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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for August 2016

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Two of Pentacles
Your emotional life Leo is quite a juggling act in August. No doubt you'll be saying "so what's new". Well, information will come your way this month that will alert you to the fact that you're allowing two people (for most of you that'll be male people) to have far too much control over your life. There's been an element of delusion for you around this fact and now is the time for you to break free. Construct a renewed life on your own terms.
Go to Top Career
The Hierophant
You've been in a state of recovering your professional intentions after a long period of stasis, Leo. Your hopes concerning acquiring a position within the more formal and conservative echelons of power may well be let down, but that's in no way the end of that story. Your imagination and creative drive will serve to re-invent yourself in a different way. Do look out for sabotage from close to home when you're charging forward to live your dreams.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Pentacles
Money doesn't present as a problem here Leo, but what does arise in August is the necessity to protect the income source you do have, as it will come under challenge. Although this will bring about a period of distress and nervousness, you will fight and you will be victorious. Disappointment in the person who challenges that income of yours is inevitable but not surprising.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Five of Cups
Just as you're viewing a situation that you've striven toward come up fallow, you must look deeper. Envision just how much this journey has taught you, because that is what was always destined to nourish the role you take on next. You will see a partnership possibility arise that will re-construct that great strength of yours and lead you toward new ideas and possibilities.

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