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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for May 2017

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Knight of Pentacles

It seems that financial and even real estate issues have been recently addressed. The decisions made should find you feeling more materially secure. This allows you to begin to address an issue concerning a person from over the seas, which also has a connection to matters of real estate, as well as matters of the heart. Operating from a deeper strength of wisdom is going to see you finally anchor a special relationship into a more permanent arrangement.
Go to Top Career
Wheel of Fortune

Just when you think all is over within your primary career trajectory, destiny takes charge of the matter and new positive options open to you. There will be travel involved for most of you and this will only add to the excitement. Be scrupulous and incisive where contracts are concerned and you'll be fine.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Swords

It will be your own incisive planning around money that brings about the fulfilment of your financial wishes at this time. This will bring you out from under a sense of lack and into a feeling of secure abundance. Remember, these feelings are a matter of choice as well as a matter of response to external conditions. We do underscore the need here to attend to all contractual documents with acute scrutiny.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Star

We're glad to tell you that much in the way of your hopes and wishes are to come to pass this month. But there is also further underscoring of that which has been suggested in above sectors, wherein you will need to be utterly alert where contracts are concerned. There is a distinct possibility that you may be embroiled in a legal wrangle over money. You will win as you are in the right, but it will be all up better to avoid such a confrontation by being alert from the start.

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