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More on Libra, weighing things up!

Libra Libra Tarotscope for March 2018

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The Empress

Lovely! You're sitting pretty within your relational life. The joy of happy hearth and happy home means the world for you and that's what you have in March. This all leads to work and creativity done in the past beginning to come to fruition and you have some wonderful wins ahead. The increase in remuneration for work you've been doing certainly gives you both a romantic and a creative boost.
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Two of Swords

Your workload has you feeling a bit tired and stressed, Libra. There's been a bit of an upset recently that has taken the sparkle from your eye, but this won't last long, or have any further kick-back. In fact more work than you expect is about to come your way and you'll have to decide on where you might sacrifice time-wise: in the home or in the career.
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Three of Pentacles

Your income has been coming from at least three different avenues of endeavour. You are wanting to streamline, or cut down on this rather disparate way of living. You will make a change, walk a new road and in doing this you'll experience some backlash from certain parties, but you'll soon be vindicated when you have reason to celebrate success.
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Focus of Soul or Being

King of Swords

New information comes your way this month that makes you decide to be far more discerning about who you mix with and who you choose to be influenced by. This is around spiritual matters where there are so many different beliefs and attitudes. With your resolution to be much more incisive about taking in new information you can really start to trust intuition and critical thinking.

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