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by Rob Tillett

More on Libra, weighing things up!

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Libra Libra Daily February 2016
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Daily forecasts for February 2016 by Rob Tillett.
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Go to TopMon Feb 1: Hard To Deal With
This isn't the easiest start to February because you're feeling rather agitated and irritable. Loved ones are particularly hard to deal with today because they have a knack of getting on your nerves or doing things you don't approve of, especially if they start to spend money. Try not to get bogged down in tiny details that don't really matter yet which wind you up like a coiled spring. Lucky colours are coffee and ochre. Lucky numbers are 36 and 49.
Go to TopTue Feb 2: More Success
Things are going really well for you at the moment and you get another taste of success today. You might hear some really great news that has you dancing around the kitchen, or have a wonderful time with someone who always makes you laugh. Stay positive and cheerful because that will rub off on everyone and it will also attract some good fortune in your direction. Lucky colours are velvet black and silvery pink. Lucky numbers are 30 and 78.
Go to TopWed Feb 3: Idealistic Libra
You're idealistic at the best of times, Libra, and you're certainly viewing the world through rose-coloured specs today. You're ready to see the best in other people and you'll do your best to avoid harsh reality whenever possible. This is fine, provided that it doesn't last long, but try not to stay in your little bubble of idealism for too long, otherwise you might avoid something important that needs your attention. Lucky colours are mango and cornflower blue. Lucky numbers are 30 and 61.
Go to TopThu Feb 4: Enjoy Yourself
Enjoy yourself today, because you're in a very happy mood and as a result things are going well. It's a super day for getting together with some of your favourite people, even if you don't do anything very special. If you have the time, you'll enjoy playing with some children or releasing your own inner child. It's also a great day for conjuring up a little romance with you-know-who. Lucky colours are caramel and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 20 and 62.
Go to TopFri Feb 5: Busy Day
What a busy day! You're dashing around so much that you're almost a blur, yet you'll have a good time provided that you don't take anything too seriously and you aren't working to a very strict deadline. If you do have one eye on the clock all the time, you'll soon start to feel impatient and hassled at the merest hint of a delay or interruption. Keep busy, but don't run yourself ragged in the process unless you have absolutely no choice. Lucky colours are tangerine and purple. Lucky numbers are 38 and 52.
Go to TopSat Feb 6: Easy-Going Attitude
This is a fabulous day for getting along well with everyone you meet, whether you know them inside out or you're talking to a complete stranger in the supermarket. So what's the secret of your success? Well, you're ready to take people as you find them, without expecting them to be something they're not, and this easy-going attitude will soon win you lots of fans. If only every day were like this, how simple life would be! Lucky colours are champagne and lime. Lucky numbers are 12 and 21.
Go to TopSun Feb 7: Have Some Fun!
It's a fantastic day so cram in as many enjoyable activities as possible. Yes, it's Sunday but that doesn't mean you can't have some fun. If your usual Sunday consists of a well-earned collapse in front of the television, maybe you could go out on the town instead or treat yourself to a take-away if you long to stay at home. But whatever you do, enjoy yourself in the process. Lucky colours are navy and marzipan. Lucky numbers are 11 and 59.
Go to TopMon Feb 8: New Moon
Today's New Moon will have a revitalizing effect on your life during the coming fortnight, which is really good news. You could hear from a loved one who's been a bit silent recently, or someone special might sweep you off your feet with a big romantic gesture. It's certainly a time for celebrating, especially if a child is involved. There could also be news of an engagement or swanky party to look forward to. Lucky colours are silver and gold. Lucky numbers are 34 and 44.
Go to TopTue Feb 9: Liven Things Up
Have a think about your usual daily routine today and then decide how you can liven it up a little. If you don't do anything yourself, you can fully expect fate to step in and do it for you. For instance, your plans could go haywire through no fault of your own, or machinery might break down without any warning. Take everything in your stride and go with the flow. Lucky colours are iridescent green and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 17 and 70.
Go to TopWed Feb 10: Bushy Tailed
Yesterday's bad mood has evaporated, leaving you feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. You're in a very sunny temper today and determined to get as much enjoyment out of the day as possible. It would be a shame to spend the entire day slogging your guts out, unless that's your favourite activity, so find the time for some fun and games. But keep an eye on the cost unless you have unlimited funds. Lucky colours are lemon and terracotta. Lucky numbers are 15 and 8.
Go to TopThu Feb 11: World War Three
Someone is very rattled to]day, making it hard to talk to them for long without a blow up or starting a row. Rather than spend your time deflecting the flak, which is bound to be an unsuccessful manoeuvre in the long run, it would be far better for everyone concerned to ask this person what's bugging them and then to listen to their answer. That's right, to listen, and not to take umbrage if it seems that you're part of their problem. Lucky colours are charcoal and amethyst. Lucky numbers are 12 and 8.
Go to TopFri Feb 12: Minimum Fuss
You're in a practical frame of mind today, ready to sort out any difficulties with as small amount of fuss as possible. This will be highly rewarding because you'll feel very pleased with your efforts, and so will everyone else. It's also a super day for putting the finishing touches to an artistic or creative project that is currently keeping you busy. You'll be pleased to be able to tidy up the loose ends because then you can start thinking about what your next project will be. Lucky colours are mustard yellow and cherry blossom. Lucky numbers are 5 and 51.
Go to TopSat Feb 13: Creative thinking
Mercury the Messenger dances into Aquarius and your solar fifth house, giving your creative side a lift over the next three weeks. You may think a different way about something, or see a problem from another angle. Try the lateral thought and the tangential solution. Interesting discussions fill the frame. Love letters are in the air too. Some of you may be inclined to write to express thoughts or feelings. Lucky colours are turquoise and carnelian. Lucky numbers are 10 and 42.
Go to TopSun Feb 14: Happy Valentine's Day!
You're in a romantic frame of mind this Valentine's Day, so if you haven't yet got you-know-who a card it's not too late. You're in the mood to express yourself, so you could even be inspired to write your beloved a poem or love letter, rather than sign their card with a question mark. Why be cryptic when you're feeling so eloquent? If you're without a special person in your life at the moment you'll enjoy watching a romantic film or reading a love story. Lucky colours are golden honey and pistachio. Lucky numbers are 35 and 49.
Go to TopMon Feb 15: Starry Eyed
If yesterday was a bit of a disappointment in the romance stakes you can certainly make up for it today. In fact, you're at your most starry eyed and bewitched, and you're also in the mood for some delicious escapism courtesy of you-know-who. If you're at work you won't be in the mood to do much except gaze into space or keep watching the clock until it's going-home time. Better not let the boss catch you dreaming! Lucky colours are moonlight blue and dusky pink. Lucky numbers are 21 and 57.
Go to TopTue Feb 16: A few Snags
Life has been enjoyable and easy-going for the past few days, so maybe it's hardly surprising that you hit a few snags today. It seems that a loved one is trying to boss you about or act as though they own you, or there could be a clash about a forthcoming social event. Tempers are frayed and feelings are running high, but try not to say or do anything that you'll regret when you've simmered down. Lucky colours are turquoise and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 33 and 63.
Go to TopWed Feb 17: Emphasis On Love Life
Life has a lot to offer during the next few weeks, thanks to an emphasis on your love life and on your creative abilities. This is the perfect time to concentrate on the people and activities that you really enjoy, especially if they put you in the limelight in some way. For instance, if you've been wondering about throwing a party to celebrate something, fit it in before March 12th so you can get the maximum amount of enjoyment from it. Lucky colours are dark purple and mother of pearl. Lucky numbers are 5 and 23.
Go to TopThu Feb 18: Watch Your Step
Watch your step today, otherwise you'll get caught up in a bad-tempered exchange with someone. If this happens there won't be any winners because neither of you will be prepared to let the other one have the last word, and as a result you'll carry on with tit-for-tat actions and slanging matches all day long. This will be exhausting and won't get you anywhere, so try not to get drawn into the fracas in the first place. Find more productive ways of working off your nervous energy. Lucky colours are ivory and lapis lazuli. Lucky numbers are 8 and 1.
Go to TopFri Feb 19: Catching Up
Enjoyment has been your main priority during the past four weeks but the picture is now changing and you're starting to take more notice of your work and duties. This is certainly a good day for catching up with the chores, and for making sure that you haven't overlooked anything important recently. Colleagues and bosses are helpful and friendly, so it's a favourable day for talking to them or asking their advice. Lucky colours are dark gold and plum. Lucky numbers are 17 and 48.
Go to TopSat Feb 20: Fact Or Fiction?
Has a certain someone gone completely mad or are they talking more sense than you realize? You can't help wondering, given the rubbish that is coming out of this person's mouth. However, before you leap to unfair conclusions, you should ask yourself whether this person has actually got his or her finger on the pulse of life and you're the one who's out of step. The situation isn't as clear-cut as it might seem. Lucky colours are fuchsia and brilliant white. Lucky numbers are 28 and 11.
Go to TopSun Feb 21: Big Impact
It would be a shame to spend too much time by yourself, because you could meet someone who has quite an impact on you. You might be very taken by their appearance or there could be a mysterious bond between you that makes you want to see them again. Take care if you're already committed to someone else because today's sexual chemistry will make it hard to put this new person out of your mind. You could be playing with fire! Lucky colours are cobalt blue and honeycomb. Lucky numbers are 38 and 68.
Go to TopMon Feb 22: Full Moon
Has something been bothering you recently? Then take the hint offered by today's Full Moon and do your best to face up to this problem during the next two weeks. It will continue to assume massive and threatening proportions all the while you push it to the back of your mind, but if you examine it in the clear light of day you'll soon see how to sort it out. Lucky colours are bright purple and burgundy. Lucky numbers are 11 and 68.
Go to TopTue Feb 23: Quick Witted
You're very quick witted today, especially if you have to explain your actions or justify yourself in some way. What's more, your answers won't put anyone's back up or cause a fuss, which will be a relief. This is also a good day for talking about domestic matters and property deals, and if you're looking at a prospective new home you'll enjoy asking some pertinent questions. Lucky colours are copper and platinum. Lucky numbers are 7 and 35.
Go to TopWed Feb 24: Bending Over Backwards
A friend needs a lot of love and support today, so try to find the time for them. This may be rather inconvenient, of course, but do your best for this person. Unless, that is, they make a habit of being emotionally demanding, in which case your patience will wear a bit thin. Even so, it's likely that you'll still end up bending over backwards for this person. Lucky colours are lemon and lime. Lucky numbers are 21 and 64.
Go to TopThu Feb 25: Stay In Control
The more you're expected to be subservient, obedient or to behave like an unpaid slave, the more determined you'll be to stick up for yourself today. You need to make your point but don't take it to such an extreme that you put yourself in a difficult position or make threats you're reluctant to carry out. Instead, keep your rebellious streak under some sort of control before it's allowed to wreak havoc. Lucky colours are coffee and avocado. Lucky numbers are 29 and 59.
Go to TopFri Feb 26: Getting Friendly
The next few weeks will be very interesting for you because there could be some fascinating developments at work. You might get friendly with a new workmate or fall in love with an existing colleague, or you may simply go through a delightful phase in which you get on well with all your fellow workers. Your health should be good, too, provided that you don't indulge in too much rich food and drink. Lucky colours are lilac and russet. Lucky numbers are 26 and 75.
Go to TopSat Feb 27: Sound Advice
You're full of commonsense and practicality today, so don't let them go to waste. It's a marvellous day for working out a strategy or plan, especially if you're trying to devise a schedule for it at the same time. This is also a good day for talking to people whose opinion you respect because they'll have some very sound advice for you. Lucky colours are ivory and ultramarine. Lucky numbers are 15 and 6.
Go to TopSun Feb 28: Nice Surprises
It's a day for enjoying yourself whenever you get the chance, which could be more often than you imagined. You could get lots of treats and nice surprises, or someone might issue an invitation that's far too good to refuse. If you've been wondering when to ask someone out, this is a super day because you're at your most charming and engaging. How can anyone turn you down you when you're like this? Lucky colours are fuchsia and electric blue. Lucky numbers are 22 and 59.
Go to TopMon Feb 29: It's Leap Year!
There's stress at the beginning of the day as the Moon clashes with Uranus and Mercury. Communications of all kind are hit by snags, snarls and stuff ups and there could be aggression from another passenger if travelling. Stay calm. Use this extra day of February to set a new pattern regarding what you want to say and how you want to say it to carry you through this new year. Lucky colours are spring green and twilight grey. Lucky numbers are 15 and 33.

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