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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for June 2017

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The Star

Your heartfelt hopes around matters of the heart and relationship come to pass this month and this is very joyous for you and your dearest ones. Yet this isn't without troubles or sorrows coming to the surface. This love and those wishes call for hidden difficulties to be faced and negotiations to be made to ensure the love energy is stable and permanent.
Go to Top Career
Queen of Pentacles

You've recently decided to forego certain aspects of your work because it has ceased to engage your creativity. Still, there's plenty of money around you regardless, which suggests you have plenty of work coming in that does satisfy your creativity as well as your bank-book. Activating a new business plan will ensure further success. Your work is of a stop-start nature as usual and the new business and budget plan will smooth out the shortfall times.
Go to Top Finance
Knight of Pentacles

You've grown yourself a modest yet solid nest egg that you can fall back on in slow financial times. This allows you to then take a wild chance that engenders a slow start, a big change, a small sacrifice which all leads you to much more money than you had before. So, have faith in those slow times and sudden changes.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Hermit

This card speaks of the need for you to withdraw somewhat at this time to meditate and recharge your spirit. Avoid contact with anyone who engenders a negative atmosphere for you, just for a while. You need to renew your emotional strength, as you've a lot of growth happening on a spiritual level that you are sensitive to.

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