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The week begins with a dose of the blues, so keep your own counsel and take it easy. Then by Wednesday your batteries will be recharged. Guess who's talkative and mobile, chasing up favourite company and indulging just a little? The world is coming at ya, Gemini! And you've got the phone to prove it. It's all about communications, so keep up and get it right. The Moon's in your sign, so your wit is sharp and you feel stimulated. This week sees a collision with someone who could be The One.

Enjoyment will be found in the local area, as Thursday sees passionate Mars hitting dramatic Leo, your house of communication. This does mean you'll be more of a doer than a thinker in weeks ahead, as you turn your ideas into physical reality. Don't let your tongue run away with you! Be simple and organized as Thursday comes around. Handle money efficiently and sail on through. Food or domestic purchases are in the air. Someone at the local will be ever so attractive on Saturday. Secrets are not favoured, but business, travel and communications are in the frame with the Sun in Leo. Sunday's New Moon heralds a change with travel, business or associates. A cycle of contact will end and a new one will begin. New devices or equipment to improve communications are calling. It's party time, when exciting egos are bold and brash. Hellooo...!
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  Gemini Mandala by Helen Grant-Johnston


Close the curtains as the week gets underway, Gem. A little TLC wouldn't go astray either. News or info will be coming your way. A chatty individual may be better at talking than listening. Midweek finds you the apple of your beloved's eye, as with the Moon in Gemini and Mars in Leo, passion will be high and you'll be just what the doctor ordered.

Stick to a simple budget on Friday. Discuss the ins and outs of it with your love. Focus on personal or household needs. Simplify what you're doing and you'll do it more efficiently. As the Sun enters Leo on Saturday your ego is boosted, as you feel good about yourself, stronger and more vital. You may be given a boost by superiors or others who hold power or influence in your life. Don't be too diverse in your activities, except in the boudoir. Why not throw a party? The cosmos is on your side! Sunday's New Moon will rationalize business involvements, travel demands and communications.
Compatibility shown is a guide for long term relationships (taller=better). Signs not shown are less compatible, but sexual attractions can be formed between any of the signs.
Some of the most explosive sexual combinations can be with technically incompatible signs, say Aries & Cancer, or Aquarius & Scorpio.
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Love Compatibility

Tensions due to fundamental sun-sign incompatibilities can fuel the sexual fires, especially when other factors (Moon, Mars, Venus & Ascendant) come into play.
The best way to check your compatibility with your partner is to get your own horoscope and relationship analysis done by us!
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