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Libra in 2017 Monthly Forecasts Daily Horoscopes Weekly Horoscopes Weekly Love Horoscopes

by Suzanna Collins

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Libra Monthly Forecast for August 2017

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Go to Top Eager To Connect
The stylish Scales start the month with the Sun in creative Leo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. It is going to be a substantial time of the year when friends, colleagues, groups and organizations will mark your eagerness to connect with others. The 7th sees a Full Moon and partial Lunar Eclipse, which will stimulate your sensuality, love and affection. But as Mercury will be retrograde from the 13th, consider what you say to others leading up to this time and the way you express your feelings. The New Moon in Leo, a Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st (at a rare second consecutive New Moon in Leo), will see you taking a new course with friendships and love relationships on the way to fulfilling some of your goals. Conditions will bring about changes in a big way, as you consider the importance of relationship with friends and your ability to open up areas of new friendships and romantic attractions. Mars will propel your energy as you give serious thought to your future aspirations, or team up with someone who will boost your moral and social interaction. You will spiral up a new learning curve and review your associations with others.

The 10th to the 12th brings one of those happier times to be with companions and share your experiences. From the 13th to the 15th is a good time to concentrate on priorities in your life. Get in touch with older relatives and influential types. Perhaps there is a short course you are contemplating, or writing and other work that require mental skills. From the 16th to the 18th, and then again from the 24th to the 29th, there's a chance of meeting up with people who will be valuable in helping you attain your dreams.

The Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse on the 7th occurs in inventive Aquarius, influencing your 5th house of romance, creativity and speculation. For the month of August, it is known as the Sturgeon Moon, a name given by native American tribes because they knew that the sturgeon (a large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water) were most readily caught during this phase. It is also known as the Harvest Moon, Fruit Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Blueberry Moon, and the Full Red Moon because as the Moon rises, it appears reddish through any sultry haze.

This is a strong Full Moon with a partial Lunar Eclipse exciting your intensity in love relationships, romantic adventures and love attractions. There's the potential for emotional dramas with friends, associates and groups. Be considerate of the feelings of other people, as you are likely to be rather gung ho. Your actions speak louder than your words, something which you may regret later. You may find yourself involved in sporting activities, going to the gym, and some form of recreational activities. Time spent with children will play an important part, whether your own offspring or those of other people, although this could also produce a point of conflict in love relationships.

The 21st sees a New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse in regal Leo, affecting your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. This Solar Eclipse will influence the direction you take for personal growth, working hard towards your future ambitions with the assistance of friends, and those that can help you along the path to reaching your desires. With Mercury retrograde and about to re-enter your 11th house on the 31st, you will be able to repair and talk through areas that have caused you concern. It will be to your advantage to rectify difficulties in old friendships and love relationships by being reasonable and understanding. Consider the influence friends have had on your values, ideals and aspirations.

On the 22nd, the Sun moves out of Leo and into picky Virgo, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. During the coming weeks, you will feel like stepping out of the public eye by keeping a low profile with activities behind the scenes. With Mercury also in your 12th house, a good book on psychology, philosophy, analysis or religion could be up your alley. Regardless, it is a good time to take stock of the past twelve months, and recharge your reservoir of energy as your personal solar year is coming to an end. Doubts and concerns over work and health may come into the picture but face your demons in a positive fashion.
Go to Top Mercury Retrograde
Mercury remains in Virgo, your 12th house of secrets, sorrows and hidden motivations. On August 13th, the Cosmic Prankster turns retrograde. It is the time of year when you are likely to be quieter than normal, missing someone, or generally needing a quick break from mental activities. Fears from the past, hidden concerns and issues connected with a partner's health may resurface. It won't do you any good rehashing those thoughts, or going over anxiety and other troubling issues. You may get into researching spiritual and religious beliefs, join a secret society, or speak with someone from the past. On the 31st, Mercury retrogrades into Leo, your 11th house, when your social network of friends will be in the picture. Perhaps an argument with a friend, loved one, or a partner's children needs to be resolved. On September 5th, Mercury turns direct in Leo before moving forward into Virgo again on the 10th. Mercury will be out of his shadow phase on September 20th, just at the New Moon in Virgo and as Venus enters your 12th house.
Go to Top Public Attention
The Goddess Venus, your planetary ruler, remains in caring Cancer, your 10th house of career and ambitions. This is a fantastic time to advance with your long-term plans, or to be rewarded with recognition and success in your vocation. Your relationship with authority types, business clients, customers and employer will be greatly improved. You'll enjoy public attention, perhaps getting involved in beauty or the entertainment scene, or other creative fields required by your career. Others could benefit from an attraction to someone older and wiser. From the 15th to the 26th, could bring up touchy emotions not only on the career front but also with family members and issues on the domestic scene. Some may be offered a different role, or make a lateral move with better money.

On the 26th, the Goddess steps into Leo, your 11th house of friends, hopes and wishes. You will move on to and spend time enjoying your relationship with friends, associations and groups. Love relationships will do well benefiting from the social interaction, fun times and events to go to.
Go to Top Cooperation Is Key
Bold Mars remains in Leo, your 11th house, till September 4th. Your energy will be best used in setting your objectives for the future. Work as a team member in groups and display your leadership potential. However, your eagerness to take control could create ego differences with friends, so don't overstep your mark in getting on with others. Cooperation will be the key word. Patience and compromise will help to achieve your goals. Romance will be on the cards especially with Goddess entering the scene on the 26th. From the 18th to the 23rd why not pursue your personal growth and needs with advantages offered through your friends, associations and relationships with some forming an important union. A good time to iron out disparities and conflict.

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