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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for September 2017

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Eight of Cups

A once-treasured love appears to have lost its importance and you may be making new plans for the future. Although you have outgrown this emotional involvement and taken action to walk away from it, there's an element of nervousness around making the necessary total break. Once you do close the door on this person you'll have reason to celebrate new doors that will then open to you.
Go to Top Career
Wheel of Fortune

The hand of destiny governs your career sector this month Leo and it's all good. You've been working in enjoyable harmony with others and this month brings in a foreign or overseas connection that will advance your venture considerably. As the project progresses it will be you doing the travelling for work-related reasons.
Go to Top Finance
Knight of Swords

Well, your income derives from a few different sources and this month we see some battles over the emolument coming from one of those sources. You will be victorious and your innate wisdom manages to pour the proverbial oil on troubled waters where the interpersonal conflicts are concerned. You'll soon be in a position of greater control over that financial area and this is reason to celebrate.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Devil

Your spiritual vision and understanding is being limited by old beliefs and opinions that you don't even realise were never your own, but simply imposed on you by those considered authority figures. If you take stock of this fact you’ll soon see matters spiritual in a different light.

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