweek brightens up as the Moon enters Libra. Your personality will blossom, as Venus is already in your sign and Mars will be there later this week. Thursday's Moon in Libra, your personal New Moon, will bring the urge for favourite foods and perhaps a new start with your love. Usher in a new cycle in your relations. There may be an occasion or a celebration. Gifts and a change of image are signified. The weekend marks an appropriate time to handle money issues, so think about your values and need for possessions. Friday and Saturday see the Moon in Scorpio, so you may find yourself having sex but questioning your values, in preparation for Warrior Mars crashing into your sign on Sunday. This will be just what you need to get you out of the rut and into good physical form, boosting your competitive spirit, and adding a touch more aggression. You'll be more combative than usual in getting your demands and personal desires under way. On the flipside, your motivation (not to mention your magnetism and pleasant demeanour) will be greater, thanks to Venus helping you get your way with kid gloves.
Compatibility shown is a guide for long term relationships (taller=better). Signs not shown are less compatible, but sexual attractions can be formed between any of the signs.
Some of the most explosive sexual combinations can be with technically incompatible signs, say Aries & Cancer, or Aquarius & Scorpio.
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Love Compatibility

Tensions due to fundamental sun-sign incompatibilities can fuel the sexual fires, especially when other factors (Moon, Mars, Venus & Ascendant) come into play.
The best way to check your compatibility with your partner is to get your own horoscope and relationship analysis done by us!
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Libra  |   Libra Relationships  |   Libra Sexuality  |   Libra 2017  |   Love  |   Weekly  |   Monthly  |   Daily  

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