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More on Leo, the Lion

Leo Leo Tarotscope for April 2017

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Four of Pentacles

You've been carrying a big financial and emotional burden for a while now, Leo. It's a matter of winning or losing in order to ameliorate the circumstance... and guess what? You win. But you're still going to have to stand strong to protect that win, as there will be some skulduggery afoot, trying to get back that which they've rightfully given you. If you allowed that, the whole annoying cycle would simply be lived out again.
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Page of Swords

Oh but there's some unnecessary tantrums being played out by someone around you that seriously affect your career circumstances. Information comes your way that leaves you no choice but to put in the tiring effort to vanquish the opponent. You will win the day, but there's sorrow in the heart, because you were left with no option but to expose the miscreant in order to protect your interests.
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Eight of Cups

You're going to choose to simply walk away from a relationship or connection that is to do with money. You'd rather lose that money than stay subjugated and connected to the person who is playing you like a yo-yo because they have that money hold over you. Ultimately you will find great inner peace as a result of sacrificing money in order to be free.
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Focus of Soul or Being
Page of Cups

You're sick and tired, quite literally, of deceptions around you and the disrespect inherent in being treated in such a way. This is echoed in all your above sectors and underscores the necessity for you to delete such persons from your life. Even the loss of money that is rightfully yours is worth the emotional and physical health that will be yours when you are totally free of such impact.

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