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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for May 2017

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Queen of Pentacles

Just when you think all is lost, fate brings you a strong hand as money owed to you finally comes through. This furnishes you and yours with stability and security such as has been missing for some time now. This issue does belong in this sector of romance and relationship because the money owed you has been in the hands of one who is within relationship to you, even though the relationship is not close any more. Any strife crossing the path of the receipt of this money will be swiftly overcome as long as you stay fierce and strong.
Go to Top Career
The Hierophant

Troubles that cross your career path this month will be swiftly and easily overcome by the expedient of consulting an expert in the said field, or a superior in the hierarchy within which you operate. You will gain much respect by reaching out for assistance and create a stronger relationship with those you confide in.
Go to Top Finance
Two of Wands

You're going to discover that money owed you, which is claimed to be no longer extant, is actually cleverly hidden in overseas accounts. Once again you'll be applying to experts in order to attain that which is rightfully yours. Once again, if you maintain an incisive and fierce investigation, you will be successful. This process will certainly add to your quanta of wisdom.
Go to Top Focus of Soul or Being
The Empress

This fine lady is unquestionably in a position of power and independence, with a strong sense of security and enjoyment of beauty and abundance. This is you Leo, when you attend to the various issues wherein someone is withholding both truth and finances from you. You're sure of your position and will therefore remain perfectly tranquil regardless of what difficulties cross your path.

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