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Leo Leo Tarotscope for July 2017

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Queen of Wands

July finds you feeling quite emotionally renewed and energetically regenerated. Troubles that cross your path will be easily and swiftly overcome, but this depends on your willingness to completely walk away from any connection that would limit and drain this energy gift. Heed the advice of the two or three people that you know back your wellbeing and then you will win what has been a deep-seated battle around your belief in your own self worth.
Go to Top Career
Queen of Swords

You've effectively constructed a professional persona that brings you great respect and authority. I see the regeneration of an intention that has been on the backburner for a while. With this activity and intention, you'll find whatever support you may need for this endeavour will be offered.
Go to Top Finance
Queen of Cups

Although your finances are not exactly grand or even stable, you're at peace and ease with how things are. July will see something change. You actually have fears around your finances based on being let down in the past. Well, you will probably go through a bit of a repeat of that past letdown. This time, please fight with all your strength to create a different outcome this time. It truly is in your hands to force a breakthrough.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
Three of Swords

There are a few issues to arise this month that tear at your heart, but please don't let that stop you fighting for that which is yours by right and for emotional freedom from a negative emotional influence. The karmic lesson here is around not letting yourself be the victim of others' poor behaviour. Once you do this you won't attract such situations again in your life.

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