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by Rob Tillett

More on Libra, weighing things up!

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Libra Libra Daily November 2016
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Daily forecasts for November 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopTue Nov 1: Indulge Yourself
Today is the sort of day you should try to do whatever pleases you most. For some, it might be attending a social event, but others will naturally prefer more solitary pursuits. Honour your need for comfort and plan at least one indulgence for today. There will be plenty of time to tackle the dishes and the laundry tomorrow, so let yourself enjoy this easy day. Lucky colours are red ochre and ivory. Lucky numbers are 19 and 37.
Go to TopWed Nov 2: Good Karma
Someone may be working behind the scenes on your behalf, or perhaps good karma is coming your way. Money may come in from an unexpected source just when you need it most. Spiritual and emotional support may also be coming from places you least expect it as the Universe sends love your way. Accept the kindness of others and go on to spread good will. Lucky colours are cotta and green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 29.
Go to TopThu Nov 3: Pay Attention
Life-changing news may be coming your way as the Moon meets up with Pluto. Brothers and sisters may be shaking your life up in some manner, so pay attention to their activities. Librans who live in big cities should watch out for road rage... you may want to strangle another driver today. Lucky colours are yellow and blue. Lucky numbers are 5 and 14.
Go to TopFri Nov 4: Tact And Grace
No subject is taboo as the cosmos adds a note of intensity to conversation today. Honesty is the best policy, but be careful not to burn all your bridges before noon! You may have something important to say, but it is impossible to know just what kind of impact your words will have. Employ your legendary tact and grace in all your communications this afternoon. Lucky colours are amber and blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopSat Nov 5: Make Over
The desire to make home improvements could be overwhelming. Move slowly and take precautions as there is always a possibility of cuts and bruises when working with tools. Some of you may have an unrelenting urge to remake a loved one rather than your abode; this presents risks as well, so think about any constructive criticism you want to offer. Lucky colours are green and sand. Lucky numbers are 4 and 25.
Go to TopSun Nov 6: Blithe Spirit
Today can be one of the most romantic this month as the nurturing Moon lights your fifth house. You can multiply your joy today by spreading it around. Watch out for too much of a good thing, however. There are bound to be killjoys who will resent your blithe spirit; don't waste your happiness on those who are enjoying a foul mood. Lucky colours are pink and green. Lucky numbers are 15 and 42.
Go to TopMon Nov 7: Romantic Potential
The Moon travels through your fifth house of romance and creativity, putting you in a playful mood. Anything can happen when Venus and Jupiter lend excitement to the day! If you're planning a surprise, think it out carefully beforehand. Lucky colours are purple and gold. Lucky numbers are 6 and 10.
Go to TopTue Nov 8: Bittersweet
Your imagination can create worlds of wonder today, so don't hesitate to express your creative ideas! Children can bring great pleasure, so spend some time with the young ones in your life. Love and romance are sublime, but possibly bittersweet and elusive. No matter; the greatest love stories are about love found, love lost, and the painful pleasure of longing. Lucky colours are yellow and green. Lucky numbers are 16 and 19.
Go to TopWed Nov 9: Passion Soars
With Mars dancing into cool hand Aquarius, you'll find your physical energy and passionate enthusiasm will soar. You will demand the right to be yourself. No one is going to be pushing you into a corner and demand that you do your duty. Indulgence, relaxation and finding your place in the spotlight will be your main aims for the next few weeks. Just watch that you do not take too many risks if you are sporty, since Mars can generate a rather headstrong energy. Lucky colours are platinum and blueberry. Lucky numbers are 5 and 38.
Go to TopThu Nov 10: Reactive Moon
The reactive Moon travels through your sixth house of health and service, placing emphasis on the way you feel, and the work you do. You may be under quite a bit of pressure as demanding Pluto combines with the Moon to create an insistent tone to the day: everyone wants something yesterday. Tell the world to chill out and maintain a pace that is comfortable for you. Lucky colours are blue and white. Lucky numbers are 12 and 14.
Go to TopFri Nov 11: Adrenaline
The emphasis shifts to marriage and partnerships today and it's time to devote some time to your partner. Understanding runs deep between you and the ones you are closest to today; go out and have some fun while you're in tune. Why not see a suspenseful movie this evening? Nothing like a rush of adrenaline to get the evening off to an exciting start! Lucky colours are coral and teal. Lucky numbers are 7 and 16.
Go to TopSat Nov 12: Flaunt It
If yesterday didn't quite turn out as you planned, today is the day to kiss and make up. You get the attention of others by emphasizing whatever is most attractive about yourself: beauty, talent, or personality. Dont wait for them to notice you (even though they may); get in their direct line of vision: "If you have it, flaunt it". The next few weeks are ripe for cordial relationships with older family members, superiors and authority figures. Allies, spouses, or other partners may receive recognition or special promotion too. Lucky colours are blue and pink. Lucky numbers are 25 and 34.
Go to TopSun Nov 13: Treacle Day
You might find yourself feeling a bit moody today as the Moon moves through your eighth house of sex, money and power. In fact, the next two days or so will be rather intense, so plan to exercise your frustrations today. It isn't that anyone has done anything wrong, it's just that it seems you are working very hard but not getting anywhere. That isn't really true, you know. Have faith. Lucky colours are wine and ebony. Lucky numbers are 26 and 27.
Go to TopMon Nov 14: Full Moon
The Taurus Full Moon occurs in your eighth house of sex, power and money, culminating in these areas. Romantic relationships and business relationships alike are affected by this moon, and power struggles over creative issues are likely. Lies may be uncovered, so be sure you are not the one who has been dishonest. Lucky colours are brown and red. Lucky numbers are 9 and 27.
Go to TopTue Nov 15: Itchy Feet
With the Moon in your ninth house of travel and adventure, many Librans will be ready to have fun with friends: the next two days may find you itching to do something new and exciting. Why not take a day trip to a place of interest not far from your home town? Those of you who truly live in the middle of nowhere can always rent a foreign film. Lucky colours are maroon and khaki. Lucky numbers are 21 and 39.
Go to TopWed Nov 16: Lovely Day
The Moon, Jupiter and Uranus dance, making this one of the nicest days of the month for you. You should be feeling creative and strong during this time frame, so don't doubt your abilities or your potential. Romantic relationships blossom, especially when you are spontaneous in your expression of affection. Do something new and exciting to get your blood flowing. Lucky colours are royal blue and reddish gold. Lucky numbers are 18 and 24.
Go to TopThu Nov 17: Sights On You
You might be feeling some pressure now that the Moon is passing through your tenth house of career and reputation. All eyes are upon you as you make your way today. Those in positions of authority could be exceptionally demanding and emotional, but you may be fortunate enough to have a caring boss who is moved to help you with personal concerns. Lucky colours are black and grey. Lucky numbers are 8 and 10.
Go to TopFri Nov 18: The System
You'll be more aware of public opinion as the Moon continues through your tenth house, and pay close attention to what you hear in the office. You may disagree hotly with someone in authority, but try to keep this to yourself. If you want to get ahead, you will have to work within the system. Once you are in a position of power, you can start making changes! Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 28 and 35.
Go to TopSat Nov 19: Moon In Leo
The Moon passes through flamboyant Leo today, urging you to frolic with your most colourful playmates.Don't sit inside alone at this time! True, these same friends may drive you mad with their dramatic tales, but you can thank your lucky stars that your life seems tame in comparison to the tricky fixes they find themselves in. Lucky colours are blue and magenta. Lucky numbers are 7 and 11.
Go to TopSun Nov 20: Office Gossip
Try not to participate in office gossip today and spare yourself the bad karma. It seems no one is getting any work done except you... don't expect anyone to come through for you on any favours. If you are the rare Libra involved in a clandestine romance, cover your tracks well today. The office gossips are watching. Lucky colours are pink and green. Lucky numbers are 26 and 33.
Go to TopMon Nov 21: Feed Your Soul
With the sensitive Moon transiting your twelfth house of secrets and spirituality, you may not care for the company of others for now anyway. Make an effort to feed your soul, whether you indulge in aroma therapy, yoga or a chocolate ice cream treat. However, as the Sun hits Sagittarius for a month, your social life will play an increased role in your life during the next four weeks, so get set for a busy time. Local activities and neighbourhood concerns will, surprisingly, be great fun. Organize a Christmas party for some of your neighbours or arrange a get-together with close members of the family. Lucky colours are blue and lavender. Lucky numbers are 3 and 12.
Go to TopTue Nov 22: Dream Weaver
You might find your dreams are unusually vivid during now. Consider keeping a journal by your bed so that you can write them down upon waking. Clues to your inner psyche based on past experiences may emerge as reoccurring themes in your night fancies... pay attention to the language of your sleeping mind. You may be low on energy today, so pace yourself accordingly. Lucky colours are pink and lavender. Lucky numbers are 21 and 30.
Go to TopWed Nov 23: High Gear
The Moon enters Libra and your first house of personality today, helping you to get back into high gear. It will be easier for you to assert yourself as emotional strength returns. You can make a good impression, so make important connections now. You are in demand, so take advantage of this energy! Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopThu Nov 24: Awakenings
The changing Moon in your first house of personality strengthens you and awakens your latent energies. Sexual energy reaches a peak during the next two days, so plan accordingly. If you are married, make time for your spouse. If you are single, this may be the best time of the month to make a play for someone you are interested in! Lucky colours are red and white. Lucky numbers are 1 and 10.
Go to TopFri Nov 25: Moon/Mars Combine
Your enthusiasm is contagious as the Moon and Mars combine to create passion in your life. Don't let little things make you angry as there is so much to be pleased about today. If you have children, spend real quality time with them now. There is much you can teach and much you can learn simply by engaging in play. Lucky colours are gold and red. Lucky numbers are 7 and 37.
Go to TopSat Nov 26: Prosperity Beckons
Don't allow financial worries to get in the way of a pleasant day. Being obsessed with every little detail will not solve your problems. You may find your finances are tight this month but you can remedy the situation through long-term planning. Prosperity is literally just around the corner! Once Venus turns direct on November 21st, a much needed bonus may become a reality. Lucky colours are green and sand. Lucky numbers are 2 and 17.
Go to TopSun Nov 27: Take The Reins
Macho Mars and the Moon blend to create some surprises today, so expect the unexpected. Take advantage of this energy by doing something on the spur of the moment. Rather than letting the day happen to you, take the reins and make something happen! Play everything by ear and go where the wind takes you. How often to you get to be spontaneous? Lucky colours are green and cotta. Lucky numbers are 11 and 24.
Go to TopMon Nov 28: Resourceful Libra
Spend some time on your personal finances, as the Moon activates your second house of money today. Accounting for what you have been making and spending lately will help you make the most of the Sun's transit of your third house of creativity and communication. Carefully review your resources to determine what you can count on and what will hold you back. Lucky colours are leaf green and parchment. Lucky numbers are 38 and 47.
Go to TopTue Nov 29: New Moon
It will be easier for you to speak your mind as the New Moon activates your third house of communication. Let your sharp powers of analysis speak volumes as you are able to go straight to the heart of any matter. Just remember that it is easier to catch flies with honey than with vinegar. Lucky colours are amber and aqua. Lucky numbers are 23 and 32.
Go to TopWed Nov 30: So Much To Do
With so much to do and so much on your mind, you may feel scattered today! It'll be easy to forget dates and appointments, so consider setting an alarm to remind you of important meetings. You may be a bit over-extended and preoccupied at the same time. The telephone may be ringing constantly, providing yet another distraction. Try to focus. Lucky colours are honey and blue. Lucky numbers are 23 and 41.

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