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by Rob Tillett

More on Libra, weighing things up!

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Libra Libra Daily January 2017
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Daily forecasts for January 2017 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopSun Jan 1: Happy New Year!
You have the visual of what you desire firmly in mind Libra and will settle for nothing less. If your present romance does not seem to be heading towards permanent commitment, you may find yourself considering separation and seeking a connection with another who is more 'marriage material'. Happy New Year!
Lucky colours are cocoa and green ochre.
Lucky numbers are 27 and 9.
Go to TopMon Jan 2: Old Flame
Your creative energy and constructive thought processes are sensational today Libra. You approach your day with a revitalized attitude as you find new ways to solve old concerns. An old flame may reappear on the scene by way of a message or an accidental meeting. Singles will find a love opportunity.
Lucky colours are charcoal and gold.
Lucky numbers are 4 and 26.
Go to TopTue Jan 3: Venus Enters Pisces
It's time to put some harmony into your working environment, dear Libra. Venus dancing into charming Pisces improves relationships with colleagues and employees over the coming weeks. An office romance, or a social event connected with co-workers is in the stars. Use your natural artistry to beautify your workplace: anything from major renovations to adding fresh paint, plants or artwork to brighten things up. Get your diet and fitness together too. Beauty treatments, dental work, and cosmetic surgery are all favoured under this .
Lucky colours are terra cotta and sage green.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 24.
Go to TopWed Jan 4: Fertility And Creativity
Birth is the theme of the day, with some of you welcoming a new arrival, a new pregnancy or enjoying the beginning of your new project or career choice. Love might arrive on your doorstep in a variety of ways, from new romance to the simple joy of living and feeling spiritually connected with all that is around you.
Lucky colours are cream and violet.
Lucky numbers are 1 and 35.
Go to TopThu Jan 5: Explore Your Options
Take care to not run when you should walk today Libra, as you may be somewhat misguided or blinded by a future possibility. Hasty decisions will not bring about the promised outcome and to follow a shiny object now will only lead to turmoil at a later stage. Take your time to explore all options thoroughly before making a decision.
Lucky colours are walnut and blue.
Lucky numbers are 29 and 40.
Go to TopFri Jan 6: Contentment Or Conflict?
Your focus will be totally on love and romance, where things have come to a head. You have a firm picture of what you desire and are taking your relationships very seriously, so you have little patience for anything or anyone who is not living up to your expectations. This day will either be blissful or volatile.
Lucky colours are mandarin and blackcurrant.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 25.
Go to TopSat Jan 7: Partnership Tensions
Business or romantic connections will be your focus today Libra. You are somewhat sentimental about the way things were and notice the way things are not. Don't be too critical of the differences. It is not the best day for lengthy conversations on important topics, but it will be productive in the workplace if you can work alone. If you are experiencing financial concerns, your partnership faces a few moody moments as you feel you are the major contributor and wish your partner would put in more effort.
Lucky colours are sage and lime.
Lucky numbers are 12 and 10.
Go to TopSun Jan 8: Relief
Communications have been up and down recently, which has caused a few hiccups, but they start to settle down again today as Merc stations in Sagittarius. This will come as a great relief if you're getting fed up with letters going astray, phone calls not being connected or meetings being cancelled at the last minute. If you're in the middle of some serious negotiations or discussions, you'd better check that you're fully up to date with what's been happening in case someone has neglected to give you some vital information.
Lucky colours are strawberry and yellow.
Lucky numbers are 3 and 8.
Go to TopMon Jan 9: Kiss And Make Up
Any tensions over the last few days will be solved now Libra. You'll state your concerns and desires rationally, as you know what you want and how to get it. An old lover may return on the scene, reminding you of a passion once shared. You may re-unite here but at the every least you will form a new connection of friendship. There are possibilities of higher earning capacity here, either through a bonus, windfall or promotion.
Lucky colours are magenta and blackcurrant.
Lucky numbers are 40 and 41.
Go to TopTue Jan 10: Spiritual Connection
You are deeply connected to your spiritual side today Libra and will find the daily routine mundane and tedious. You will long to travel and explore the wonderful cultures of the World, and if living some distance away from lovers or family, the desire to see them will be overwhelming. Communications with overseas individuals will be a positive today, as will a connection with any form of mentor figure. You are sensitive to the events of the World and those in worse positions than yourself, so the daily news may be somewhat distressing for you.
Lucky colours are apricot and passionfruit.
Lucky numbers are 3 and 67.
Go to TopWed Jan 11: Unusual Attractions
The unusual and the unique will inspire your imagination and be the center of your world. The focus is on the land of daydreams and you will find your mind wandering and have difficulty in focusing on the tasks at hand. You will find yourself drawn to alternative individuals, especially in the romantic sense but be warned, what attracts through being unique today may run the risk of simply being 'too different' at a later stage.
Lucky colours are oyster and strawberry.
Lucky numbers are 27 and 48.
Go to TopThu Jan 12: Full Moon
You strongly desire a complete commitment from your romantic partner, which will obviously bring discord if they are not sharing your thoughts. If they are, marriage possibilities are high as well as the mutual decision to take your love relationship to the next level. You desire to be seen and want to receive love from all around you as you appreciate that you have so much love to give in return. With the right balance the Full Moon may deliver you pure, romantic bliss.
Lucky colours are chocolate and yellow.
Lucky numbers are 19 and 66.
Go to TopFri Jan 13: The Past Returns
What's lacking? The past returns again to you today, where you will notice and compare the difference in your life. This brings a critical and somewhat judgmental outlook to the facets of your daily life that don't live up to your romantic ideal. You crave emotional excitement but will need to watch your communications as you may appear more of a victim to those who are listening.
Lucky colours are green and terracotta.
Lucky numbers are 19 and 51.
Go to TopSat Jan 14: Ask For Some Appreciation!
Whether you are working or not, the energy of today is a great one to aim for higher things in your life whether it is more money or simple appreciation for your contributions. You have a firm understanding of how you want things to be and will state your case clearly and concisely. This is the day to solve a few of your concerns in a calm and positive manner.
Lucky colours are pink and gold.
Lucky numbers are 39 and 27.
Go to TopSun Jan 15: Green Eyed Monster
Uh oh, the green-eyed monster! You prefer to find comfort in the home or workplace, as there are some concerns in your social sphere. Relations are strained here, as some of you may find you clash over a romantic interest or feel sexual jealousy towards those attractive friends who may attract your love's eye.
Lucky colours are sapphire and chestnut.
Lucky numbers are 38 and 45.
Go to TopMon Jan 16: Jealousy Eases
The strains and doubts of yesterday ease considerably today and you relish the thought of some love and romance shared with your partner. Your strong desire to keep elements of your romantic life as per your schedule and ideals, may find it a touch difficult for new love to prosper at this time.
Lucky colours are ivory and lavender.
Lucky numbers are 18 and 46.
Go to TopTue Jan 17: Quiet, But Productive
You shun the more socially orientated energy that surrounds you, in favour of bringing beauty to your home. This is a great time to start that renovation project or to seek a new abode. Singles will be actively seeking a new love but will approach their attractions seeking an intellectual and interesting equal.
Lucky colours are mulberry and mother of pearl.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 55.
Go to TopWed Jan 18: Career Wise
You are able to promote yourself exceptionally well today, voicing your ideas and concepts forcefully but not in any way offensively. This is an exceptional time to aim for a promotion or pay rise as the stars are definitely in your favour for this to eventuate with the right approach.
Lucky colours are lavender and jasmine.
Lucky numbers are 32 and 59.
Go to TopThu Jan 19: Positive Sense
As the Sun moves into cool hand Aquarius you may have a more positive sense of your own uniqueness, a real inner contentment. In the event of troubling circumstances, you may escape some of the disappointment, anger, or dislocation you might otherwise have had to endure. If things are good, your self-confidence and vitality make them even better. A good time to enjoy the world and your place in it.
Lucky colours are lime and blackcurrant.
Lucky numbers are 6 and 11.
Go to TopFri Jan 20: Hidden Talents Exposed
A positive day for connecting with a past hope or dream that you have failed to bring to reality in the past. There is a great deal of potential to generate an income from these talents in the future with focus and determination.
Lucky colours are vanilla and green.
Lucky numbers are 22 and 33.
Go to TopSat Jan 21: New Attraction
You are passionate and seek to attract new experiences and individuals. Your charms are mysterious and those around you just seem to want to get to know you better as you keep your deeper emotions to yourself. An interesting new individual may open a new opportunity for you.
Lucky colours are blackcurrant and apricot.
Lucky numbers are 25 and 11.
Go to TopSun Jan 22: A Day To Entertain
Your strong desire to socialize can find you planning the gathering of the month. Invite your friends and loved ones around for a wonderful dinner as you will thoroughly enjoy active communications and varied interactions. Set that dinner table and work on that menu, tonight will be a great night!
Lucky colours are grape and lemon.
Lucky numbers are 37 and 20.
Go to TopMon Jan 23: Romantic Evening
It is best to avoid group situations today as even though you feel calm and relaxed, it will only take the slightest thing to fire up your jealous and possessive streak. Plan a romantic and sexual evening with your love, and if single, plan a small get together in the home to avoid any negative or confrontational events.
Lucky colours are teal and saffron.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 25.
Go to TopTue Jan 24: Use Your Charm
You know what you want, you are aiming for it and your attitude to love is serious. Today provides the background magnetism for you to set the wheels in sensual motion. Single Librans could be swept off their feet with seductive allure, whilst attached Librans will find their sexual prowess is right on. Be wary though, for as with all intense passions, control, manipulation and revenge can run rampant. Use your charms wisely.
Lucky colours are purple and claret.
Lucky numbers are 2 and 31.
Go to TopWed Jan 25: Friends And Lovers
This is a great day to change the routine to bring some excitement in your love life. Regarding emotional concerns or past conflicts, seek the advice of a trusted friend; this energy allows you to open your heart regarding true concerns and provides you with a keen ear to learn from others.
Lucky colours are copper and auburn.
Lucky numbers are 5 and 44.
Go to TopThu Jan 26: Heightened Sensitivity
A confusing day for you Libra, where you will be at the mercy of your empathetic instincts and the moods of those within your immediate environment. It is a conflicting energy, as you will only endeavour to assist and support those you love, but may find them draining regarding your own emotions. Avoid the negative types and don't try to solve all of their concerns.
Lucky colours are lavender and silver.
Lucky numbers are 34 and 76.
Go to TopFri Jan 27: Focus Shifts
The focus shifts to your environment and what is lacking regarding your deepest hopes and dreams. What is not working is plainly in view. You will feel isolated and separated from your usual social sphere and may become detached from your romantic desires or creative outlets, as your thoughts turn to rectification, change and improvement.
Lucky colours are emerald and blue.
Lucky numbers are 11 and 21.
Go to TopSat Jan 28: New Moon
Today's energy is giving you a good dose of imagination and creative input. You are encouraged to explore your imagination and move beyond finding harmony in the pleasing of others at your own detriment. Driven by Mars, you need more commitment in your personal and business relationships, and with the projects and appointments you commit yourself to. The idea of commitment isn't as terrifying as it might usually be. You can butt heads with your loved ones a little more, but find a way to compromise quickly so it doesn't drag on too long. Eligible Librans may decide to make a relationship more serious. Strive to bring more balance and harmony in your life to maintain your energy. Explore the day and seek new ways of expression.
Lucky colours are red and taupe.
Lucky numbers are 7 and 23.
Go to TopSun Jan 29: Romantic Hurdles
Your love-life is the focus today, with miscommunications being the inherent theme. You want changes, but feel that you're not being understood or given enough consideration by your love interest. Your perception is clouded, so any disappointment will feel a lot worse than it actually is. Do your best to not take too much on board and do not make permanent decisions or changes based on today's occurrences.
Lucky colours are ultramarine and blackberry.
Lucky numbers are 18 and 47.
Go to TopMon Jan 30: Silver Linings
There are opportunities for you today to improve your financial situation, as you will be able to sell yourself with an assertive but non-aggressive manner. In the romantic sphere, you will feel far more confident to broach the important issues. Aim for positive resolution. For those who feel the desire to renovate or redecorate, this is a great time to do so, as long as you remain within your estimated budget.
Lucky colours are honey and russet.
Lucky numbers are 15 and 47.
Go to TopTue Jan 31: Do Something Adventurous
The daily routine just won't happen for you, especially if it is restrictive in any way. Craving excitement, grab the hand of your love, your child or delve into your favourite pastime and escape the mundane into excitement. It has been a tough few days and this moment is yours for the 'breaking'. Don't pretend today Libra, as the change will show you just the little things can help the bigger things come to fruition.
Lucky colours are violet and rose pink.
Lucky numbers are 8 and 36.

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