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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for September 2016

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Page of Wands
We can safely say that a whole new you (or a new aspect of you) is in the process of growing and blossoming. This of course invites new relationships into your life as well as new hopes, wishes and dreams. September sees you celebrating a win of some sort, yet within that genuine celebration there is a sting in the tail for you personally. You will see this fact philosophically and find reason to turn sad into glad.
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Three of Wands
A giant step you've taken fairly recently has turned out to be very good for you and for your professional future. You've been finding joy in working in harmony with others and the whole process has attracted money to you or your organisation. Unfortunately there will be a time where certain factions cause fights and problems. You will be in a position to handle these ructions for better or worse and it appears that, with the help of a partner, you will turn this situation around and re-engage the harmony of old.
Go to Top Finance
Eight of Swords
You Leo are being held in a holding pattern where finances are concerned and this is no fault of your own. Someone else's behaviour has put you in a position of restriction. The solution to your problem comes with strong directives toward foreign or off-shore investigation. With help from an experienced business person, you will, in time, return to prosperity, security and contentment.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Pentacles
Those issues surrounding money loom large at this time. Yes, you are climbing out of a financial hole not of your own making and you're discovering much in the way of betrayal, deception and lies. You'll find keeping track of all this quite stressful, but if you are almost forensic in your efforts you will, in time, be victorious.

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