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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for October 2017

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You have to fall back on your inner strength and wisdom in order to attend calmly and sensibly to matters concerning housing for yourself and loved ones. Undertaking a greater financial or practical juggle won't work happily for you. Take account of all that your culture offers where suitable housing is concerned. So, how does this relate to your relational life? It's the focus of protecting the relationships with your loved ones that is at stake here.
Go to Top Career
Ten of Cups

We see great love and happiness for you, Libra, a happy secure home and family. It seems it's as a result of making a fresh start where career matters are concerned. You are in a period of creative fecundity and as ideas come through to you, putting them into action becomes easy and well supported. Feel free to wish at this time, because those wishes will come true.
Go to Top Finance
King of Pentacles

You've had to defend your manner of financing your life in recent times and it seems you’ll be in a position of palpable strength as October begins. That will somewhat silence the doubters. But there will be a disappointment where money is concerned as the month progresses. It's okay, it's not as if you'll be going without. A new idea for money making will swiftly prove to make up for what might have been lost.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The High Priestess

You've certainly developed your wisdom over time and it's this faculty that you will rely on in order to make some significant changes where a close relationship is concerned. You know you have to address an inequality in household labour that leaves you too stressed and fatigued and carrying too much of the burden. You will manage to create the necessary changes in a harmonious and gentle way. You will be victorious.

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