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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for September 2016

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Page of Swords
A young person, probably male, is once again bringing anger and resentment into your life. If you choose to withdraw and ignore such behaviours, you will feel more emotionally at peace, but sooner rather than later the resentment will turn into actual deceit and betrayal of trust. Better to take action from the start and avoid worse outcomes, then you can expect peace in the home again.
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The Fool
You take a step within your career sector that initially seems like a good idea. Your first attempt to realise this plan won't work. But don't give up. A journey and different opportunities will bring you to a situation where, albeit with a degree of nervousness, you will start to realise those plans in very appealing way. Your wishes come true in time.
Go to Top Finance
Ace of Wands
You're going to attract finance to back a project, or business venture you're planning to initiate. Working with these investors will be harmonious and enriching on many levels. Yes, of course you're likely to be nervous; that's very much your nature at this time Libra and needs your scrutiny, but the outcomes will be excellent. There's a definite win ahead for you.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Eight of Swords
You are your own jailer, dear Libra, when it comes to opening out to spirituality and possibilities that reside within such understanding. Your astro patterning is to weigh and balance, but many of you will only do so with that which you can touch and see. Open out Lib, and include the numinous in that balancing act that is so much your destiny.

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