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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for December 2017

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Six of Cups

Information will come your way concerning issues around family of origin, or maybe in-laws, that trigger some deep wounds in you that now need to be faced and finally healed. It's likely that you'll be criticised about money and home management, while you are actually quite content with how home life is for you. You'll be drawing on hidden courage to take a stand against allowing personal boundaries to be breached. Hold strong to your values, even though others may not understand.
Go to Top Career
The World

The hand of destiny is upon you at this time, dear Libra. Your hopes and wishes include wanting more regular and secure income, so that there are no worries when the bills roll in. Yet, the cards are saying hold true to the fact that you must respect and acknowledge your creative, artistic self. To wander too far from creative work would lead to sorrow, so even if greater income was to be yours, you wouldn't be happy.
Go to Top Finance
King of Swords

There will be some disturbing demands on your finances and you'll find yourself focusing on lack. Yet you know that such focus will only bring more of the same. Come on Libra, a bit of mental discipline will have you focusing on gratitude for the abundance you already have and yes, greater abundance will come to you. Don't panic about money when you could be relaxed and joyous around what you have.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Eight of Swords

So, you've been feeling as if your life has you trapped in a cycle that goes against your fundamental nature and spiritual expression. This leaves you feeling vulnerable and anxious. Why not meditate, or at least make time to do for yourself that which refreshes and replenishes your soul and physical body. Peace and contentment will surely come if you follow your spiritual practice regularly.

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