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by Rob Tillett

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Libra Libra Daily July 2015
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Daily forecasts for July 2015 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopWed Jul 1: Too Much!
Don't take on too much work today because you might easily find that you've bitten off more than you can chew. There could also be a hint of arrogance here because you think you're capable of more than is actually the case. Nevertheless, you're feeling confident and enthusiastic, which will steer you through the day with flying colours. Lucky colours are cream and peach. Lucky numbers are 22 and 2.
Go to TopThu Jul 2: Full Moon
Today's Full Moon will have a big impact on your domestic life during the next two weeks. For instance, you may realize that you've been neglecting a member of the family recently and you need to make it up to them, or you may have to juggle the demands of home with those of your working life. If you've put your home on the market you might suddenly get a buyer. Lucky colours are peach and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 10 and 47.
Go to TopFri Jul 3: Spread Your Wings
Once again you need to spread your wings today, although this craving won't be as strong as it was yesterday. Ideally, you should get involved in an activity that brings you mental and spiritual satisfaction, and which gives you lots to think about. Even a visit to a museum or art gallery will do the trick, especially if it has connections with history or ancient civilizations. Lucky colours are brass and amber. Lucky numbers are 10 and 62.
Go to TopSat Jul 4: Raring To Go
You're raring to go and will enjoy being busy. It's a great day for planning a forthcoming journey because you'll have the energy to sort out lots of little details and also to chase up anything that's overdue, such as your tickets or replacement passport. If you get drawn into a discussion you'll quickly get on your soap box, so be warned! Lucky colours are lilac and grapefruit. Lucky numbers are 4 and 21.
Go to TopSun Jul 5: Limelight
You'll find yourself in the limelight today, whether you put yourself there intentionally or it happens by accident. For instance, you could be singled out for praise by your boss, or for some reason all eyes might be on you when you go shopping. You'll appreciate getting everyone's attention, provided of course that it's for the right reasons. Lucky colours are mandarin and green. Lucky numbers are 37 and 61.
Go to TopMon Jul 6: Same Wavelength
This is a wonderful day for enjoying your friendships and mixing with people who are on the same wavelength as you. In fact, you won't want to do anything else, which will be a problem if you're expected to do lots of work. Can you delay it until another day, or will you have to get it out of the way before you can enjoy yourself? Lucky colours are hazelnut and obsidian. Lucky numbers are 5 and 7.
Go to TopTue Jul 7: Bury The Hatchet
Make the most of your relationships today, especially when you're with people you really care about. It's a great opportunity to bury the hatchet with someone and show that there are no hard feelings. You're exerting a strong but subtle influence over others today, so use it wisely and don't turn it into your secret weapon. Lucky colours are marigold and blue. Lucky numbers are 13 and 14.
Go to TopWed Jul 8: Useful Discussion
Mercury the Messenger is now moving through Cancer and your solar tenth house, travelling there over the next two weeks. Discussions with authorities or superiors are on the cards. Versatility is a key point with regard to professional advancement. Creative schemes or ideas will be of benefit in your working life, so be at your flexible best in any process of discussion. Dream but stay focused. Lucky colours are rusty red and dark plum. Lucky numbers are 1 and 40.
Go to TopThu Jul 9: A Way With Words
You have a way with words as you're able to put a lot of thought and emotion into what you say. This is ideal if you've got to choose your words carefully or you're raising a potentially sensitive subject. It's a lovely day for being with a kindred spirit because you'll enjoy speaking from the heart to them about the things that really matter to you. Lucky colours are ebony and pink. Lucky numbers are 35 and 66.
Go to TopFri Jul 10: Hide In Your Shell
You need to hide in your shell today, especially if you're confronted by someone you consider to be aggressive or unnerving. You certainly won't want to come out fighting or to stick your neck out in any way, because you simply don't feel mentally or emotionally equipped to take such a stance. Don't worry, you'll feel better tomorrow. Lucky colours are grape and grey. Lucky numbers are 9 and 55.
Go to TopSat Jul 11: More Resilient
Although you'll still appreciate your own company today, at least you're feeling more emotionally resilient than you were yesterday. You'll be able to stand up for yourself in the remote chance that this might be necessary. Ideally, you should be able to work by yourself and at your own pace today, rather than with stacks of other people. Lucky colours are yellow and brown. Lucky numbers are 17 and 17.
Go to TopSun Jul 12: On The Double
A certain person is in a real hurry today and they want everything done on the double. Unfortunately it won't take much to make them lose their temper if they don't get their own way, so you'll come in for a lot of flak if you let the side down by taking too much time over things. Try to stay calm in the face of all this provocation, otherwise it will be a very exhausting day. Lucky colours are yellow and aqua. Lucky numbers are 22 and 9.
Go to TopMon Jul 13: Crossed Wires
Crossed wires are almost inevitable today because communications hit a low point. Do your best to be straightforward and honest when talking to friends and loved ones, and don't imagine that they're able to read between the lines to discover the subtle nuances of what you're saying because that isn't possible right now. So spell it out! Lucky colours are gold and oyster. Lucky numbers are 9 and 66.
Go to TopTue Jul 14: Easily Rattled
Take it gently today because you're easily rattled. Maybe an older relative or your boss does entirely the wrong thing to make you seethe, or perhaps you simply got out of the wrong side of bed this morning? There's also a chance that responsibilities and duties are weighing you down, so you feel as though you've got the cares of the world on your shoulders. Lucky colours are coffee and silver. Lucky numbers are 16 and 30.
Go to TopWed Jul 15: Work On Relationships
This is an excellent day for making improvements to some of your relationships, especially if you intend these changes to be long-lasting. Mind you, you must be prepared to keep to your side of the bargain and to do what you can to improve the situation, rather than to expect the other person to make all the concessions. Lucky colours are lemon and navy. Lucky numbers are 16 and 35.
Go to TopThu Jul 16: New Moon
This is a wonderful day for enjoying your friendships and mixing with people who are on the same wavelength as you. In fact, you won't want to do anything else, which will be a problem if you're expected to do lots of work. Can you delay it until another day, or will you have to get it out of the way before you can enjoy yourself? Lucky colours are hazelnut and obsidian. Lucky numbers are 5 and 7.
Go to TopFri Jul 17: Feeling Sexy
You're in a very lively and energetic mood. In fact, you're so full of energy that some of it is bound to rub off on other people, so it could turn out to be an action-packed day. You're also feeling quite sexy and will enjoy spending time with someone close to your heart. If that's out of the question for some reason, channel your libido into other positive directions. Lucky colours are saffron and lime. Lucky numbers are 27 and 32.
Go to TopSat Jul 18: Secrets
Venus moves into your twelfth house of secrets today, making you less likely to want to share your feelings in the coming weeks. The Love Goddess turns retrograde on the 25th, so as she slows some of you may have a hidden romance or unrequited love on your mind. This is also a wonderful time to do something that helps others... whether you donate your time or money, you will be uplifted by helping those who are less fortunate than you. Lucky colours are raincloud grey and pearl pink. Lucky numbers are 12 and 7.
Go to TopSun Jul 19: Clear The Air
It's another day for mixing with the people who live close to you, but today you need to make as much use of your innate tact as possible. If you've been having a sticky time with a neighbour or close relative recently, this is a great opportunity to offer the olive branch and be the first one to say sorry. Never mind if it was all their fault. What's important is to clear the air of all bad feeling. Lucky colours are chocolate and pink. Lucky numbers are 39 and 28.
Go to TopMon Jul 20: Be Careful
You're in the mood to devote some time to your home comforts today, especially if you're planning to improve your home in some way. You might decide to look round some interior design or decorating shops to see what's available, but if so you should bear in mind that you could quickly blow your budget because you get completely carried away by enthusiasm. Lucky colours are sienna and ultramarine. Lucky numbers are 17 and 39.
Go to TopTue Jul 21: Variety
You need to inject some variety in your life today, especially if you don't anticipate doing anything very exciting. That's because you crave amusement and entertainment right now, particularly if things happen on the spur of the moment. Mind you, unexpected events are more than likely, especially where an older person, your health, work or a pet are concerned. Lucky colours are emerald and quartz. Lucky numbers are 1 and 37.
Go to TopWed Jul 22: Truly Romantic
You're the great romantic of the zodiac at the best of times, but you'll be even more starry-eyed from today, and this phase will last until mid-August. It's wonderful for disappearing into a sentimental world of your own, and you'll be very susceptible to all things romantic. You might even get involved in a secret relationship that no one is supposed to know about. Lucky colours are hyacinth and raspberry. Lucky numbers are 7 and 15.
Go to TopThu Jul 23: Hopes And Dreams
Recently, you've been concentrating on your career, long-term plans and your reputation, but the focus shifts from today and switches to your hopes and dreams for the future. How can you turn some of these into reality during the next four weeks? You'll also get a big kick out of being with your friends or from forging some new friendships. Lucky colours are persimmon and claret. Lucky numbers are 10 and 28.
Go to TopFri Jul 24: Spoil Your Partner
Have you been taking a partner too much for granted recently? If so, you need to do something about it today. Try making a big fuss of your partner for a change. This isn't a good day for restricting anyone's movements and clipping their wings, because they want to feel like a free spirit and will soon cut up rough if this doesn't happen. Lucky colours are velvet and blue. Lucky numbers are 2 and 8.
Go to TopSat Jul 25: Venus Retrograde
As Venus turns in your twelfth house, you are sensitive to the unspoken needs of those close. This phase tests your relationships, and you'll feel less sociable and more sensitive. One of the best things you can do now is work behind the scenes to help others, as the twelfth house also rules hospitals and institutions. Watch that you do not become emotionally overloaded, soaking in too much of their problems. Practice meditation or other means of naturally calming and centring yourself. A secret love may resurface. Lucky colours are fawn and chrysoberyl. Lucky numbers are 12 and 41.
Go to TopSun Jul 26: Enthusiasm Is A Bit Much
A certain person is overflowing with enthusiasm today, which is good fun at first but could start to pall after a while. This person could go overboard, or will behave as though whatever has excited them is the best thing to happen in the entire history of the world. He or she may also try to rope you into getting involved as well. Be warned, and then you can have your excuse ready! Lucky colours are apricot and amber. Lucky numbers are 33 and 19.
Go to TopMon Jul 27: Local Activities
Neighbourhood activities are exactly what you're in the mood for, Libra. You'll enjoy mixing with other people who live on the same street or in the same area as you, whether you're having a quick chat while queuing in your local shop, enjoying a drink in the nearest bar or putting your heads together over a plan of action that will concern everyone for miles around. Lucky colours are lilac and aquamarine. Lucky numbers are 20 and 29.
Go to TopTue Jul 28: Cheer Up
Why so gloomy? If you're feeling rather low-key and miserable it won't help if you get some bad financial news, such as a hefty bill, or a bank statement that bears grim tidings. Prepare for a delay if you were hoping to receive a payment from someone. A social event might have to be postponed or scaled down, much to your disappointment. What a day! But cheer up, things get better later. Lucky colours are lemon and tan. Lucky numbers are 13 and 41.
Go to TopWed Jul 29: Be Careful With Money
Be careful when handling money because there's plenty of scope for mistakes. Unfortunately there's also a chance that someone may try to trick you in some way, or at the very least be economical with the truth. Double-check your next credit card and bank statements to make sure they don't contain any rogue payments or silly errors. Lucky colours are blossom and brown. Lucky numbers are 9 and 5.
Go to TopThu Jul 30: Fun With Friends
Get in touch with friends you haven't seen in a while, especially if they live abroad or in another part of your own country. You might want to ring them up, or send them an email or a letter. Maybe you could arrange to meet up? You'll enjoy having something nice to look forward to. Lucky colours are velvet and plum. Lucky numbers are 6 and 33.
Go to TopFri Jul 31: Blue Moon
Variety is the spice of life and it will certainly add some piquant seasoning to your day. This is especially likely if you've got to follow a rigid or tedious schedule today, because something will happen to throw all your plans up in the air. Do your best to go with the flow, because you won't get anywhere by resisting it and standing firm. Lucky colours are scarlet and sage. Lucky numbers are 6 and 4.

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